‘Godse’ Ending, Explained: Who Was Vishwanath Ramachandra? What Did Godse Want?

“Godse,” directed by Gopiganesh Pattabhi, is a Telugu language action thriller which was released on June 17th, 2022. “Godse” is a remake of the 2018 Korean film The Negotiation, and there is a general wonder why this film was remade. What is the purpose of this remake? More on that later.

What Happens In ‘Godse’ Film?

“Godse,” starring Satyadev Kancharana as Godse (the protagonist), aka Vishwanath Ramachandra, holds several high-profile politicians and businessmen hostage at a remote place, demanding to get in touch with several members of parliament, state cabinet ministers, members of the legislative assembly, and the chief minister himself. His other demand is to get Vaishali, one of the top negotiators in the police force, to broker a deal between his demands and the high-ranking officials he wants to meet. As his requests for meeting officials keep increasing, Vaishali makes sure his demands are fulfilled, and slowly he reveals his intentions behind these kidnappings.

‘Godse’ Ending Explained: What Did Vishwanath Kidnap The Politicians? What Did He Want?

As the film reaches its halfway point, Godse reveals his real name and his side of the story about what made him take such extreme steps to get the attention of the state government and the state police. Godse’s real name happens to be Vishwanath Ramachandra, but his friends call him Godse because he once enacted the character of Nathuram Godse in a school play. Vishwanath is a multimillionaire London-based businessman who was approached by several ministers at Davos to invest in his home state. Initially, he shows no interest and rejects the offer. While a few months later, he visits his hometown for a school reunion, he witnesses the death of his high school friend, who was highly educated but killed himself because of zero job opportunities in the city. Disturbed by the fact that most of his friends from school have not landed the job of their dreams despite being highly educated, Vishwanath decides to reconsider the offer given to him by the state government, closes all his businesses in London, and moves to India to start industries and create employment for educated youths of his state. The politicians, taking advantage of the situation, start pressuring him to invest his money in their shell companies, and Godse refuses to play by their rules.

The politicians soon start harassing him, shutting down his 600CR project and refusing to help him unless their demands are met. Soon, he finds a way to cut through and gather all the sensitive information by hacking into the system the politicians use and decides to present the evidence of corruption to the Governor of the state. On the way, he is injured, and his friends die in a freak road accident. He soon becomes aware of the fact that his pregnant wife was murdered by the politician, making it look like a robbery gone wrong. This ignites a rage in him to take up weapons and form a revenge plan. He distracts the oncoming force, lures them to a safe house where he had kept the hostages, and plants a hidden bomb which detonates once the police are there, killing all of them, including the hostages. Godse heads to the CM’s office (which is inside a high-rise building for some reason) along with a bomb vest, killing them and himself.

Explaining why any of these outlandish events that snowball to reach a ridiculous climactic sequence happened is like explaining why the earth is round. It is a deep philosophical question. With the amount of over-the-top action sequences coupled with loud acting that is projected toward the human senses, it is difficult to forget this film. Where was Godse planning his operations from? No clue. How did Vaishali receive the information Godse had with him before the accident? The director and writer didn’t care to expand on that plot point. How did Godse find time and money to gather information and ammunition to kidnap the high-profile gentlemen? Not explained. Godse, in short, cannot be explained unless someone out there tries to watch this film with an open mind. Even with that, it is doubtful if audiences will take away anything meaningful from this film.

The Conclusion

“Godse” is one of the worst films. Period. This film is proof that no matter how bankable the OG material is, or how stylized the treatment of the story/screenplay is, if the actors must ham and be loud to prove a point; the film is not going to work. The film has so many issues. The film is anything but subtle. Blatant sexist dialogues, loud dialogues, actors hamming, bad dubbing (not sure how the richest film industry in the country cannot invest in good sound design or use sync sound). The editing is sloppy, and so is the direction. The story is predictable. The overly exaggerated scenes, unnecessary song and dance numbers, and plot points that were introduced but never took off, casual sexism towards female protagonists are just some of the issues the film has, but the makers chose to remain oblivious to it. Godse is two thumbs down. This film is not recommended for anyone with a sane mind.

“Godse” is now streaming on Netflix with subtitles.

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