‘Ginny And Georgia’ Season 2, Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Did Georgia Find Out About Ginny?

The 5th episode of “Ginny and Georgia” Season 2 ended on a volatile note. Georgia hears Ginny’s poem and assumes Ginny is again blaming her for everything that is going wrong in their lives. Georgia did not expect to hear such hostile words from Ginny. Austin’s father, Gil, showing up also adds to the stress for Georgia, who did not expect to see him for a long time. Does his sudden appearance create any friction between Georgia and Paul? His arrival in Georgia’s life makes her uncomfortable. Are there any secrets that he is harboring?


Spoilers Ahead

Christmas At Georgia, Ginny, And Austin’s home

Christmas is a favorite holiday in the Miller household. This time with Paul joining the family, Christmas should be fun, but sadly, the atmosphere at home is tense. Georgia has invited Paul’s parents over for Christmas Eve dinner to celebrate as a family before the wedding. Georgia, though, is angry at Ginny for the poetry she recited at the open mic event and continuously goes into a defensive argument about her contribution to making Ginny’s life secure. Georgia is blind to the fact that Ginny herself had a journey. She cannot wrap her head around the fact that Ginny is in pain. Instead of listening to her daughter, Georgia makes it all about herself. This upsets Ginny even more, and she relapses into the self-harming practice of burning herself. Ginny cannot believe her mother reacted in such a bitter way, which led to her spiraling again.


Aside from the ensuing drama between Ginny and Georgia, Paul asks Austin if he wants to help with cutting the Christmas tree, which is a Christmas family tradition at Paul’s home. Austin wholeheartedly agrees to be a part of it. Austin is a good kid who has looked up to Paul as a fatherly figure since he moved in. Austin loves spending time with Paul. This is Paul’s way of including Georgia’s son as a part of his family. Paul has been very accommodating so far, and he is enjoying being friends with Austin and Ginny. Ginny, Bracia, Max, Marcus, Hunter, Norah, Abby, and the rest of the gang are looking forward to all the festivities. Max and Marcus will be spending Christmas at their grandparents’ home, but they make sure to have a good time with the gang before they part for the holidays. Hunter and Marcus have made peace with each other after an ugly showdown when Hunter learned of Ginny’s infidelity. All of them right now have a healthy dynamic with each other.

How Does Georgia Get To Know Of Ginny’s Self-harming Tendencies? Is She Helpful Now?

Though matters between Georgia and Ginny have not been sorted yet, they head to meet Zion just a few days before Christmas. Georgia meets Zion’s girlfriend, Simone, at his place and feels awkward seeing him with another woman. Georgia tends to think highly of herself, and she thought Zion would forever be hung up on her. As they converse, Georgia ends up inviting Zion and his parents over to her home for Christmas Eve dinner. Georgia does not know why she invited them, but now that Zion has accepted her invitation, she has to inform Paul about the same. Now they look forward to an awkward family dinner involving people Paul doesn’t know. Georgia has also not met Zion’s parents in years, which will make the reunion weird too. Georgia had an unresolved tiff with Zion’s parents after she walked away from them when they offered to take care of Ginny while they were willing to fund Georgia and Zion’s education. As the family dinner begins, a lot of uncomfortable truths and revelations come out. Paul’s parents are rich and proud, while Zion’s parents are still hung up on Georgia rejecting their offer. Georgia does not apologize for her decision because she always wanted to be there with her daughter. After all, Georgia herself had a tough childhood. Being with Ginny all the time would make her a better mother in her eyes. Paul’s parents, on the other hand, are not keen on Georgia becoming a part of their family because of her history of early pregnancy, her lack of formal education, and her being a widow. Overall, Paul and Georgia try to salvage the dinner, but unfortunately, Georgia is not able to sit through the accusations thrown at her. Georgia is proud of how her life turned out, and the fact that her kids are doing well and are alive proves that she has been a good mother. She will not let anybody accuse her of being inadequate. This is the reason behind her ongoing tiff with Ginny as well.


On Christmas morning, Gil visits Austin and gives him gifts. Austin is happy to see his father showing up for Christmas and volunteering to take him out. Georgia has a tough time believing Gil has changed, but to make sure things don’t blow out of proportion on Christmas morning, she lets Austin go. Georgia is sure of the fact that Gil is bad news, but she knows it is too soon to reveal anything about him to Ginny and Paul. To Georgia’s horror, she picks up Ginny’s therapy journal and finds out everything about Ginny’s self-harming tendencies. Georgia is shocked beyond belief and calls up Zion and informs him of the same. Georgia was not aware of the seriousness of the matter. She angrily confronts Ginny, who shows her the parts of her body she burns regularly. Georgia breaks down over the fact that her daughter had to succumb to self-harming tendencies to release the pain she was going through. Georgia does not know how to react to this situation. Georgia feels awful for not noticing these changes in her daughter. She apologizes for everything so far. Ginny can finally breathe now that her mother knows she is in therapy for harming herself regularly for years. Georgia realizes that she needs to help Ginny get through therapy so that Ginny can stop hurting herself and heal. Georgia has finally realized it is not about her but it is Ginny’s feelings that she needs to prioritize over herself. Georgia probably does not know how therapy works, but she knows that if it benefits her daughter, she might as well take it to deal with the issue at hand.

Final Thoughts

So far, this was the most explosive episode of “Ginny and Georgia” Season 2, which shed light on lots of uncomfortable topics. Single motherhood, having a child out of wedlock, self-harm tendencies, and suicidal tendencies. The writers made sure all the topics were covered and showcased in a sensitive way that would make the subject easy to understand and discuss. This is a relatable subject for many who have been through traumas that led to their mental health deteriorating. Kudos to writers for bringing up topics that are still considered taboo in society. A wonderful Christmas episode that is all about reality and not happy families.


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