‘Ginny And Georgia’ Season 2, Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained: Do Ginny And Maxine Get Back Together?

In episode 3 of “Ginny and Georgia,” Ginny and her mother become civil towards each other once Georgia reveals why she committed the murder. Ginny feels sorry for her mother and the fact that her mother took such extreme steps so that Ginny could have a trouble-free life. But sadly, Ginny was traumatized by something else altogether, and Georgia is yet to know the extent of Ginny’s trauma and the reason behind it.

Spoilers Ahead

Ginny And Her Life In School So Far

Marcus, as usual, comes to Ginny’s room through the window to talk to her and discuss their lives at school. Though Max and Ginny are not on speaking terms, Marcus makes sure to spend as much time as possible with Ginny, even though Max is disgusted by it. On the evening before twins’ birthday, Georgia catches Marcus red-handed while he was trying to sneak into Ginny’s room. Georgia has a talk with Marcus about his intentions with Ginny. This is exactly the kind of talk a father has with the boyfriend of his daughter. In this case, it is Georgia, who is Ginny’s mother and father asking pertinent questions regarding the status of their relationship. She also wants to know why he finds the need to climb through the window and not make an entry through the main door like a decent man. Georgia knows Ginny won’t choose the wrong guy for herself, but she must use the mother card. Even Paul is intrigued to know why Marcus, who seems like a good guy, is taking such extreme steps to meet Ginny. Though he never interferes with Georgia’s style of parenting, he is sometimes intrigued by how she is more of a friend than a parent to her kids.

Ginny has an issue with the way Georgia confronted Marcus; the scene of her mother smoking up with her boyfriend did not sit well in her mind. Ginny is still not content with the reasons her mother put forward for the actions she took to protect her children. She does not find it comfortable to let her mother know of her self-harm tendencies, or that she is undergoing therapy. On the other hand, Paul and Georgia argue over Austin’s anxiety, as pointed out by his schoolteacher. She is hell-bent on not allowing her child to go through any counseling, for she thinks that it does not serve any purpose. Georgia is skeptical of therapy because she believes she has been through a lot of problems since she was 15 and fought her way through them without having to depend on any of the so-called “therapists.” Georgia considers herself to be a fighter who believes everyone requires only the will to survive and nothing else. That’s why she is dead against therapy.

Ginny, on the other hand, starts developing insomnia even though she is practicing the exercises suggested to her by the therapist. Her self-harm tendencies are slowly coming under control, but Ginny is finding it difficult to resist them. Ginny has so far been successful in not revealing her therapy sessions to her mother, and she is happy that things are the way they are. Georgia, on the other hand, asks Ginny to be her maid of honor and Nick to be her “bridesman.” Ginny and Nick agreed to do so because, despite all the ups and downs they’ve been through, they want to be there for Georgia.

Do Ginny And Maxine Get Back Together? Why Is Marcus Being Questioned By Georgia?

Ginny makes a topical t-shirt for Marcus, and they go public with their relationship, much to her delight. She is happy to tell everyone that she and Marcus are together and in love. Max, on the other hand, is upset to see Norah speaking to Abby and Ginny. She goes into full drama mode and confronts Marcus about why he is hanging out with Ginny on their birthday. Marcus does not care about the drama that Max has concocted in her head. He could care less about what is going on in Maxine’s social circle, and he says he will do what he feels is right for himself.

Max confronts Ginny to let her know Ginny is an extension of the drama Max has created. Ginny is least bothered and informs her that she agrees she made a mistake, but Max should have been a bigger person here and accepted her apology. Max comes across as a self-centered person and does not consider the feelings of her friends around her. Maxine realizes she has been a bad friend so far and does not realize the amount of pain she put Ginny and Abby through by cutting them off and going incommunicado during a time in their lives when they needed her the most. Max apologizes to Ginny, Norah, and Abby for being selfish, and they get back together. Max is more than happy to see all of them together, and she is happy for Marcus and Ginny. Even though it takes time for her to get used to it, she is supportive of the relationship and realizes that they are meant for each other. Ginny throws a big birthday bash for Marcus and Maxine at her home without permission from her father and mother. Ginny is happy to have Marcus by her side and Maxine back as her best friend. She throws the party as a way to say thank you to Maxine for accepting her apology. It is a huge success until Georgia and Paul show up, and they bring in other parents of the kids at the party. Georgia is happy to see Ginny acting like a normal teenage girl and she gets left off easily. Rest of the kids are grounded, including Max and Marcus. Ginny and Marcus get closer, which was the purpose of this birthday party, and now she knows she has people she can rely on in case she spirals. Ginny had stopped harming herself, which is a huge step towards normalcy.

Final Thoughts

“Ginny and Georgia” does the right thing by talking about the importance of therapy required to cope with mental health issues and how it is still considered taboo by supposedly progressive mothers like Georgia. The fourth episode of “Ginny and Georgia” Season 2 covers the aspect of suicidal tendencies and self-harm rather sensitively. The dialogues are empowering, for they let the viewers take a trip through the minds of the main characters. “Ginny and Georgia” is on the right path in this episode, and we hope that the narrative does not slow down or that the writers do not add any subplots but stick to the existing ones and develop them further.       

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