‘Pinhead,’ Explained In Hulu Original Film ‘Hellraiser’

When it comes to the most dreaded Hollywood slasher villains, only a few names come to mind. Everyone who is even remotely familiar with Hollywood horror pop culture knows names such as The Creeper, Jigsaw, Pennywise, and a few others. However, there is one name among them that isn’t discussed as much but is perhaps the most dreaded villain of them all, Hellraiser’s Pinhead. Even if you haven’t switched to a “Hellraiser” movie, you must have remembered that image of a demonic humanoid stabbed with pins all over his face. Yes, that is the one. That’s Pinhead. With the new “Hellraiser” film streaming on Hulu currently, let’s take a look at this sadistic villain from the “Hellraiser” franchise that is here once again to scare the living daylights of the audience.

Pinhead’s Appearance

The character first appeared in author Clive Barker’s novella titled “The Hellbound Heart,” and the next year, he featured as the main villain in the cinematic adaptation of the book titled “Hellraiser.” It served as the first installment in the franchise, which would go on to have a lot more installments at regular intervals. Pinhead, originally named Elliott Spencer, thus made his first on-screen appearance and was as frightening as a demonic “hellraiser” villain could be. In the first film, before we got to understand his origins, he was simply introduced to us as the leader of a religious cult called the Order of the Gash, and of the Cenobites, the followers of the said religion. His nightmarish appearance was what caught the audience the first time he was introduced. He was hairless, and despite being the figure of authority among the gang of torturers (Cenobites), he wasn’t presented with a hulky build or a very intimidating presence. He is a little taller than average and has a lean body, which further makes him way more sinister and masochistic. Bleached white in complexion, he has blue veins running through his body, along with a complex web of pins on his head. His appearance doesn’t give any hint that this entity used to be a reasonably good-looking human at some point, but he was.

We are slowly introduced to his immortal, heartless presence, where we come to know that he has the potential to be one of the most frightening cinematic villains of all time. His origins trace back to the early 20th century’s second decade when the world was suffering the atrocity of the World War. In the war, Britain was at the center stage, and in the British Army, an officer named Elliott Spencer served, who was saddened by all the bloodshed he witnessed on the battlefield. Described as a classic British intellectual, Eliott developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and renounced all his faith in God and all good in the world. At that time, during his hedonistic pursuits, he came across Lament Configuration, a puzzle device which originated in late 18th century France and has macabre powers of opening a portal to hell. This led Spencer to buy the device from its owner in British India, and out of curiosity, he learned to operate it successfully. That is how he turned into a Pinhead Cenobite and forgot all about his past as a living-breathing human being.

Pinhead’s Film Appearances

Summoned only through the Lament Configuration, the immortal villain Pinhead first appeared to frighten the audience in the 1987 original film, and in the subsequent films, the character was altered to fit the mood and motives. In the third installment, “Hellraiser: Hell on Earth,” Pinhead was resurrected again after getting imprisoned in a statue in the second installment. In the third installment, Pinhead returned to his frightening best and turned several people into Cenobites. Thus, we were introduced to a more bloody and ferocious version of the character. In the fourth film, “Pinhead: Bloodline,” we got a peek into the origins of Lament Configuration as the story set in the future had the protagonist planning to bring an end to Pinhead once and for all. Toward the end of the fourth film, Pinhead got trapped in the spaceship, which blew up, making the audience assume that he was gone for good. The fourth “Hellraiser” film also marked the end of theatrical releases for the franchise as the films were acquiring less and less interest from both the audiences and the distributors. But that did not stop the makers from taking the leaps into the video-on-demand route.

In the next two installments, “Inferno” and “Hellseeker,” Pinhead was just a token character, and it seemed like the makers were just putting him in the films to feed on nostalgia related to the character. Hence, his rudimentary appearances only saw him appearing for a scene or two, doing some nasty things, saying a line or two, and disappearing yet again. It seemed very much like the character had come far from being saved and that there would be no more Pinhead to be seen in the upcoming installments. Doug Bradley, who had played Pinhead in all the installments prior to 2011’s ‘Revelations,’ also seemed to get tired of the role and decided to call it quits.

The 2018 “Hellraiser” installment, titled “Judgement,” was a low-budget affair that was only marginally successful at the box office. In the past few installments, the character of Pinhead has become too vague to be recognized from the original film. The convoluted personality of the character didn’t sit right with Clive Barker, who publicly exhibited his discontentment. However, the makers learned a lesson somehow and stopped all the unnecessary sequels and spin-offs, which were distancing the fans from the character.

In 2022’s “Hellraiser,” the writers made up for a lot of unnecessary character modifications that Pinhead suffered in the VOD films, as the portrayal of Pinhead seems pleasantly similar to the 1986 novella by Clive Barker. This also gives the fans hope that the reboot will set the right precedent and will not mess up the character this time, and will keep this sadomasochistic villain at his terrifying best in the coming installments.

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Manoj Ashodia
Manoj Ashodia
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