‘Godfather’ Ending, Explained: Who Was Abram Qureshi? Why Did The Interpol Let Him Roam Free?

Mohan Raja’s “Godfather” is the remake of Prithviraj Sukumaran’s “Lucifer,” released in 2019. Tollywood has yet again failed to make a proper remake of the original script, as the Chiranjeevi starrer turned out to be a real disaster. While Mohanlal brought sheer brilliance and outstanding acting to “Lucifer,” Chiranjeevi failed to provide either of those, and Salman Khan’s cameo was just another rotten cherry on top that made things worse. The film indeed had its moments where the audience would cheer, but those were very few compared to the film’s colossal failure.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Godfather’ Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

The state of Andhra Pradesh, India has just lost its chief minister, Padmakant Reddy, aka, ‘PKR.’ As soon as the news breaks out, everyone starts to push their name forward for the CM’s position. In the race to become the next CM, two potential candidates have come forward: PKR’s PA and his son-in-law. However, to become the next CM, they need to secure the votes of all 140 MLAs in the state. A huge crowd shows up at PKR’s funeral when the film finally introduces Brahma Teja (Chiranjeevi), the elder son of the late PKR. Brahma enjoyed quite a reputation among the common folk, because of which people broke the barricades to just have a glimpse of him. The police and the minister, on the other hand, tried to stop Brahma from attending the funeral as PKR’s daughter, Sathyapriya (Nayanthara), hated Brahma because he was PKR’s illegitimate son. Sathyapriya even blamed Brahma for her mother’s accidental death and thus never ever had any affection towards him. It was her hatred towards Brahma that eventually became one of the reasons why she rooted for her husband, Jaidev (Satyadev Kancharana), for the CM’s position. Jaidev was a cunning and greedy man who had gathered the funding for the party from an international drug lord named Lukas (Mark Bennington). Lukas agreed to pay him 750 crores in exchange for unhindered access to the state to supply his drugs.


On the other hand, Brahma didn’t want his motherland to be corrupted by drugs and thus did everything in his power to stop Lukas and Jaidev. Brahma even owned the orphanage he grew up in. In order to get rid of Brahma and his interference, Jaidev bought the loyalty of Brahma’s personal assistant and plotted a plan with a pregnant woman. The woman’s baby was also named Brahma, but she was later forced to appear on national television, where she claimed that Brahma had forced her to sleep with him and that the baby was his.The charges were shameful enough to put Brahma behind bars. However, we did see a glimpse of Brahma’s enormous influence even in prison, where the jailer too followed Brahma’s orders. While being inside the prison, Brahma stopped drugs from entering the state’s border with the help of his close friend and half-brother, Masoom Bhai (Salman Khan). This situation made Jaidev and all of the other MLAs realize that they couldn’t run the state without Brahma’s help. Later on the woman who had lied about Brahma in front of everyone told the truth in live media, and Brahma was released from prison.

Meanwhile, Sathyapriya found out that her husband, Jaidev, had been sexually molesting her younger sister, Jhanvi, and had turned her into a drug addict in order to blackmail the family. When Sathyapriya confronted him, he threatened to leak her sister’s reports in public, bringing eternal shame upon the entire family, leaving Sathyapriya with no choice but to seek help from the one and only Brahma.


Brahma couldn’t control his rage after he found that it was Jaidev who had poisoned PKR, killed him, and even raped Jhanvi at home. He started punishing his family’s perpetrators one by one and eventually confronted Jaidev to put an end to the devil’s work. Jaidev tried to take refuge in Lukas’ stronghold, but later it was revealed that Lukas knew Brahma, as he was an international gangster named Abram Qureshi, and was quite frightened by his presence. Brahma later faced Jaidev and gave him the poisoned inhaler with which PKR was killed. Jaidev had already understood then that he would die no matter what. So, he decided to commit suicide. Later, Sathyapriya wanted Brahma to be the CM, but Brahma was not a ruler but a kingmaker himself. So, he put Sathyapriya as the CM and went to Paris to meet with the other international drug lords. When all the drug lords came under one roof, Abram Qureshi and Masoom Bhai together shot them, and everyone was killed.

‘Godfather’ Ending Explained – Who Was Abram Qureshi? Why Did The Interpol Let Him Roam Free?

Since the beginning of “The Godfather,” the name Abram Qureshi has been heard quite a few times. But right after Brahma’s entry, that name stopped coming in. There wasn’t any massive reveal in there, as we knew that Brahma was Abram Qureshi all along. Since he had control everywhere and even the jailor respected him out of fear, it was an easy guess. But, being a gangster, Abram Qureshi was very strict regarding the drug trade. He never wanted to be a part of the narcotics business or let anyone else do the trade. He hated the fact that the younger generation was addicted to such drugs and that people were getting their pockets filled by destroying the generations to come. So he planned with Masoom Bhai to invite each and every drug lord to a meeting where he would kill all of them.


However, Abram Qureshi was on Interpol’s wanted list too. They had tried to catch him in the past but then dropped the pursuit for some reason. An officer explained to another that Abram Qureshi had been fighting the drug problem for quite a long time and had been helping the authorities indirectly. It was only because of him that they were able to keep a check on the drug trade, and if Abram Qureshi were put behind bars, even Interpol wouldn’t be able to solve the crisis. Hence, at the end of “The Godfather,” the previous officer requested another office to let Abram Qureshi do his part of the job and ignore him for the time being. However, there may come a time when they decide to apprehend him, and Abram might be forced to return to India with the identity of Brahma Teja, the kingmaker of one of India’s most powerful states.

“Godfather” is a 2022 action thriller film directed by Mohan Raja.

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