‘Hide’ K-drama Episode 1 Recap: What Happened With Cha?

The new Korean drama on Viki, Hide is sure to garner some attention with its unique plot. The very first episode creates a sense of suspense, ensuring that the audience is fixated on the drama. Na Mun, an attorney, desperately searches for her husband, who disappeared all of a sudden while he was on the run for a high-profile case. Later, she discovers that he has been found dead at an accident site and realizes that someone caused the accident intentionally. Will Na Mun-yeong be able to comprehend why her husband went missing all of a sudden? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Na Mun-Yeong In The Past?

In 1998, Na Mun-yeong and her father had left their house. Her father was seen burning a lot of his files, and it is probable that he was involved in a fraud case and the police were following him. After they had moved to a smaller house in the countryside, a man came to their house, looking for her father. Mun-yeong later saw them (her father and the man) drinking together and went off to bed. Later, while she was still sleeping, her father came into her room and said that he needed to die to let her live. There is probably a mystery connecting Mun-yeong’s past with her present and the events that are yet to happen to her. 


Why Did Mun-Yeong’s Husband Go Missing?

Mun-yeong went out for dinner with her friend, Shin Hwa. Later,  when they got drunk out of their wits, two men approached them. After that incident, Mun-yeong completely lost her senses, and the next day, when she woke up, she saw that she was in her own bedroom. Later, she got to know from Shin Hwa that just as the men were about to pick them up, her husband came to the scene and ruined their night. This made Mun-yeong think that maybe Cha was angry at her for having acted so recklessly and had not come back home yet because of that. 

What Case Did Mun-Yeong Take Up Instead Of Cha?

Ms. Go called Mun-yeong and asked why CEO Cha Woong wasn’t coming to work. Mun-yeong was also told that since one of his important cases was pending, she had to take the case. She was told that her husband had been working on a case for the Geumshin Corporation. They had been developing a resort in a coastal town, but a local resident had refused to sell his property but later died in a car accident. The woman who was suspected to have caused the accident was an employee of that company, and there was also a fake witness who would testify to her innocence.


Mun-yeong decided to take up the case and rushed to the office, where she met her client and the witness, Do Jin Wu. Meanwhile, the defendant, Deputy Kim, had fled the court as she didn’t want to face the trial without Mr. Cha. Mun-yeong had to lie in court, saying that the defendant’s health suddenly worsened outside the court and she had to leave all of a sudden, which led to the trial being rescheduled to a month later. Meanwhile, when Mun-yeong was returning home, she saw her husband in another car and decided to follow him. She, however, couldn’t keep up with him and lost him in the middle. Unable to comprehend why her husband had been acting so strange, she had no other option but to handle all his other cases. 

Why Did Kim Ask Mun-Yeong To Meet Her?

Chief Ma Gang called Kim, forcing her to return, but she refused as she desperately wanted Cha to defend her. Later, when Mun-yeong went to her house, she immediately fled upon seeing her, leaving Mun-yeong baffled. However, Kim contacted Mun-yeong secretly to ask her to meet under the Haejeon Bridge. When Mun-yeong went there, she said that she had not killed the man and that Chief Ma had been threatening her. Meanwhile, Mr. Cha had instigated her to take the blame for the case. She also said that Jin Wu was not trustworthy. She then realized that someone had been following her on a bike, and Kim immediately fled the scene. The bike had been frantically following Kim, and Mun-yeong followed the man, only to find out that the man behind the helmet was Jin Wu. 


Could The Loan Sharks Have Caused Cha To Disappear?

Mun-yeong had been anticipating that her husband had met with an accident when she saw the news of a fatal accident. She was later contacted by Mr. Ma, asking her the whereabouts of Cha, as they were in a huge mess, but she was unable to give him any definitive answer. The next day, Mun-yeong saw that someone had ransacked their office and called the police. Lieutenant Baek, who was in charge of the case, showed Mun-yeong the CCTV footage of two men conducting the ransack, but she didn’t recognize them. She told the lieutenant that maybe the incident had some connection with her husband going missing. 

Meanwhile, the branch manager of Uil Bank called her and said that a loan payment was due. While going through Cha’s documents, Mun-yeong found out that he had an outstanding loan payment worth 3 billion, 75 million won. Ms. Go told her that he hadn’t even paid his employees for the past 3 months. Later, Mun-yeong called Shin Hwa and asked her to track his location, but she initially disagreed, saying it was illegal. 


What Will Happen Next?

The final news that Mun-yeong got about her husband was that he was found at an accident site. When she went there, she found out that her husband had passed away in that accident. The second episode of Hide will bring out the fact that the crash was not just an accident or a suicide, but a planned murder. Mun-yeong will make sure to look into the matter and ensure that she gets to the root of the issue! 

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