‘Ginny And Georgia’ Season 2, Episode 1: Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Ginny Have Self-Harming Tendencies?

Season 1 of “Ginny and Georgia” ended with Ginny running away with Austin on Marcus’s bike, which they stole. Georgia is at the re-election celebratory function, waiting for her kids to show up. Ginny is paranoid about the fact that her mother might have done unspeakable things, and she is sure her mother won’t talk to her about them. She makes sure to take Austin away from their mother and staying at her father’s place is the safest option there is. Georgia also indirectly reveals she got rid of Kenny’s body to avoid the possibility of an exhuming procedure. Georgia also got rid of Kenny’s ashes and tied up all the loose ends from the murder. All she cares about is the money that belongs to her left by Kenny. Georgia is adamant about not revealing too much about herself to her daughter so that she can stay away from the traumatic experiences she went through to save herself. Georgia is a goofy mother, which Ginny does not relate to anymore. “Ginny and Georgia” Season 2 will shed light on how their relationship is going forward and how they deal with each other in the wake of Paul becoming part of their family.

Spoilers Ahead

Georgia Lives In Wellsbury. Ginny Is Not In Wellsbury.

The episode begins with Ginny and Austin staying at her father Zion’s home. Ginny has a nightmare in which she sees her mother trying to kill her. As she wakes up from the nightmare, Ginny is sure she does not want to go back to her mother’s house until she receives some answers from her. Ginny is upset, angry, and disturbed after learning about her mother’s past from the private investigator. It seems she doesn’t know who her mother is. The nightmare is an indication of the fact that Georgia might kill her kin, too, now that Ginny knows a lot about her past. Georgia, on the other hand, is in a state of denial because she can’t deal with the fact that her children don’t want to live with her. Georgia is under the assumption that her kids are supposed to be on her side no matter what, and that they cannot question her actions. Marcus, on the other hand, is trying to understand what went wrong with Ginny and why she suddenly disappeared. He loves her, and he cannot stop thinking about her. He does not get any answers from Maxine as well who is not on talking terms with Ginny anymore. Marcus wonders if she left town because of his behavior toward her. He wants to make it clear and probably apologize to her for being rude to her and not being there for her when she needed his support.

Does Ginny Reveal Her Self-Harming Tendencies To Her Mother?

Ginny reveals to her father her self-harming tendencies. She also informs him that this has been going on for a while, and she can’t seem to stop the habit of harming herself. Zion is in utter shock, for he cannot believe the amount of trauma his kid has been through. Even though Ginny blames her mother’s nonchalant behavior towards everything that led to these tendencies, Zion tries to reason with her and makes her understand that Georgia is the strongest woman he knows in his life. Ginny is not keen on going back and wants to live with her father. She finds her father’s home a safe space where there are no lies and feels she can be truthful with her father. Ginny knows her father has not lied to her or kept any secrets from her, and that is why she prefers staying with Zion.

Paul, on the other hand, believes that it is probably him and his engagement to Georgia that caused this discord between mother and daughter. Paul is new to the family, and he believes there is a possibility that his inclusion into the family is the reason why Austin and Ginny acted up and fled to Zion’s home. At this point, Paul is feeling guilty for causing the friction, but Georgia makes it clear the reasons are different. Since the matter is between Ginny and Georgia, Paul decides not to interfere. Paul is hoping this issue will be resolved quickly, which will help him slip into the family rather smoothly, but he knows pushing them to resolve the matter would make things worse.

Ginny is not keen on going home as Georgia is all set to celebrate their Thanksgiving tradition of frying the leftover food, which Georgia and her kids call “Fry-Yay.”. Ginny is in no mood to go back home, for she knows her mother would manipulate her father into letling her and Austin stay. On her father’s insistence, she agrees to go back. On reaching Wellsbury, Ginny returns the bike to Marcus, who is happy to see her. Ginny is still not on speaking terms with her mother, but Austin soon forgets all the enmity he had towards his mother and is happy to see her. Ginny is quiet throughout the evening until Georgia asks for help in the kitchen. Georgia confronts Ginny about the stunt she pulled, and Ginny is adamant about the fact that she will be going back to stay with her father. Ginny makes it clear that she does not feel safe around her mother because of things she has learned about her past. Zion also comes into the conversation to support his daughter’s plea to live with him. Georgia uses the mother trump card. Zion comes close to revealing Ginny’s self-harm tendencies when Ginny begs him not to reveal, for she knows Georgia will not understand Ginny’s pain and why Ginny would need therapy. Ginny is aware of her mother’s opinion of therapy and the people who pursue it. Georgia never believed in counseling and judged people who considered therapy as a way to find solutions to their problems. Ginny, in the hope that her father will not reveal the major issues, decides to stay back at her mother’s house. Ginny is in no mood to reveal her self-harming tendencies to her mother. Ginny stays back so that her father won’t reveal her secret. Zion decides to keep the secret to himself and help her find a therapist. The first episode of “Ginny and Georgia” Season 2 was solely based on the strained relationship between the mother and the daughter. Even though there is not much of an age difference between the duo, there is surely a difference of mindset about certain things and a generational gap.

Final Thoughts

The first episode of “Ginny and Georgia” Season 2 sets the stage for the rest of the season, and the relationship between mother and daughter is on the verge of breakdown as Ginny does not trust her mother anymore. The screenplay focused only on Ginny and Georgia’s family, which is a refreshing change. This episode is a good start to what will happen ahead, and hopefully, their relationship will heal soon.

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