What Is Gloria’s Hidden Secret In The Series ‘Holy Family’? Who Are Caterina And German?

A mother’s love is one of the most beautiful feelings that one can experience, and sometimes a mother will cross any lengths to protect her child from everything that hinders their life. But what if this love strangles the child to the point where they cannot escape? “Holy Family” on Netflix is a 2022 Spanish crime drama series that revolves around the life of Gloria. Gloria is currently living in the wealthy neighborhood of Madrid, Spain. The neighborhood is peaceful and fun to live in, especially with her two acquaintances, Blanca and Alicia. But they’re often skeptical about her company since Gloria never invites anyone to her house or refrains from throwing a birthday party for her infant son, Hugo. Things are quite bad with Gloria and her family since they’ve been hiding many secrets, and their absence from social gatherings has created several doubts among the neighbors. Gloria would often stand up for her family, and protecting them was her primary goal. But Gloria’s fake persona was hurting her family life along with her children, but she refused to interpret the same. One by one, it becomes difficult for her to keep up with the increasing doubts, but how far will Gloria go to protect her identity?


Aitana, aka Marianna, pretends to work for Gloria, but in reality, she is her daughter, and Gloria has locked up her son Abel in the basement. Abel, aka Eduardo, was only allowed to roam the neighborhood at night. Marianna was an aspiring pianist, but her mother’s deeds pushed Marianna away from her dreams. But Marcos noticed her talents and wanted to know more about her musical side. He spotted her playing the piano secretly. But Marianna couldn’t keep up with the fake personality anymore. Eduardo dropped out of school to hide the fact that he was Gloria’s son. Gloria finally arranges a party for Hugo’s, aka Nico’s, first birthday, and towards the end of episode one, viewers will get to know that Gloria goes by the name Julia.

Well, Julia cannot escape her past since her secrets are catching up to her. Julia welcomed new neighbors in her area, and this time they weren’t just normal neighbors. Caterina and German were detectives trying to break down Julia’s case. And guess what? They had already found out all the information that was necessary to bring the truth to light. In reality, Nico isn’t Julia’s son. On the other hand, German and Caterina are trying to build a bond with Eduardo and Julia since this could be the only way to get closer to the family’s motives. Caterina wanted to get a hold of the baby’s DNA to gain more genetic information. But Julia is very careful with her actions and doesn’t let anyone touch Nico’s belongings. Meanwhile, Marianna loved to spend more time with Marcos, but her fake identity hindered her blooming romance. 


Julia lost her son Santi in a drowning incident, and this changed everything for her. His wife, Natalia, couldn’t conceive a baby, so Julia stepped forward and became a surrogate for her son’s child. Natalia wanted to move back to Argentina with her father and Nico since Santi was no more. But Julia wanted her to stay back since Nico was the only link between her and Santi. Natalia naturally didn’t take this well and announced her decision to move back to Argentina. Well, in the present day, things took a different turn after Alicia spots Eduardo, around Julia’s house, so she prohibited him from stepping outside. Since Natalia didn’t listen to her, Julia coerced her children into stealing Nico. Marianna tried her best to convince Eduardo, but all he ever wanted was to stay together as a family! Caterina managed to get a hold of baby Nico’s hair, through which the German determined that Nico was Natalia’s son.

Julia faked her and her family’s deaths along with Nico to keep Natalia and her father away from them. Caterina was shocked to learn about Julia’s C-section scar, so they didn’t release any information about Nico to Natalia. Both German and Caterina wanted to be sure about Nico’s true identity, and for that, both of them had to gain more information on Julia’s scar. Meanwhile, German and Marianna were making great progress with their respective partners. Things become even more difficult for Julia to handle as Natalia spots a picture of Marianna with Marcos in the magazine. Besides, Natalia hid the surrogacy from her family since her father, Fernando, considered this to be taboo. Well, Caterina and German make progress in this case, as they spot Natalia’s fake belly in Julia’s previous house.


German broke off all ties with Eduardo, and the same thing happened with Marianna as well. Natalia contacted Marcos to inquire about Marianna, but she had made sure that Marcos didn’t recognize her true identity. Well, Julia had a lot to do with her son’s child, and she couldn’t just accept the fact that Nico belonged to Natalia. Julia had to figure out more ways to stay safe from all the suspicions, but this, in turn, was ruining her children’s lives. She sacrificed Eduardo and Marianna’s teenage years to protect Nico. Somehow, she wanted Nico to replace Santi, but that was not possible. Julia was stuck and obsessed with her son’s death, and no matter what happened, she wanted to get him back. Now, Julia believed that she was safe from all the doubts, but in reality, Natalia was coming back to get her child. Moreover, Caterina and German were unofficially working on the case to uncover the truth as well.

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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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