‘Gyeongseong Creature’ Episode 5 Recap & K-Drama Spoilers: Does Jun-Taek Reveal His Complications?

There are a lot of parallel occurrences that we see in the fifth episode of Gyeongseong Creature. Every character in the series has their own motive, which has been explored in this episode. There are multiple twists and turns that amplify the intensity of the course of events, drawing us further into the narrative. This episode paves the path for a lot of revelations in the next episode, focusing on the revelation of Chae-ok’s mother’s whereabouts. Will Chae-ok be able to find out that her mother has been transformed into a monster as a result of the brutal experiments? Will Jun-taek reveal the names of his accomplices? Let’s find the answers to these questions!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Were The Members Of The Patriotic Society Arrested?

A meeting had been held by the members of the Patriotic Society, where they were discussing a fundraising camp. It was to take place at Burmingwan in the next 2 weeks (by the Japanese militants).They discussed the bombing of Tokyo, as a result of which many Japanese lives were lost. The Japanese had been strategizing to use Joseon men on the front line, for which a meeting was to take place. The Patriotic Society was planning to make a blast with the use of 20 kilos of dynamite that they had stolen earlier. They were planning to end the lives of several Japanese diplomats during the gathering for the Burmingwan meeting. Just as the men of the Patriot Society were strategizing the mass murder of Japanese diplomats, they were arrested on charges of rebellion by the Japanese army and taken to Ongseong Hospital as captives. Later, Jun-taek went to the prison to ask one of the arrested members about the whereabouts of the dynamite, as the meeting was to take place in the next ten days. He refused Jun-taek the whereabouts of the explosives and told him that he would tell him about them only if he helped the other members break out of the prison. Jun-taek told them that he would surely come to their rescue later, but first, he needed to know about the hidden dynamite.


Does Jun-Taek Reveal His Complications?

Before Jun-taek gets to know about the explosives, he is arrested by the Japanese militants. Mr. Ichiro had planned on extorting his father’s money by capturing Jun-taek. Later, his father gets summoned by a Japanese diplomat, and he tells him that his son has been caught in the act of treason and will be eliminated if he does not compensate for it. He bribed the Japanese official to let go of his son and to ensure that his business empire was not confiscated by the Japanese government.

In a flashback, we see Jun-taek revealing his embarrassment to Tae-sang. He said that his father’s empire had been built on the pillars of deception. On several occasions, he had requested that Tae-sang join the patriotic society, as he believed that he was a good man inside and had the passion to fight against the Japanese. As the scene shifts to the current scenario, where Tae-sang has been taken captive, he reflects back on the good old times spent with his friend. The Japanese officials were seen torturing him to get the names of his accomplices, which he initially denied. However, later, when he is given a piece of paper to write down their names on, he is seen scribbling down the names of Tae-sang and Chae-ok as his accomplices in infiltrating the military camp.


What Truth Does Chae-Ok Seek?

Chae-ok and Tae-sang were captured by the militants while they were on their mission. Chae-ok’s fearless side is shown when she does not hesitate to fight the militants single-handedly, expressing her hatred for them as she calls them the real monsters. However, Tae-sang persuaded her to put down her weapon so as to not get killed on the spot. She is taken away to a separate cell by the militants, where she is tortured by Sergeant Haneda. Later, Lieutenant Kato came to her rescue and took her along with him to his cabin to interrogate her further. She told Kato about their atrocities on Manwol Island in Manchuria and expressed her curiosity to know the reason for shifting their camp to Gyeongseong. Kato told her that he was a scientist, and his passion had brought him to Gyeongseong so that he could conduct further experiments.

Kato thought that she had a very close resemblance to one of his prisoners and asked her mother’s name. Upon hearing that her mother’s name was Seishin, Kato realized that the creature that he had created was her mother. He tricked her into drinking a glass of water containing the same serum that he had given Seishin, after which she was locked in the same prison they had once locked her mother in. Chae-ok found a blood inscription on the wall written by Seishin. It read that she wanted to live and meet her daughter, Chae-ok. She realized that her mother was confined somewhere within the same hospital. When Tae-sang came to her rescue, she told him that they would have to part ways, as she wanted to find her mother in the facility. After 10 long years, she was now sure that her search was soon to end. She later went up to Dr. Kato and threatened him with a rifle, saying that she wanted to know her mother’s whereabouts.


What Happens To Tae-Sang?

Tae-sang had used his resources and connections to rid himself of the prison. He offered Officer Soma a hefty bribe in exchange for Akiko’s whereabouts. He made Officer Soma send a message to Mrs. Nawol so that she could help Jun-taek break out of prison and remove all the soldiers from near the gate. With Officer Soma’s help, he managed to flee the prison and rescue Chae-ok. In the end, Tae-sang and the monster come face-to-face, and we see him attacking it. The question remains as to whether Tae-sang will be able to tackle his immensely powerful opponent or succumb to its strength.

What Revelations Are Yet To Come In The Next Episode?

Lieutenant Kato had, by this time, realized that the creature was not mindless and had its own cognitive abilities. He intends to use the creature to serve a greater purpose and train it to become more powerful and obey his commands in the long run. Chae-ok asks Kato about her mother, not knowing that she has turned into a creature. It is possible that Lieutenant Kato would trick Chae-ok and not give away her mother’s information so easily. There are multiple possibilities that come to our minds after watching the fifth episode of Gyeongseong Creature. The next episode will also decide Tae-sang’s fate and help us understand the creature’s motive better. Despite Jun-taek’s current situation, in which he has to give away the names of his accomplices, I believe he would not betray his friends. What plan Jun-taek would come up with to escape his dilemma has yet to be unearthed.

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