‘Ginny And Georgia’ Season 2, Episode 9: Recap And Ending, Explained: Is Gil Dead Or Alive?

Episode eight of “Ginny and Georgia” Season 2 ended with a gunshot being heard by Max and Marcus from across the street. They don’t know what went wrong, who shot it, or if anybody died in that altercation. Was it Gil who shot the gun, or was it Georgia?


Spoilers Ahead

Three Days Before The Gun Was Shot

Three days before the gun was shot, a series of events took place that led to a chain of reactions that resonated throughout the close-knit families living in Wellsbury. The PI’s conversation with Ginny goes nowhere as he is trying to convince her of the fact that Georgia is indeed a dangerous person. He asks Ginny and Austin to stay away from her or they life will be in danger too. At this point, Ginny knows plenty of things now that her mother has revealed plenty of secrets from her past. She knows nothing can be used against her to create a rift between her and her mother. This is probably PI’s last attempt to make a case against Georgia. If Ginny goes hostile towards her mother, she can be convinced by Kenny’s ex-wife to speak to the court against her mother to win the case. Ginny is confident the PI knows nothing. The PI tries to intimidate Georgia once again outside Cynthia’s home, but Georgia, at this point, knows he has nothing on her, and that’s why he is resorting to threatening her. Georgia confronts him, saying if he has information, he should be at the police station and making plans to arrest her. Georgia is very certain that no one has any dirt on her, and all her tracks are well covered. Through flashbacks, a young Georgia knows Gil is an abusive man, and there must be a way to get rid of him. Gil had informed her about the money embezzlement he was carrying out in his office. Georgia uses this information and makes his office aware of it. Gil comes by to threaten her, but she does not open the door. Gil is arrested, and Georgia is now free of the man who might have killed her too.


A few days before the recital, Gil comes by Georgia and Paul’s home to pick up Austin, and they get into a passive-aggressive argument about how Georgia was responsible for Gil going to jail. Gil is aware he is telling the truth, but his intimidating nature keeps Georgia at bay. Gil also knows he cannot create a scene, especially in front of his kid. Georgia asks him to back off.

Ginny, meanwhile, is worried for Marcus as she is clueless about why he is behaving the way he is behaving. She heads out to meet him at his home, only to overhear him say he does not want to be with Ginny anymore. Upset about what she heard, Ginny heads to her job, Blue Farm. Padma also informs her about Marcus’s nature, which gives Ginny some perspective, but she is wondering why he doesn’t want to be with her. This question keeps nagging her. She confronts Marcus about what she heard at the recital, and Marcus is unable to give any explanation. All she is expecting is for him to let her know what exactly the matter is and convince her that the breakup is for a good reason. Marcus keeps insisting that it is his behavior, and that Ginny won’t be able to cope with him in the long term. Ginny does not believe him, gives him what he is asking for, and leaves.


Gil, on the other hand, starts blackmailing Georgia. He lets her know he will not leave her alone and will keep extorting money from Paul, for he comes from a rich family. Gil threatens to reveal what Georgia did to frame him. Gil, at this point, seems only too happy to put all blame on Georgia and take responsibility for nothing. Georgia was right, and Gil was behind Paul’s family money. Gil reveals that he can quite well predict how Georgia’s mind work. He claims Georgia is marrying for power and status. Gil wants some benefit from this marriage. Georgia, knowing she can’t let him have so much power over her, refuses to let Austin go with Gil for a game. This angers Gil, which makes him physically confront Georgia in Austin’s school, which was witnessed by Cynthia.

On the day of the recital, Georgia is at Cynthia’s home to pick up Austin from the playdate. Cynthia talks to her about how she feels it is so unfair to keep Tom in this state. She would want him to go peacefully. Georgia is sympathetic to her talk and frustration. Georgia does not judge her at any point when Cynthia reveals she slept with Joe. Georgia reveals that she fears Gil and what he is capable of. She confesses rather jokingly that she wants to kill Gill. Cynthia informs Georgia that she has blacklisted Gil, and he won’t be given any apartments in the town. Georgia is forever grateful to Cynthia for pulling this power card for her. Georgia decides to do her a favor and smothers Tom to death. Georgia intended to help Cynthia by not leaving her hanging on to her husband, who is in a vegetative state. Georgia promises Tom that she will always look after Cynthia and Zach. Georgia does not realize Austin saw this and informs Cynthia that Tom has passed. Austin is shocked by what he sees, and Georgia brings him home. Austin never expected to see what he saw. He does not realize the seriousness of the matter. All he knows is his mother committed a murder, and to save her, he needs to keep quiet about it. He does not inform Georgia as well that he saw what he saw.


Why Was Gil Shot? Is He Dead?

Nick informs Jess, the PI, that Cynthia’s husband died peacefully. Nick also informs him that Georgia was the one who witnessed the tragedy. Knowing Georgia and the things she is capable of, he informs the police of a suspected homicide case to file against Georgia Miller.

Georgia comes back home with Austin. Joe comes by to meet Georgia. She confronts him by asking what he is doing by sleeping with Cynthia, who is going through an emotional upheaval. She tells him he is wrong to do so and asks him to stop it to save Cynthia some trouble. Joe asks her if she remembers him at all, and she says she does remember him from her school days. Joe asks her why she is concerned about him if she does not like him. Georgia is taken aback by this accusation and reveals she only likes Paul, which is why she is marrying him. Georgia now knows Joe has feelings for her, and she needs to keep him at bay so that it doesn’t affect her in any way. She lets him go by saying she always saw Joe as a friend. Georgia is rather surprised by Joe’s revelation, which she did not see coming. She believed Joe had a thing for Cynthia.

Georgia sees Ginny completely broken down over the breakup. Georgia is there for her this time, and she is listening to Ginny as she laments over the fact that Marcus and Ginny are perfect together. They knew each other very well, and the struggles they dealt with together are something Ginny is unable to get over. Ginny knows Marcus is the one for her. Ginny is completely at her worst at this point. She cannot fathom the fact that Marcus, who promised to be with her, decided to call it quits.

Georgia is there for Ginny, but she hears the front door open; she expects Paul to be back by this hour. As she reaches downstairs, she is attacked by Gil, who blames her for blacklisting him so that he doesn’t get hold of any apartment in town. Gil starts physically beating  her black and blue. Georgia tries to defend herself. Ginny comes down to witness Gil harming her mother. Austin brings the gun and takes a shot at his father, but he misses the shot. The bullet grazed his body and hit the wall behind him. Marcus texts Ginny to ask if there have been any gunshots at her home, to which she replies, “no,” as instructed by Georgia. Georgia stitches the wound on Gil’s hand, cleans the house with the help of Ginny and Austin, and hides the bullet hole on the wall by placing Austin’s drawing on it. Georgia, as before, went into a crisis-averting mode so that Paul doesn’t know what happened in this house. Georgia is used to such ad hoc methods to avert disasters that might harm her kids. Ginny and Austin now get why Georgia did what she did. Gil keeps apologizing to Georgia and Austin, but all of them ask him to leave the house immediately. Georgia is a problem solver, and right now, the danger is very close to killing her. Paul comes back home to notice nothing new, to everyone’s relief.


The next day at school, Gil comes to meet Austin, only to be shunned by him. Gil again starts intimidating Georgia by forcing her to make things right for him. He also threatens to file for custody. Georgia is still afraid of what he is capable of, and the power he holds over her is a classic case of the dynamic between the abuser and the victim. The victim always unconsciously succumbs to the abuser’s demands. Georgia now has decided to save not herself but Paul as well. She loves Paul, and if Gil comes with full force to attack her, it will affect Paul as well. Keeping all of this in mind, Georgia calls the venue and asks them to remove their booking as her wedding has been canceled.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, the ninth episode of “Ginny and Georgia” Season 2 was all over the place, screenplay-wise. The writing and editing of this episode were jumpy, and in no way was it easy to connect the dots between the eighth and ninth episodes. The performances were good, but that did not keep the episode afloat. “Kill Gil” is a mess that left the audience, like me, confused, which is the opposite of what we are supposed to feel. The whole point of Episode 9 of “Ginny and Georgia” Season 2 was to keep everyone on the edge of their seats, but it doesn’t. The reason why Georgia killed Tom, Cynthia’s husband, is not clear. Georgia killed people who might potentially harm her. The justification behind killing Cynthia’s husband is completely out of place. I wish the writers had properly structured this episode instead of adding everything they could in one single episode to close all the plot points. A messy start and ending to an episode should be easy to follow.


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