‘Guns & Gulaabs’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Atmaram Dead?

Episode 6 of Guns & Gulaabs unravels a web of changing circumstances and evolving characters. Ganchi’s recovery accelerates, leading to Jugnu’s increasing mistakes, while Tipu’s realization of the Ganchi family’s disregard for his sacrifices fuels his determination for revenge. Arjun’s risky plan to deliver opium to Sukanto could alter his fate and put an end to Pratap’s oppression. Meanwhile, Atmaram’s pursuit of Tipu adds an element of suspense and danger. In Episode 7, the tension reaches its peak as Tipu’s life hangs in the balance due to Atmaram’s relentless pursuit. Arjun’s impending delivery to Sukanto promises a significant turning point, but there’s no guarantee that things will work out for him. With Ganchi’s empire in turmoil and personal vendettas escalating, the characters’ destinies converge in an intriguing confrontation that will redefine alliances and reveal hidden truths. As the stakes intensify and secrets surface, the stage is set for a thrilling climax in Guns & Gulaabs.


Spoilers Ahead 

How Do Arjun And Tipu Work Together For Sukanto’s Deal?

Jugnu experiences a sense of sadness, realizing that his actions might cause harm to his father’s opium business. Upon receiving information from his men about SP Mishra’s movement of government opium, Jugnu becomes convinced that Arjun and SP Mishra are collaborating to aid Sukanto’s deal for Nabeed. However, the truth is different: Arjun’s motivations are more self-oriented. In a surprising twist, Arjun engages in a conversation with SP Mishra, discussing the possibility of relocating the opium shipments to another location. SP Mishra recognizes that neither Ganchi nor Nabeed value him, and he sees an opportunity to gain both financial benefit and the respect he desires by assisting Arjun. Meanwhile, Tipu shares crucial information with Arjun about Jugnu’s plan to attack the opium warehouse.


Aware that Jugnu’s men are tracking SP Mishra, Tipu, and Bunty seize the chance to outsmart Jugnu and Mishra. As events unfold, Jugnu confronts Mishra, resulting in Mishra’s demise. This diversion enables Tipu and Bunty to successfully take control of the opium-laden truck from the warehouse amid the clash between Jugnu and Mishra’s men. Arjun and Tipu came up with this clever plan to distract Jugnu from their real intentions. They used SP Mishra as a decoy to shift Jugnu’s focus away from opium delivery. This strategy aimed to ensure that Arjun could smoothly transport the drugs to Sukanto without Jugnu interfering. This elaborate scheme showcased their tactical thinking and manipulation to achieve their respective goals.

Arjun questions Tipu’s choice to aid him despite being associated with the Ganchi gang. Tipu discloses that Jugnu has partnered with Nabeed, the person responsible for the deaths of Tipu’s father and friend. In return for his assistance, Tipu requests a favor from Arjun: to provide support for Suryakant’s opium production. Arjun agrees, and in return, Tipu helps ensure the safe passage of the truck as part of their plan. This exchange underscores Tipu’s motive to avenge his loved ones and reveals the unexpected alliance formed between Arjun and Tipu.


How Does Atmaram Hinder Tipu And Arjun’s Plans?

As the plan unfolds smoothly in Guns & Gulaabs, the keys to the opium reach Sukanto as intended. However, a shocking twist occurs when the truck containing the opium goes missing in the forest, raising suspicions. But things become clear when the episode shows how Arjun receives an unexpected and distressing call from Atmaram, who has abducted Jyotsna on her way home from school. Faced with this dire situation, Arjun is compelled to comply with Atmaram’s demands, which involve stealing the opium-laden truck himself and delivering it to Atmaram. The plot thickens when it’s revealed that Atmaram has already eliminated Nabeed, signaling a major shift in allegiances. But the mystery deepens as the question arises: If not Nabeed, who is Atmaram truly working for?

Surprisingly, the mastermind behind Atmaram’s actions is revealed to be Dheeraj, the individual who frequently communicated with Arjun on behalf of Pratap. Recognizing the opportunity, Dheeraj proposes a sinister arrangement to Atmaram: threaten Arjun and seize the opium-laden truck, ensuring Dheeraj secures his own portion of the profits. Dheeraj is determined not to be left empty-handed, while Pratap and Arjun reap the rewards.


How Did Gangaram And The Others Become Involved In Jyotsna’s Kidnapping?

Gangaram takes the initiative to apologize to Lalkrishna and Ikhlaq for their actions, aiming to make things right with Jyotsna on Lalkrishna’s behalf. However, a sudden twist occurs when Jyotsna is kidnapped. In the process of rescuing her, Atmaram’s men also capture Lalkrishna. Gangaram and Ikhlaq follow the kidnappers’ car with determination, and Chandralekha joins them upon learning about the situation. They eventually track the car to an old factory where Jyotsna is being held. Chandralekha seizes the opportunity to ask Ikhlaq to leave and seek help from the police. However, as they navigate the situation, Chandralekha and Gangaram find themselves trapped when Atmaram’s men discover them snooping around the factory.

This way, Ikhlaq meets Tipu on his way back, and Tipu rushes to the factory with Bunty to ensure the safety of Chandralekha and the others. Tipu is determined to take down Atmaram for the deaths of his father and Suneel. Luckily, Tipu and Arjun arrive at the factory at the same time, and an intense confrontation unfolds. Tipu reassures Arjun that Jyotsna is safe. So, Arjun leaves them under the care of Ramprasad to follow Dheeraj just to prevent him from escaping with opium.

Do Tipu And Arjun Successfully Put An End To Their Respective Enemies?

As the dust settles after Tipu kills Atmaram, a moment of silence engulfs the factory. In this stillness, Tipu ensured the safety of everyone present. It was during this pause that our attention shifted back to a memory from the first episode, where Gangaram was the lone witness to Babu Tiger’s demise. In that poignant moment, Gangaram shared a secret conversation with Babu Tiger, a secret that was now unveiled to Tipu after a considerable span of time. Babu Tiger had left a legacy, entrusting Gangaram with a significant responsibility: a firearm meant for his son, Tipu.

Amidst the belief that Atmaram had met his demise, a startling revelation unfolds: Atmaram has miraculously survived. Encouraged by the opportunity to flee, Tipu’s unwavering determination propels him forward, relentlessly pursuing Atmaram. Their confrontation unfolds in a tense showdown, with each facing off with intense resolve. Atmaram initiates his notorious four-cut technique, managing three slashes before Tipu counters, skillfully evading the final potentially fatal strike. Resolute and focused, Tipu takes aim with his father’s gun and squeezes the trigger, the bullet unerringly honing in on Atmaram’s chest. The scene dynamically portrays the bullet’s trajectory, underscoring the realization of Babu Tiger’s legacy and Tipu’s long-sought retribution.


What Happens Between Sukanto And Jugnu?

In the midst of these intense events, Sukanto attempts to contact Arjun, only to be met with silence, leading him to believe he has been deceived. Before Sukanto can depart, Jugnu arrives with his men, sparking a gun battle that leaves everyone dead except Jugnu. Upon regaining his senses, Jugnu discovers Sukanto, wounded but alive. In a decisive move, Jugnu uses his gun to end Sukanto’s life. Meanwhile, Bunty and Chandralekha rush to get Tipu to the hospital, desperate to ensure his survival. Returning to the police station, Arjun defies Pratap’s demands for money and issues a bold challenge. When Arjun meets Yamini, she advises him to make the right choices before sharing his burdens with Madhu, who has unknowingly sensed hints of his secret.

The finale of episode 7 takes an unexpected turn when Jugnu disguises himself as a woman to visit his hospitalized father, illustrating the toll of recent events on his mental state. The trauma of losing his best friend in the battle against SP Mishra further adds to Jugnu’s distress. As the first season concludes, Jugnu realizes his father’s perpetual discontent and his own unfulfilled life. Without hesitation, Jugnu takes a drastic step, strangling Ganchi to death. The perplexing conclusion leaves viewers in suspense, further compounded by the revelation that Atmaram is still alive. The characters are unable to escape the lingering presence of the villains in their lives, underscoring the complexity of their intertwined fates.


The ending of Guns & Gulabs hints at an impending reunion of these characters as they prepare for a prolonged and challenging journey ahead. Jugnu’s unexpected transformation into a girl suggests a deeper aspect of his character—he may have desired to express his true self all along. This change raises questions about his sexual orientation and hints at the possibility that his feelings for his friend were more than just friendship. However, societal expectations and the Ganchi family’s reputation held him back. The mysteries and answers will likely unfold in the anticipated second season. Tipu’s precarious situation and Arjun’s uncertain future ensure that they will cross paths again. The conclusion leaves viewers intrigued and eager to see how these characters’ stories will evolve. The second season holds the promise of uncovering the truths and complexities hidden within each character while they continue to navigate a web of challenges and confrontations.

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