‘Hey Kameeni’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did Aditi Get Her Share Of The Property?

A Jio Cinema release, Hey Kameeni, is a two-hour-long torture session for the audience, who’d make the mistake of watching it. The film revolves around a waiter, Gauri, who meets a mysterious woman, named Kameeni, looking for a job in a restaurant. Gauri is so unnecessarily kind and generous that she begins to trust Kameeni and helps her out in every situation, even though the latter completely hides her own identity and acts criminally. Hey Kameeni, with its nonsensical storytelling and some of the worst acting, torments the audience, prompting them to turn off the film halfway through.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

Hey Kameeni opens with a woman taking a nap in the canteen of a hospital. She woke up the next day and went into the streets to look for a job. Finally, at a roadside cafe, she met Gauri and introduced herself as Kameeni, which was not her real name. Gauri instantly trusted her and asked her employer to recruit Kameeni, even though the latter had no Adhaar card or mobile phone. Gauri even asked her to stay at her apartment for a few weeks, until Kameeni would find a place for herself, but soon in Gauri’s apartment, they began to get intimate. Gauri was homosexual, and because of this, she had to leave her family, but it was not the same for Kameeni, as she was only exploring this side of her sexuality. Gauri understood and didn’t judge Kameeni or try to force her into being intimate with her in the future. However, soon Kameeni’s secretive behavior started worrying Gauri, who began to question her but never got an honest answer. Gauri got a reality check when one day, a businessman’s car stopped the two of them, and a guy, emerging from the car, flung some cockroaches at Kameeni and asked her about his stuff. Gauri was flabbergasted by the incident and continued asking Kameeni what this was about, but Kameeni, unable to answer her, ran away from the spot. Gauri chased after her, but Kameeni got onto a bus and took off.


Gauri was utterly confused and didn’t know where to turn until the businessman contacted her. He assigned Gauri to find Kameeni in exchange for 10 lakh rupees, which motivated her to look for the woman. Looking for Kameeni, Gauri finally arrived at a dance school, where Kameeni had found a job under the identity of Gauri. Gauri realized that Kameeni had even stolen her Aadhaar card to get a job at the school. Gauri finally confronts Kameeni and demands to know the truth about her. But Kameeni still chose not to say anything to her. Instead, she tricked Gauri’s mind into trusting her all over again.

Who Was Kameeni?

This time, Gauri not only trusted Kameeni but became her accomplice. Kameeni was a selfish woman who could manipulate anyone around her to her benefit. Kameeni didn’t even hesitate to put others’ lives at risk to get what she wanted, so she easily used Gauri as well as another idiot named Tashi to succeed in her mission. Kameeni finally introduced herself as a skilled thief to Gauri and asked her to carry out a theft along with Tashi. Initially a little reluctant, Gauri eventually agreed because she was not only a friend to Kameeni but was also in love with her. Kameeni had previously managed to sneak inside Mr. Bansal’s hotel room and steal some coupons, which would be required to take money from some traders, so Kameeni asked Gauri and Tashi to show these coupons to the traders and get the cash. Gauri and Tashi managed to complete the task, but Mr. Bansal and his brothers came to know about the theft.


Kameeni received a call from a woman named Dragonfly, who told her that the Bansals had learned about the theft, so it was time for Kameeni to come out. Kameeni decided to take Gauri and Tashi to a nearby grand hotel, where Gauri finally came to know who Kameeni was. Kameeni’s real name was Aditi Bansal, the youngest child of the Bansals. As Aditi’s brothers were plotting to cut her out of the property, leaving her with no money, Aditi decided to take up a challenge to go find a job without a mobile and ID cards and only two thousand rupees in her pocket. Aditi’s father promised her that if Aditi managed to win the challenge, she’d be given everything she deserved. Realizing that she was not going to jail for the theft, Gauti breathed a sigh of relief. However, it’s still very confusing why she was so happy for Aditi, who literally stole her papers, name, and identity and even forced her to commit risky tasks.

Did Aditi Get Her Share Of The Property?

Even after completing the challenge, Aditi’s father was not ready to hand her the family business, the Bansal Fashion and Jewelry Company. Aditi’s brothers were hell-bent on cutting her out of her share to grab the property, but Aditi was a tough player as well. Aditi had found out about her brothers’ money laundering activity long ago with the help of her mother, and that’s why she managed to get Gauri and Tashi to steal the money from them. Now that Aditi had proof of the laundered money, she showed it to her father to prove that her brothers were illegally getting rich. She blackmailed her family, saying that if her father didn’t make her the director of the board in their company, she would file a complaint against her brothers with the police. Finally, realizing his daughter’s worth in manipulation and blackmail, Aditi’s father handed over the responsibility of Bansal Fashion and Jewelry to her.


After successfully grabbing a major share of the company, Aditi united with Gauri and decided to get rid of Prateek, the guy her family chose for her to marry. Aditi was initially in love with Prateek, but later she found out that Prateek had cheated on her. Through a drone camera, Aditi and Gauri had managed to get a video recording of Prateek hooking up with a woman. So, Gauri, backed by the video, met Prateek at the party of the Bansals and showed him the video that caught him cheating on Aditi. Prateek had no other choice but to back out of Aditi’s life, which finally made Aditi and Gauri’s friendship grow stronger. Aditi gave Gauri and Tashi those bags full of cash in exchange for their support and loyalty to her. The film doesn’t make it clear if Gauri and Aditi ever get romantically attached afterwards, but by the film’s conclusion, we see both of them strengthen their bond and share their moment of happiness.

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