‘Heartstopper’ Season 2 Plot, Possible Storyline & Trailer Breakdown: What Can We Expect Next?

The new season of Heartstopper is just around the corner, and we can’t wait any longer. Having seen the trailer, we’re hoping the season exceeds our expectations and gives us exactly what we need to just sit back, relax, and be happy. The exciting new season drops on August 3rd, but before that, we thought we could do a breakdown of all the details we can get from the trailer. The first season was impeccable, and fans of the graphic novels by Alice Osemon were overjoyed by the actors and their work in the show.


Heartstopper has been a great representation of the queer community for young kids who may be facing some difficulties accepting themselves. There’s so much in the little details that just feels very authentic. While everything is peachy with Nick and Charlie, we know that there are other storms to overcome. Those who have read the graphic novels and comics online may know that a school trip is in order, and we just can’t wait to hear Nick speak French. Additionally, there are a lot of sparks flying outside of our main couple, and we’re sure to see more love this season between some other characters. The trailer definitely takes us back directly into the heart of Truham Grammar School for Boys. Let’s get into the little details ASAP.

Nick plans on coming out to his friends.

Season 1 ended on a really happy note, with Nick coming out to his mother and also telling Charlie that he would like to tell the people “that matter” about them and his bisexuality. In the trailer, we see a few instances where this idea is referenced. Firstly, we know Imogen is a good friend of Nick; she’s a new character from the comic books but a fan favorite for sure (leaving out the “I’m an ally” scene). At the end of the season, she did see Nick grab Charlie’s hand and run off into a corridor, but until he’s able to tell her what’s up, she probably doesn’t want to bring it up herself.


Imogen meets all of Charlie’s friends, and we know now that they’re all going to get along really well! On the other hand, even after Charlie gives Ben a mouthful at the end of season 1, he’s here again, trying to trouble Nick about coming out. Clearly, the guy isn’t over Charlie and is acting out of jealousy (we love Sebastian Croft, though!). Charlie wants to be there for Nick and is giving him all the space he needs to come out of his own accord while simultaneously trying to protect him from all the negativity that comes from being queer. We know that the rugby team isn’t going to take it very well either, but they’ll definitely come around. Nick also looks much more comfortable talking about his feelings and showing his love for Charlie in public (our hearts are already full; stop it already!). Also, we’re wondering why Nick is grounded.

Tao and Elle

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is definitely in Heartstopper season 2. We can feel the tension between them too, and as much as Tao is afraid of losing a close friend, he has too many feelings for Elle to ignore them. On the other hand, Elle is getting closer to Tara and Darcy, who encourage her to get flirty with her best friend, who is obsessed with movies. Is anyone else upset that we won’t get to see that hair sticking out of a beanie anymore? It’s so adorable to see Nick fit so well into the group too, and we think there’s a special conversation between him and Elle that’s going to make us feel feelings.


Tara and Darcy

It seems Tara has reached the point where she can tell Darcy she loves her, but Darcy isn’t quite there yet. We know that Darcy is very goofy, and sometimes Tara wants to have serious conversations that may be a little bit hard to have with her. Tara is seen telling Charlie that she’s jealous of him and Nick because they “talk about their feelings,” meaning there’s definitely something bothering her. Nothing to fret about, though; it’s possible Paris, the city of love, will fix it all (Emily could learn a thing or two, maybe). We’re looking forward to Triple Date Part 2, except this time, everyone knows it’s a date.

It also appears that there are going to be some new characters, specifically a possible person of interest to Isaac (we say this because we don’t know his sexual orientation just yet). Additionally, book readers are probably wondering if Mr. Ajayi and Mr. Farouk will actually become a thing or if the series will just focus on the kids. In the comics, the series gets really dark at some point during the Paris trip and after, but we don’t know if the show will go there. Even if it does, it may be during Heartstopper season 3.


We can’t wait for the return of Olivia Coleman as Nick’s mother and Jenny Walser as Charlie’s sister, both of whom appear for short periods of time and provide great comfort and satisfaction to the series. The trailer ends with Darcy telling Nick and Charlie to continue being “gay,” and we can imagine this is a good way to describe the second season.

What is it that you’re most looking forward to in season 2 of Heartstopper, and whose character arc are you excited about? We hope there’s more of Isaac, Tao, and Elle this time around, and we definitely can’t wait to see everyone become closer friends than before and have a blast together.


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