‘Gyeongseong Creature’ Episode 4 Recap & K-Drama Spoilers: What Is Lady Maeda’s Motive?

The fourth episode of Gyeongseong Creature focuses on the way the creature has already started showing signs of being the destroyer of its own creators. Much like Dr. Frankenstein’s creature, this monster has been wreaking havoc on the Japanese militants. Meanwhile, Tae-sang and his troupe are focused on saving Myeong-Ja, and in the process, many revelations have come out in the episode. The relationship between the monster and Chae-ok has been revealed in this episode of the series. Will Chae-ok be able to save the children from the military base? Why was Sachimoto helping her? A lot of questions are yet to be explored in this episode!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Tae-Sang Go To The Military Camp?

Tae-sang went into the military base camp with the intention of saving Myeong-Ja, as instructed by Ishikawa. He wanted to make sure that his wealth was not confiscated by Ishikawa on the basis of not being able to search for his mistress. Tae-sang was also feeling a sense of guilt for not being able to stick by Chae-ok on her mission in the camp and thought that he had led her into that dungeon. He decided to go and help her, as he felt a sense of responsibility towards her. On his way to the hospital facility, he made sure that he left no traces for Ishikawa’s men to find out about his whereabouts. He hides his trail from his visit to the military base camp so that they will not pursue him there and keep a check on all his moves. He ensured that his work was uninterrupted by any external forces. He took his friend, Jun-taek, along with him to the mission so that he could help distract the militants while he was at his task. After reuniting with Chae-ok, he set out on his mission to search for Myeong-ja. When he goes to the experimental lab, he is shocked by the monstrosity of the Japanese, as he finds the mutilated heads of the subjects of their human experiments there. As they crawl down into the military base further, they are pursued by the military, but they somehow manage to escape them. Later, the group decided to split their paths so that it would be easier for them to search for Myeong-Ja. Despite a fatal wound that Tae-sang had incurred from a previous fight, he does not give up on his determination to complete his mission.


What Connection Does Chae-Ok Have With The Monster?

Initially, Chae-ok is unable to recognize Sachimoto as the painter who made a sketch of her mother. Later, when Tae-sang introduced her to Sachimoto, she asked him about the whereabouts of her mother. She also told Sachimoto that she had spent the past three years of her life searching for her mother in Manchuria and was desperate to know where she was. He disappoints her by telling her that he does not know anything about her mother or where she is at the moment. The fact that the monster is Chae-ok’s mother was confirmed when we saw a similar wooden necklace on her father’s neck, as well as on the creature’s neck. Her father told Jun-taek that Chae-ok had carved two wooden necklaces, one of which she had given to him and the other one she had given to her mother. We have had repeated glances at the wooden necklace that was there on the neck of the monster, confirming Chae-ok’s relationship with the monster.

How Are The Children In The Facility Saved?

When Tae-sang’s group came across the children who had been taken as prisoners in the facility, they decided to save them. The children told them that they were injected with a tranquilizing substance, and many other children had passed away as a result of the aftereffects of the medications. Initially, Tae-sang was reluctant to help them, but later he revealed his softer side by deciding to save their lives. Just when they were planning to take the children out of the facility, the militants started searching for the missing children. Tae-sang gave the eldest child in the group the responsibility of hiding the smaller children in the group in a cart and drive them out of the facility. When the militants suspected that Sachimoto was hiding the children in his room, they searched his room thoroughly but could not find anyone there. By the time the militants were done rampaging the entire military base, the children had managed to escape the facility. Later, they were taken in by Tae-sang’s employees at his pawn shop, providing them shelter. While the elder child was driving the other children out of the facility, we saw a glimmer of happiness in his eyes. He would have never imagined during his captivity that he would ever be able to be under the open sky.


What Is Lady Maeda’s Motive?

Lady Maeda had come up to the militants to inform them that Tae-sang was in the military base camp. She asked them to search for him, as he would otherwise take Myeong-Ja out of the facility. She did not want Myeong-Ja to go out of the facility before she gave birth to her child. She also told the scientist, Mr. Ichiro, that Myeong-Ja should be kept safe until her child was born in the facility. Lady Maeda had some ominous intentions, which is why she had asked the militants to capture Myeong-Ja. It is possible that she wanted to conduct some experiments on the expecting mother and her child after it was born, as she held a grudge against Myeong-Ja for having an illicit affair with her husband. Lady Maeda’s information had alerted the militants about Tae-Sang’s presence in the facility, eventually causing them to face a lot of trouble.

Does The Creature Attack The Japanese Army Subconsciously?

The creature is seen attacking the Japanese military and killing a lot of them. It is possible that the creature’s cognitive abilities were intact and that it was attacking them on purpose to save its own people from their clutches. The militants were planning to include the creature in their war conquests, but they did not expect it to turn against them in the long run. Mr. Ichiro had told them that if any outsiders were to find out about their secret experiments, they would have to be eliminated immediately. The creature could be protecting Tae-sang’s group on purpose to ensure that they would succeed in their mission. It is also possible that the creature had been able to recognize its daughter, Chae-ok, and had been killing her opponents to safeguard her against all the perils in the camp. However, confusion arises when we see the creature devouring the people of Joseon at a point when they are placed in front of it. However, there could have also been a possibility that the creature had been killing its own people initially to win the confidence of the militants, so that it would be set free, and then it could attack the militants.


What Will Happen In The Next Episode?

The true motives of the creature are yet to be uncovered in the next episode of Gyeongseong Creature. It is likely that the next episode is going to show a revelation of the creature’s true identity to Chae-ok. The revelation is sure to shatter her heart, as the woman she had been searching for for so many years had turned into a monster. An image of a thread has been shown in the very first scene. Chae-ok had a flashback of her mother telling her how it is possible to twist and turn a thread and make several lines out of it. The thread is significant for all the parallel possibilities that co-exist within this episode. The thread of mystery is yet to be untangled in the fifth episode of the series.

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