‘Goyo’ Movie Recap And Ending Explained: Did Goyo And Eva Reconcile?

A well-made romantic drama is chicken soup for the soul. It allows the audience to absorb all the emotions and feelings that come with enjoying a good relationship drama, which talks about the difficulties of dealing with a partner. Goyo is one such movie about two people who couldn’t be more different, but they find a way to fit in even though there are many obstacles that could derail their relationship.


Spoilers Ahead 

Where did Goyo first notice Eva?

Gregorio “Goyo” was a young man with Asperger’s Syndrome who lived with his brother and sister in Buenos Aires. He was a highly qualified man who worked as a curator at the art museum and was fascinated by paintings and artists. Vincent Van Gogh was his inspiration, and from time to time, Goyo painted as well. He noticed a woman on the way to work on a rainy day and was fascinated by her beauty. He soon learned the woman he’d seen was an employee of the museum as well. Her name was Eva Montero, and he wanted to converse with her but never found any way to do that. Goyo followed her to the subway but never found the courage to speak to her, as he got caught in an irrational fear and almost fainted. Eva did notice him following her and was horrified by his act. 


Did Goyo apologize for his behavior?

Goyo knew he’d scared Eva, and he would have to mend matters with her if he ever planned to take her out on a date. Goyo went ahead and apologized to Eva for spooking her and explained his intention to take her out and possibly have a conversation. Eva was initially freaked out, but she heard him out and realized the man was harmless. 

How was Goyo’s relationship with this family?

Goyo lived with his sister and brother, and they had been taking care of him for a long time. Goyo was close to both, and they had spent most of their lives wanting to protect him since he had Asperger’s syndrome. Goyo was close to his brother Matute, and he would share all of his feelings and concerns with him and found solace in conversing with him about his life and choices. Meanwhile, Saula, the sister, was the stricter sibling. She was a concert pianist and was constantly concerned for Goyo’s wellbeing. She was not happy about a woman catching the attention of Goyo, as she was not sure if Eva was a genuine person or not. 


Was Eva in a troubled marriage?

Eva Montero worked as a security guard at the museum, and she was married to a horrible man. She was subjected to emotional and physical abuse due to her husband’s erratic nature. She and her husband had been married for years and had two sons who were protective of their mother. Her husband had a criminal history and would show up at odd times, claiming to have changed. Eva and her sons were in no mood to accept him, and she begged him to leave them alone. She had made it clear she wanted to end the marriage, but her husband was in denial about everything that was wrong with their relationship.

What was Eva and Goyo’s date like?

Eva initially agreed to meet Goyo for drinks because of the misunderstanding that happened on the subway. She was fascinated by his honesty and his willingness not to judge. She was aware of his Asperger’s syndrome, but after their first meal, she began to look at him in a different light. Their second date was at his home when his brother and sister were away. This was a long night, as they spent more time getting to know each other deeply. Eva was moved by the painting he was making of her, and she never felt he crossed the line. Both initially started off on opposite ends of the spectrum, but Eva gets to see that Goyo is very different from the usual men she had been with, who were mean and not considerate of her feelings. She asked him to sleep next to her, and they ended up being intimate that night. 


Was Eva fed up with her husband?

Eva returned from Goyo’s only to find her husband having entered their home, trying to spend some time with them, and pretending everything was fine. She got livid and asked him to leave, which further enraged the man. The argument between the two led to the man physically intimidating their younger son, followed by his slapping Eva as well. This forced the son to ask his father to leave them alone and never come back. The slap left a mark on Eva’s face, which bothered both her sons, but she begged them not to look for their father. 

Was Goyo trying to protect Eva?

Goyo was under the impression Eva was avoiding him, and he ended up overthinking the matter. His brother, Matute, asked him to calm down and give her time to respond. Matute was angry at him for believing he was in love just because she slept with him. He asked him to let things organically grow between them and let her get back to him to find out what they meant to each other. Goyo went against his brother’s advice and met Eva. He was shocked to find a mark on her face. He was quick to conclude it was her husband’s doing. He tracked the man down, and it led to an ugly spat between the two, which led to her husband finding out Eva had cheated on him. 

Goyo claimed he did this to protect Eva and nothing else. Eva was livid at Goyo for going after her husband, whom she believed would make her life hell if he found out about the infidelity. She was angry because she felt Goyo felt the need to protect her, but she claimed she never needed a protector. She had protected herself from her abusive husband many times, and she never needed another man to fight her battles. In a fit of anger, she said the night they spent together was a mistake as it resulted in chaos in her personal life. Her words had a deep impact on Goyo, who had a meltdown in the middle of a road that alarmed his siblings. 

What was Goyo’s mother like?

Goyo’s mother, Magda, showed up upon learning her son was in distress. Meanwhile, Goyo was in the hospital after his meltdown. Saula, his sister, had a conversation with Eva about the events that led to this meltdown. They had a civilized conversation in which Eva claimed she never meant for things to get this messy. Saula did not trust Eva, and she wanted her brother to stay away from her. Magda, on the other hand, was never on good terms with Goyo because of his developmental disorder. She could never come to believe that her son had Asperger’s syndrome and never tried to deal with it the right way. Saula was snarky about Magda showing up and wanting to make things right instead of accepting the situation for what it is. Magda, however, confessed to feeling guilty for not being able to understand her son and his needs. The reason she was back was to find a way to break the ice between the two, and hopefully he would allow her into his space. Magda was an example of a typical parent of another generation who was in denial about many health concerns of their children, especially if it pertains to mental and developmental conditions. 


As a mother, Magda should not have cared about what people would think and should have been be a part of her son’s life regardless. Since she was convinced and brainwashed by society that she must have a normal child and she didn’t have one, it made life difficult for her. She chose to move on with life with another partner after Goyo’s father’s death and never looked back. Goyo was taken care of by his siblings, and they knew him inside out. This irked Magda years later, as she felt she had the right to know him as his siblings did. She was now home in the wake of his breakdown due to his falling out with Eva. Saula, however, was honest about Magda’s attitude and did not sugarcoat everything that happened over the years. Saula refused to see Goyo as a handicapped person, unlike Magda, who was slowly trying her way to patch things up with her son.

Did Goyo and Eva reconcile?

Goyo slowly recovered and had one last conversation with his mother just before his sister Saula’s concert in the city. Magda was slowly trying to come back into her son’s life, and slowly she had begun to understand the mistake she had made years ago. Magda wanted to make things right. A simple peck on Goyo’s cheek was her way of showing she wanted to be there for her son. Goyo was also an avid swimmer who had the habit of controlling his breath in the pool as long as he could. This was probably just his way of controlling one aspect of his life without anyone’s help. After his sister’s concert, he went down into the pool and let out a scream to let go of all the tension and rage he had in him because he could not control it anymore. As a result of his syndrome, there were things that he could control around him, but he was unable to find a way to get Eva back into his life. His scream was cathartic, and there was hope it would give him some clarity on how to move forward in life.


The film ended with Goyo wrapping up his painting of Eva, and he was on his way out of the house. Goyo always had a dream of him walking with the canvas across the field on a sunny day, a vision that brought him a lot of solace. As Goyo headed out on a rainy day with the painting, he ran into Eva on the same pavement where he had seen her for the first time, which had inspired him to make the painting of hers. The movie ended with Goyo and Eva having a conversation about the night they spent together and whether she considered it a mistake. Eva broke down in his arms, which meant she did miss him, as he had been the kindest man she was with, who treated her right and never took advantage of her. Only a few days ago, Eva kept looking for Goyo, and she realized she missed him. Eva experienced a sense of calmness that came with hanging out with Goyo. His honesty and understanding of her nature only led to her having feelings for him. She was aware he never meant to harm her and was only looking out for her and her sons. Eva could be falling for Goyo, and she would be happy to have him as her partner. Their meeting after the meltdown was very normal, as they finally saw each other for who they were. Eva could see that he was a sensitive person who meant what he said. Goyo also realized she was also seeking a partner who would not traumatize her. They hugged amidst the rain, which was a sign of their reconciliation. As he hugged Eva, Goyo saw the sight of him in the field with his canvas, which probably meant having her in his life was like a walk across the field, and it calmed him. 

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