‘Hide’ K-Drama Episode 2 Recap: Was Cha Seong Jae Alive?

The second episode of Hide has turned out to be extremely thrilling, with new twists and turns in it. When Mun-yeong gets determined to investigate her husband’s death, she comes across a lot of revelations. This episode also reveals that Cha Seong Jae is not dead, has some plan in mind, and hence is hiding. There is a probability that he had been faking his death to hide from the Geumshin Corporation, as maybe they were after his life. Will Mun-yeong be able to find out the truth? Why has Seong Jae been hiding from the world? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Mun-Yeong Intent On An Autopsy For Cha Seong Jae?

Mun-yeong wanted to get an autopsy done on Seong Jae to find out the truth behind his mysterious death. On the other hand, his family didn’t want to open him up. Seong Jae’s father told Mun-yeong that it was a suicide, as a suicide note had been recovered at his office. She said that they needed to authenticate it as it could have been a planned accident. When Mun-yeong went into the morgue (to have a last glimpse of her husband), she was reminded of her father’s death and fainted on the spot. While she was still at the hospital, his family had already decided to cremate him, but when she later came to seek answers and stop the cremation, she was stopped. There is definitely something fishy that has been going on since Seong Jae’s death. It’s likely that his parents were trying to hide something from Mun-yeong. Later, when she went back to the firm, Ms. Go told her that Kim had died in a car accident and that her trial was closed. Chances are, the Geumshin Corporation was behind the accident, as they wanted to get rid of Kim so that the trial would be closed forever, eventually ending the case. 


What Did Mun-Yeong Find Out About The Case?

Mun-yeong became curious about Kim’s death and sent her secretary to check her house for clues. There, he spotted Jin Wu and informed Mun-yeong about it. Mun-yeong thought that maybe Chief Ma was involved in the case, and she went to the Geumshin office to meet him. When she asked Chief Ma about the deaths of her husband and Kim, he blamed Seong Jae and said that he had left them in a mess. He also threatened her when she promised to find out the truth behind the deaths. He asked her to go ahead with her investigations and be assured that even her husband had his neck deep in murky waters. While Mun-yeong was walking out of the office, she saw a picture of the judge in charge of the case at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the company. This directly hinted at the fact that the judge was connected to the organization and had been helping them in some ways. 

When Mun-yeong started investigating the case, she started tracking Jin Wu. Later, when he came to meet her, he confessed to having seen Kim’s accident and having reported it first. Mun-yeong further asked him if he killed her on Chief Ma’s orders, and he denied the allegations. Later, Jin Wu was captured by Chief Ma’s men, and they asked him about the whereabouts of the money. There is a possibility that Seong Jae had taken a loan from the company and had been unable to repay it, resulting in them blackmailing him. 


What Did Jin Wu Tell Mun-Yeong About Seong Jae’s Financial Condition?

Jin Wu told Mun-yeong that he had found out that Seong Jae wanted to file for bankruptcy for his firm and had also been visiting bankruptcy courtrooms. Apart from the 3 billion won he owed, there was also an additional loan of 1.9 billion won to the non-banking lenders. Mun-yeong also said that the Geumshin Corporation had sued Kim for embezzlement and then removed the charges. Maybe they had asked her to take charge of their foul play, as she owed them. Seong Jae might’ve been in a similar situation and was tempted to settle his loans. 

Did Seong Jae Commit Suicide?

When Mun-yeong got back home, she saw a parcel on the doorstep. It consisted of a pair of shoes and a note from her husband. He had asked her to step into a new phase of her life, wearing those shoes. The note also instructed her to look into the shoe storage, where she found a box full of money. Mun-yeong also got Seong Jae’s life insurance papers, where she was the beneficiary, and the death benefit was worth 800 million won. Seong Jae had probably committed suicide so that his family could settle his debts after his death with the money. 


Mun-yeong later went to Seong Jae’s father for advice, and he said that she should give up on the inheritance as the insurance company would contact her soon. However, Mun-yeong was intent on finding out the secret behind her husband’s sudden death. She anticipated that he was involved in criminal activities, causing his demise. 

Was Cha Seong Jae Alive?

Ms. Ha called Mun-yeong, informing her that Bom was about to meet a car accident, but she had been saved on time. Mun-yeong rushed to the hospital, and Bom told her that she had seen her father across the street and had wanted to get to him before he disappeared. Mun-yeong thought that Bom was shocked after suddenly losing her father and had mistaken someone else to be him. Later, Mun-yeong found a report on Jin Wu, where Seong Jae was his attorney. She told Ms. Go about it and that Kim worked at the Cha Wong Foundation. Mun-yeong contacted Jin Wu and asked him to give her all the information on Seong Jae to help her resolve the mystery, and he decided to meet her. When Jin Wu was finally going to meet Mun-yeong, it was revealed that Song Jae was alive. He was hunting Jin Wu down, probably because he didn’t want him to reveal the truth about him being alive to his wife. Eventually, Seong Jae shot at Jin Wu, injuring him gravely. 

What Will Happen Next?

The third episode of Hide will bring out the reality behind Seong Jae faking his own death. Mun-yeong will finally meet Jin Wu and get to know the truth about her husband being alive; hence, she will try to dig up the truth. When she gathers enough information on Seong Jae, she will get to know his real face. Meanwhile, Chief Ma will try to intervene and give Mun-yeong a hard time.

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