‘Gyeongseong Creature’ Episode 8 Recap & Spoilers: What Was Lady Maeda Up To?

The eighth episode of Gyeongseong Creature reveals the motives of Lady Maeda. There are multiple plot twists that this episode brings to the forefront. Now, there is not just one monster that the experiment has created, but another monster has been created as a result of an accident. The way Tang-sang manages to save himself from the hospital and then save Mr. Gu from the clutches of the Japanese officials has been highlighted. There are multiple events that have been shed light on in this episode to ensure that there is an in-depth plot development. Let’s find out what course of events this episode unveils!


Spoilers Ahead

What Was Lady Maeda Up To?

Lady Maeda was the one who got Myeong-ja kidnapped, and it was revealed that she was the main source to have funded the experiments in the hospital. Later, Lady Maeda came to visit Seishin to see the monster in its full form. Her visit somehow agitated the monster, as there is a probability that Lady Maeda could later be a threat to its daughter, Chae-ok. When Ishikawa asked Maeda about the experiments in the lab and if she was the one responsible for Myeong-Ja’s kidnapping, she denied the allegations. Ishikawa knew of her feelings for Tae-sang and told her that he had another woman, Chae-ok, in his life and hence would not pay her any heed. She told him that their marriage was an agreement and that he should maintain his boundaries with her. She also told him that she did not like the fact that Myeong-ja was carrying his child, which made her motives for harming Myeong-ja quite clear.


Later, Lady Maeda went to meet Lieutenant Kato, who told her about their experiments in detail. He told her that only Najin helped people prey on others with no noticeable difference in physical form. The ones under the influence of Najin would try to survive by feeding on the brains of others. The creatures were very powerful, and their wounds would heal surprisingly fast. He also told her that Seishin had changed her form as she was also injected with anthrax serum after consuming the Najin. The creatures were averse to fire, sun, and nitrogen. It is possible that she had been interrogating Kato about his experiments, as she would target Chae-ok next.

How Did Tae-Sang Escape The Ongseong Hospital?

After regaining his senses, Tae-sang dressed as a Japanese militant to escape the hospital. When he saw Lady Maeda, he confronted her and told her that he required explanations for all the activities that were going on in the hospital. When she sees his state, she takes him back home and treats him there so that he can survive the injuries. Upon regaining his senses, he told Maeda that the experiments that were being conducted in the hospital were inhumane and had to be stopped. He told her that he had seen hell inside the facility and somehow wanted the atrocities to be stopped by the Joseons. The way Lady Maeda takes interest in his words and cares for him makes it evident that she has feelings for him. There is a possibility that she would not hesitate to move Chae-ok out of her way to garner Tae-sang’s attention in the long run.


What Happened To Myeong-Ja?

Myeong-Ja had accidentally consumed the Najin present in Lieutenant Kato’s room, mistaking it to be water. She was slowly seen transforming into a monster, attacking others, and eating their brains. There were 11 murders within a span of four days. The police had been investigating the gruesome murders, stating that someone had been ripping the brains out of the victims. Little did they know that another monster was on the loose, killing all the people.

Myeong-Ja is seen attacking a police officer, and just then he fires in the sky to send a signal out to the other officials. Myeong-ja is seen being chased by the officials, driving her out into the woods. She had been frantically crying out for someone to save her life, making us realize that she was still a human deep inside. Chae-ok and Tae-sang decide to help her out so that she will not be captured, leading the Japanese militants to conduct more gruesome experiments on her and her unborn child.


What Happened To Mr. Gu?

Mr. Gu had been captured by the Japanese police in his attempt to save the Joseons from the hospital and place them in safe hands. He, along with some other commoners, were arrested by the police when they could not find the prisoners. Mr. Gu was immensely tortured at the police station to make him spill the whereabouts of the prisoners and the real motives of Tae-sang. He remembered Mrs. Nawol’s words, telling him to reveal the truth when he would be captured and tortured to save his own life. She told him that if someone gave out information to save themselves, then that would not count as a betrayal. Despite all these thoughts and the extreme physical torture, he refused to give out any information, highlighting his loyalty to Tae-sang. Later, Tae-sang came to his rescue and asked Ishikawa to release him along with the other Joseons. He told Ishikawa that he had kept his promise of bringing Myeong-ja out of the hospital, and it was now his turn to return the favor. Eventually, he managed to free Mr. Gu and the others out of the clutches of the Japanese police.

What Will Happen In The Next Episode?

There is a possibility that Lady Maeda will now target Chae-ok to solidify her claim on Tae-sang. She is likely to try using Seishin as a tool in her game against her own daughter just to satisfy her own interests. Seishin could sense her evil intentions and hence was seen to be so agitated, even trying to attack her when she stood close to the cage. The next episode is likely to reveal a plethora of twists and new adventures for both Tae-sang and Chae-ok. There is also a possibility that Chae-ok will try her level best to free her mother from jail and give her a more peaceful life. More secrets about the element are likely to be shed light upon in the 9th episode of Gyeongseong Creature, highlighting the motives of the Japanese officials.


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