Gloria Santos In ‘Holy Family’ Season 2, Explained: Is Gloria Dead Or Alive?

Holy Family season two is out, and all the fans of the show can witness the continuation of Gloria’s journey to keep her family safe and together amidst all the chaos that was unleashed at the end of season one. Gloria, whose real name is Julia, came across as a hardworking mother to society, but at her core, she was a dangerous person willing to harm anyone distracting her from her journey.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Is Gloria Santos?

Gloria, from the beginning of season one, was a two-faced character. She had become accustomed to manipulating her friends into believing that the life she was leading was the real one, and not once did she break from her character. Gloria never brought out the Julia version of herself because she feared her crimes would catch up to her. For Blanca, Caterina, and Alicia, Gloria was a mother to a toddler named Hugo. Gloria had Aitana as a nanny to help her with Hugo. Hugo’s real name was Nico, while Aitana was Gloria’s daughter Mariana, posing as a nanny. Gloria’s young teenage son Eduardo was always locked away in the basement of the house and was allowed outdoors only long after sunset. She never wanted to draw attention to herself.


Gloria had lost her older son Santi, and in a bid to keep his son Nico to herself, she faked her death so that her daughter-in-law Natalia would not come for her. Gloria was slowly up this chapter of her life before migrating to Canada with all her kids. The first and second seasons were filled with the various obstacles she faced, but she made sure the final goal was achieved.

Why Was She Trying To Fit In With Blanca And Alicia?

One of the first obstacles was to make her girlfriends think she was normal and excited to celebrate her son’s birthday. She invited them into her space to build trust between them. It was smart of Gloria to be doing this. If she had no social life, Blanca would have suspected her motives. Their new neighbors, Caterina and German, were pretending to be the parents of a young toddler as well. Unbeknownst to Gloria, they had been hired by Natalia‘s father to find out what Gloria was up to and take Nico away from her.


Gloria lived a normal life outside of her house, but behind the doors of her home, she always remained paranoid. She became hysterical when her children slowly started rebelling against her. She would always remind them of the affection she had for them and that she was willing to go to any extent to protect Mariana, Eduardo, and Nico. Gloria refused to part ways with Nico because she was a surrogate for her son Santi and his wife Natalia and believed she had rights over him as a grandmother. She was under a lot of trauma caused by Santi’s death, and it manifested in the form of an obsessive mother trying to control the lives of her existing children, as Nico was too little to be aware of his current surroundings.

Why Was Gloria Adamant About Getting Rid Of Natalia?

Gloria went a step ahead and managed to harm Natalia and her daughter Mariana in a bid to save Nico. She was having a hard time understanding that Nico could never replace her deceased son. His death left a dent in her psyche, which she never recovered from. She kept having memories of her being the best friend to her kids before Santi’s death. Being a surrogate for her son and daughter-in-law raised many eyebrows, which Gloria refused to cater to. The relationship she shared with her son was questionable, and it managed to make Natalia uncomfortable.


Gloria continued committing crimes, to the point where she murdered Marcos, her daughter’s boyfriend. She witnessed her daughter having second thoughts about moving to Canada and the life of lies they were leading in Spain. She wanted Mariana by her side, which prompted her to murder Marcos. Gloria kept Nico and Natalia hostage under her watch in the hope her daughter-in-law would not abscond with her infant. The second season was all about Gloria going hyper when it came to Nico and Natalia. Even though Natalia was slowly turning paranoid and obsessive, Gloria managed to send her daughter-in-law back to her father without Nico. Gloria was very close to flying to Canada when Natalia kidnapped Eduardo to get Nico back. Gloria obliged Natalia’s demands. Gloria hallucinated Santi on many occasions, who asked her to do the right thing. Giving Nico to Natalia was one of those things.

Is Gloria Dead Or Alive?

On the day of their flight to Canada, Gloria again, in her last bid to get Nico back, sneaked behind Natalia and arm-twisted her into giving Nico back. The woman was delirious, and there was no end to the antics she would wallow in to make herself feel superior, and she was not afraid of the law. She managed to get Nico to Mariana with the help of Pedro while she drove off with Natalia to a cliffside spot in the city.

Natalia had revealed on many occasions before that Santi wanted to move away from Gloria. Santi was involved in a car accident that killed a person, and Gloria went out of her way to make sure he never got arrested. This guilt started bothering him, and he began questioning his mother’s decision ever since. Natalia was aware that if she brought up Santi’s intention of moving to Argentina, Gloria would snap and probably part ways with Nico.

Gloria was affected by Natalia’s revelation, which made her take a drastic step to end the chain of crimes she had committed. Gloria drove the car off the cliff with Natalia in it, which killed them instantly. She could sense Natalia turning into a paranoid woman, and knew she would go after Nico if she remained alive, and there would be no end to this tedious back and forth. Gloria knew her kids would be raised in the right manner, and she probably wanted her grandchild to have a normal life away from the complexities caused by her.


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