Grace In ‘The Brothers Sun’: Is Grace Dead? What Will Happen To Boxers?

In most action thriller series, there’s always a character, whom we have a sneaking feeling from the beginning, will turn out to be the real antagonist of the plot in the end. The Brothers Sun is no exception, as amid all the known enemies, Bruce’s love interest, Grace, who initially seemed to be a lovely innocent girl, reveals herself as one of the most dangerous villains in the story. Grace appeared in Bruce’s class out of nowhere, which already made her character a little bit predictable, but we had no idea that she might turn out to be the enemy the Sun family was afraid of. Let’s discuss Grace’s character journey to see how it ends.


Spoilers Ahead

What Was Grace’s Real Identity?

Grace first met Bruce during one of his exams in college, and soon enough, Bruce began to fall for her. Grace was the only woman in Bruce’s life giving him proper attention and actually encouraging him to follow his passion. As Bruce wanted to join improv classes and his mom, Eileen, stood in his way, Grace became a source of support in Bruce’s life. However, from the beginning, her character gave off the vibe that she was a little bit invasive about Bruce’s personal life. She was always a bit extra curious to know about his mother and his brother Charles, which might not seem alarming to Bruce, but it was clear that Grace was not who she appeared to be. Eventually, by episode 6, we came to know who she was and her motive behind befriending Bruce.


When Bruce and Charles went to hide out at John Cho’s luxurious mansion, Grace contacted him and asked if she could join them. Charles was skeptical about it, but for Bruce, Grace was the brightest green flag. After spending an amazing time together, partying and doing karaoke nights, one morning Grace and Bruce sat by the pool and talked about their lives. There, Bruce came to know that Grace had had a troubled childhood and a tragic family history. Her parents, who wanted to settle in America to give their daughter a bright future, had to work for the Snakehead gang members, who granted them passage to the US. Her parents worked at a restaurant and led a financially troubled life only to give their daughter a secure future. Bruce also shared his childhood stories, and the two of them got closer to each other. However, Grace was looking for an opportunity, and she finally got one. She asked Bruce to sneak out of the hideout to go to the youth center she had been working for. The youth center was a shelter for immigrant children, who got the opportunity to study and perform their extracurricular activities there. In the absence of Charles, Bruce easily sneaked out with Grace and ended up at her youth center. But upon his arrival, he realized how big of a mess he was in.

From the beginning of the series, there’s a gang called the Boxers who are trying to destroy the Triads. One of their members had previously kidnapped Eileen and attempted to extract information from her. As Eileen refused to open her mouth, the member killed her most loyal henchman, Blood Boots. These Boxers gang members used to wear red ribbons on their hands, which were previously seen at an apartment where Eileen sneaked in. Bruce was also aware of the Boxers and their red ribbons, which he surprisingly found at Grace’s youth center. Everyone there was wearing those red ribbons, which helped Bruce have a reality check. By the time he realized that he had fallen for a Boxers leader and tried to leave, Grace held him captive and urged him to cooperate with her in exchange for his family’s safety.


Grace revealed that her gang’s main objective was to kill the Triads, who had abandoned their role as a rebellious group to fight against oppression and became the oppressors themselves. The members of the Triads had killed a lot of people in Taiwan, as well as many Chinese immigrants in the US. One of the members of the Triads had also taken out her family. Tragically, Grace had witnessed the deaths of her parents in front of her eyes, which ignited the fire of vengeance inside her mind. So, by any means necessary, she wanted to take her revenge on the Triads.

How Did Grace Die?

Grace tried to force Bruce to reveal the whereabouts of the Triads; threatening to kill both him and his family otherwise, so Bruce could no longer remain silent. He told Grace that he had come to know about the Triads’ meeting taking place in LA to elect their new Dragon Head. Apparently, Bruce thought that his mother wouldn’t be there and that Charles would be self-sufficient enough to protect himself, so his family would survive if the Boxers attacked the Triads. Therefore, he made a deal with Grace and let her orchestrate an attack on the Triads, but everything went wrong when, in the meeting, Mama Sun, aka Eileen, appeared to present herself as the new candidate for the Dragon Head. His mother’s appearance shocked Bruce, so he immediately warned her that there was a bomb in the hall to take all of them out. Bruce managed to get rid of the bomb, which exploded elsewhere, killing some cops, while Grace and her team didn’t waste any time and jumped onto the members of the Triads to kill them one by one. Amid the fierce battle, the Triads and the Boxers killed each other, and almost everyone died. However, while Charles managed to survive and save his father, Eileen escaped with Bruce. To find and kill Big Sun, Grace ended up in the kitchen, where she confronted June, whose sister, May, had previously been killed by the Boxers. After a fierce altercation, June managed to put an end to Grace, but Grace didn’t regret her death. She believed she had won her battle, as her men had been successful in killing almost all of the Triads.


Will The Boxers Return In Season 2?

Grace’s chapter ended in The Brothers Sun season 1, and so did her love story with Bruce. As all of the members of the Boxers were killed, we aren’t sure if this group of rebels will make a comeback in the upcoming season, but if any of them are still alive, we may see the rise of the Boxers once again. If the Boxers aren’t totally out of the picture, in the upcoming season of The Brothers Sun, they will continue their flight against the remaining members of the Triads. As Eileen and Charles are the only remaining members of the Triads, probably the Boxers’ main objective would be to take them out. Let’s see how the rivalry between the Boxers and the Triads will unfold in The Brothers Sun season 2.

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