‘Gyeongseong Creature’ Episode 2 Recap & K-Drama Spoilers: What Happens To The Creature?

The dystopian world that has been portrayed in Gyeongseong Creature, can be compared to the one in the other Korean series, Sweet Home. The experiments had given rise to a dangerous monster that was causing the deaths of many people. The horror series focuses on the fact that by going against the laws of nature, humans have only been harming themselves in the long run. There are several secrets that are to be revealed in the second episode, regarding the real identity of Sachimoto and the revelation of the secrets behind Chae-Ok’s mother’s disappearance. Will Chae-Ok be able to find her mother and Myeong-Ja? Will Tae-sang be able to find Sachimoto’s secret for helping out Chae-ok? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Was Sachimoto’s Up To  At The Ongseong Hospital?

The Ongseong Hospital in Gyeongseong had decided to appoint Sachimoto Ryu, a student of the Tokyo University of Arts, to record the anatomy of their subjects of experiments through his paintings. Sachimoto had witnessed hell within just a few days of joining the hospital. He witnessed men being dissected alive. He struggled to survive the trauma of witnessing the atrocities committed by the hospital. He also saw the suffering of the people who had been kept in captivity within the prison. He was fed up with having to see the inhumane treatment of the subjects on a regular basis. Sachimoto was a witness to the experiment on the woman, who had turned into a mindless monster, attacking everyone around her. The inhumanity of the Japanese military was something that was beyond anyone’s imagination!


Why Did Chae-Ok Suspect Mrs. Maeda For The Disappearance Of Myeong-Ja?

While Chae-ok was on her mission to find out the whereabouts of Myeong-Ja, she found out that Myeong-Ja was called to Ishikawa’s house, and after meeting someone at the house, she left for the Ongseong Hospital. Chae-ok was sure that Myeong-Ja had been held captive at the Ongseong Hospital. She wondered if Lady Maeda could have been behind Myeong-Ja being held captive at the hospital. It is possible that Lady Maeda found out about her husband’s affair with Myeong-Ja and that she was carrying her husband’s child. This could have been reason enough for her to take out all her frustrations on Myeong-Ja. Chae-ok gives this bit of information to Tae-sang and tells him that he could use his resources to help her get into the hospital, which would make it easier for her to search for Myeong-Ja.

How Does Tae-Sang Arrange To Get Into The Hospital?

Tae-sang goes to meet his friend, Jun-taek, a doctor at the Ongseong Hospital, to ask him for his ID so that he could get into the hospital. He gives him money to help his cause for independence and collects his ID card in return. Tae-sang goes into the hospital using his friend’s identity, along with Chae-ok and her father. He tells the guards that he is with his fiance and her father. They are then given access to the hospital, facilitating their search for Myeong-Ja. When they get into the hospital, Chae-ok is seen looking through the hospital records to find Akiko’s whereabouts. Just when she was planning to explore the military base right beside the hospital, they encountered a member of the Patriotic Society who helped them get through. Chae-ok successfully sneaks into the military camp to look for Myeong-Ja and her long-lost mother. Meanwhile, we get a glimpse into her past, where she is gazing at her mother’s portrait, and we recognize her to be the same woman who had been captured as a subject at the military camp. She was the woman who had been turned into a monster through the experiments. It’s possible that Chae-ok was looking for Sachimoto to find out if he had some connection with her mother in the past and was likely to know about her whereabouts.


What Happens To The Creature?

The creature had been constantly attacking the military at the base camp after its complete metamorphosis. Lieutenant Kato was seen almost worshiping the creature as a magnificent result of the experiment after several years of failed attempts. A state of emergency had been declared at the hospital by the military to keep the situation under control. They sprayed nitrogen on the creature to tranquilize it so that they could shift it to a bigger facility. After it got shifted to the bigger facility, the other prisoners started experiencing a snow-like substance being showered on them. The substance, however, proved to be fatal, as it burned many prisoners to death. It is possible that the chemical reaction within the creature’s body was causing it to release the substance, even in its dormant state, as a part of its defense mechanism.

What Happens In The End?

Chae-ok experienced the cruel methods of the Japanese soldiers from afar as they dumped the dead bodies of the prisoners in a ditch. Later, a nurse from the hospital went to visit Tae-sang and told him that a contagious disease had broken out at the hospital, making the military lock down the entire area. She also passes on a message to him from Chae-ok regarding them finding out the whereabouts of Myeong-Ja at the military base. When Tae-sang asked her why she had come to pass on the message to him, she told him that she was a part of the Patriotic Society and was fighting against the Japanese. When Tae-sang learned that Chae-ok and her father had been trapped in the facility where many others had died, he decided to go and save them. It is mostly because of a sense of responsibility that he must have felt for having put her in a situation like that.


What Will Happen In The Next Episode?

The next episode is sure to unveil a lot of secrets about the relationship between Sachimoto and Chae-ok. In a particular scene, we see Sachimoto sketching a portrait of Chae-ok, and it is confirmed that he surely has a connection to her. He knows a lot of secrets about the military base that he will reveal to Tae-sang when the time arrives, just to help him find Chae-ok. Is it a common love interest? We will surely get an answer to that question in the third episode! The Japanese Government’s ultimate motive behind the secret experiments will also be slowly revealed through the course of events in the series. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Chae-ok’s well-being in the wretched military base camp, a purgatory where no one has ever escaped alive!

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