‘Griselda’ Episode 3 Recap Summary: How Did The Police Arrest Amilcar?

In the second episode of Griselda, Alberto’s brother, Fernando, tried to kill Griselda and her kids to take his revenge, but Dario, Fernando’s trusted man, couldn’t bring himself to kill Griselda’s son, so instead, he killed Fernando to rescue them. Griselda couldn’t thank him enough for saving her and her sons’ lives, and she later hired him as her bodyguard. Dario and Griselda started sleeping together, and it seemed that Dario had fallen for Griselda, whom he wanted to protect and take care of. However, Griselda was highly ambitious and desired to become a respected and feared drug queen in this business.


Griselda’s dream finally came true, as we saw her rise to become a prominent figure in this business and also earn the name “Godmother.” within a few months of making a deal with German Panesso, she bought a lavish mansion, where she began living with her family as well as her employees.

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How Did The Police Arrest Amilcar?

Episode 3 opened with Godmother Griselda running her operation in Miami, but the Ochoas, a Colombian cartel clan, wanted to take over her operation, but Griselda didn’t agree at all. Griselda desperately wanted to be on top by any means necessary and take the reins, but as she was a woman, no one was ready to let her take charge of the operation. German Panesso didn’t have any problem with Griselda being in charge, but he wanted to keep his other partners happy as well. Rafa Salazar, a drug dealer affiliated with the Ochoas, demanded to take over  Griselda’s operation but Griselda refused to let him. She tried to persuade German, asking him to stick to her operation instead of joining hands with Rafa, but German hesitated to completely put his faith in Griselda. Meanwhile, Papo Mejia, who was already a big obstacle in Griselda’s life, brainwashed every drug dealer in the city not to trust a woman like Griselda. Therefore, despite German trying to help her out, his assistance couldn’t get her anywhere because of Papo. Griselda put her trust in German, but none of these drug dealers were worthy of her trust, as they could change sides at any moment because all they cared about was money and profit instead of partnership or loyalty. Rafa Salazar was already a powerful dealer as well as backed by the Ochoas, so no one wanted to risk their life or their business by making Rafa their enemy.

Meanwhile, Amilcar found himself in trouble when the police began to suspect him for the shootout in the bar. There was a witness who informed the police that the gang leader involved in the shootout was El Loco, Amilcar’s nickname. June Hawkins, who was working in the homicide department, asked her boss to collect the fingerprints from a car found near the bar so that they could be utilized later.


Griselda made a deal with Amilcar once again, and this time she asked Amilcar to put his trust in her because she wanted to make a change. She asked Amilcar not to join his hands with Ochaos but to let Griselda handle the business. However, Amilcar, in the meantime, was looking for a powerful ally who could help him leave Miami for good, so initially he didn’t want to trust Griselda, but Griselda came up with another plan. She assured him that she’d kill the eyewitness for him in exchange for his trust, which got Amilcar thinking. Amilcar agreed, so Griselda sent Dario and Chucho to assassinate the witness. However, upon sneaking into the house, Dario found that the witness had a wife and a baby, so he asked for Griselda to confirm the kill order. Griselda paused for a while, contemplating killing the witness and his family, but her unquenchable hunger for power made her heart a stone. She asked Dario to do it anyhow, but she couldn’t sleep at night feeling guilty about what she had done to an innocent family. Dario, who had already made himself clear about not being able to kill children, killed the couple while leaving the little baby in the cradle. The next morning, the police investigated the murder scene, and June Hawkins arrived. They suspected it might be Amilcar who had gotten rid of the witnesses, so they arrested Amilcar, and later, when his fingerprints matched the ones collected from the car, all the lead investigators admired June Hawkins and threw a celebration in honor of June’s successful investigation. However, June had decided to switch departments because she didn’t want to do homicide cases any longer.

Did Griselda Make A Deal With Rafa?

After Amilcar was arrested by the police, no one in the drug business had been able to trust Griselda any longer. Even German turned his back on her, thinking that she didn’t have the potential to handle the operation. At night, Griselda arrived at Mutiny all dressed up to inaugurate her new operation, thinking that Amilcar would be waiting for her, but she was shocked to find out that Amilcar had been arrested. Not only that, German also told her that the police had been able to find something on her as well, which might put their entire business in jeopardy. So none of them would be able to continue their partnership with Griselda. Griselda still demanded to talk to Rafa and tried to persuade him that his association with her wouldn’t turn them down, but Rafa told her that he didn’t trust her at all. Turned down and betrayed, Griselda went to Dario, who consoled her, but no amount of consolation was enough for Griselda at this point. She had been desperate for power and money, so she started thinking outside the box. She couldn’t sleep properly until she came up with a good plan for herself. However, she didn’t talk much about it with Dario or any of her employees; instead, she sat silently with her cigarette and thought of rising once again, even though she had almost hit rock bottom. In the upcoming episodes, we may get to see a different cunning plan Griselda has come up with.


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