‘Gyeongseong Creature’ Episode 6 Recap & K-Drama Spoilers: Why Did Ishikawa Visit The Hospital?

The sixth episode of Gyeongseong Creature is focused on the sacrifices and emotional angles of the characters. The maternal bond is something that has been focused on exceptionally in this episode. There are a lot of sharp turns that the series takes. How will Chae-ok handle the revelation of her mother’s current identity? Will Tae-Sang succeed in helping the prisoners escape the dungeon? Will Jun-taek break into the Japanese Army and give them the names of the members of the Patriotic Society?


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Tae-Sang Not Want To Interfere In Any State Affairs?

 Tae-sang tried staying out of the affairs of the state, so as not to get himself into any kind of trouble. When he was just nine years old, he had lost his mother to the atrocities of the Japanese militants. Before hiding him in the basement of the house, his mother had made him promise that he would not come out of the basement, no matter what. She wanted him to be safe, and he promised her that he would take care of himself. He wanted to make sure that he was living up to the last promise that he had made to her by staying out of other people’s matters. That angle of his life had, however, changed after Chae-ok popped up in his life. He started thinking more selflessly, and people were beginning to see his kind side. Tae-sang risked his own life to save the prisoners as they were being shot at by the officials. Even when the creature attacks the prisoners, he does not abandon them but rescues them by tranquilizing the creature with nitrogen. He also sets out on a selfless search for Chae-ok to make sure that she is not in any trouble.


How Did Chae-Ok Handle Her Mother’s Identity Revelation?

Lieutenant Kato told Chae-ok that the serum (Najin) attacks the brain and controls brain synapses. When inside a person, the invisible worm in the liquid begins to mutate, turning the person into a monster. Lieutenant Kato further tells her that every person on this planet has the urge to become the most powerful in the entire universe, and Najin helps them fulfill that dream. He reveals to Chae-ok that her missing mother has now transformed into a monster as a result of his evil experiments. Chae-ok was reluctant to believe him and pressured him at gunpoint to tell her the way that the monster could be stopped. He revealed to her that the creature had to be burned in order to stop it. Later, the tables turn when Kato’s men come in and capture Chae-ok. She was taken in as a captive and kept in the same cell as that of the monster. Dr. Kato wanted to observe the reaction of the monster after coming face-to-face with its daughter.

Chae-ok recognized the locket on the monster’s neck, which confirmed that it was indeed her mother. The monster also recognized Chae-ok to be its daughter, and just when the militants attacked, it guarded her, forming a shield with its tentacles to protect her from the bullets. Despite mutating into a dangerous monster, it had not been able to forget its daughter and took all the bullets to keep her safe. The motherly affection had successfully overtaken the powerful effect of Najin on the monster. After getting to know about her mother’s reality, Chae-ok broke down completely.  


What Happens To Jun-Taek?

Quite unexpectedly, Jun-taek had given out the names of his accomplices. Despite giving out the names, he was tortured and was forced to write down the names of all the members of the Patriotic Society. Meanwhile, his father had been using all his resources to get him out of prison. It is possible that Jun-taek had given out the names to make sure that he could be released from prison so that he could later help the others get out of there. He had succumbed to the torturous methods of the Japanese army and was seen to collapse on the ground after a prolonged period of torture.

Why Did Ishikawa Visit The Hospital?

Ishikawa is seen visiting the Ongseong Hospital to investigate the missing women of Joseon. His actual motive was to investigate the disappearance of Myeong-Ja. Initially, he was stopped by the military forces there but was later led in by them for the investigation. Meanwhile, the army had planned to promptly shift Meyong-Ja to a separate location. Lady Maeda was trying to protect Myeong-Ja from a certain peril that she had anticipated would befall Myeong-Ja. In the beginning, Lady Maeda seemed to have an evil intention stored up for Myeong-Ja, but later it was revealed that she had ensured that Myeong-Ja was kept safe in the facility. It is possible that she had come to know of the ill motives of her husband, which made her take care of the situation.


What Plan Did Tae-Sang Come Up With To Escape The Camp?

Tae-sang managed to make sure that all the prisoners in the dungeon were freed so that he could lead them out. He also managed to find out about Myeong-ja with the help of his other group members. While he was explaining the escape plan to the others, Mr. Gu was clearing out his path at the gate by luring the guards away with some expensive alcohol. Tae-sang told the rest that they would all depart the place through the window. They would have exactly 10 minutes to board the truck. He also warned them that the truck would not wait for anyone after the designated time, and hence they had to hurry.

What Will Happen In The Next Episode?

The next episode is most likely to portray the journey of the prisoners out of the dungeon. However, someone has to make a sacrifice as the people are driven to a safe zone. Who will do the selfless act? It is possible that Tae-sang will sacrifice himself to make sure that the others are safe. This episode also raises a lot of other questions in our minds. Now that the creature knows that Chae-ok is its daughter, will it come searching for her? There are high chance that the creature will break out of the facility to find Chae-ok. Lady Maeda’s secrets about safeguarding Myeong-Ja are also likely to be showcased in the seventh episode. Many revelations await our attention in the final episode of the Gyeongseong Creature.


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