Meesha, Kapil, And Rukmani, In ‘Gaslight,’ Explained: Who Was Fatima?

“Gaslight” is a mystery thriller set in 2023 and revolves around the life of Meesha Singh Gaikwad, who is trying to find her father, Raja Ratan Singh Gaikwad. Meesha is back home after 15 years and has a strained relationship with Ratan. Meesha decides to meet Ratan regardless of all the mistakes he has committed in the past. When Meesha returns to her house, Rukmani welcomes her with open arms, but Meesha does not seem to like her. Rukmani and Ratan are married, and they have been together since Meesha’s childhood.

When Meesha’s mother died, Rukmani and Ratan decided to continue their relationship. But Meesha did not accept their relationship. Rukmani hides her grief and pretends to ignore Meesha’s rude behavior. But Meesha is looking for her father and does not understand the reason for his absence. Meesha wants Ratan to come home, but he disappoints her again. Soon, strange things start happening in the mansion that scare Meesha. It becomes clear that Rukmani do not approve of Meesha’s presence in the house. Her mansion does not seem normal anymore, and everyone is hiding a deep secret. She observes everything and comes across some creepy situations in the house. She quickly realizes that something’s gone wrong with Ratan, and she doubts Rukmani’s telling her the truth about it. Finally, Meesha goes through some hardships but finds out the real reason for Ratan’s disappearance.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Meesha Hate Rukmani?

Meesha seems to be level-headed, quick-witted, and fearless. However, she has no positive memories of her childhood. She struggles to overcome her father’s ignorant and irresponsible behavior towards her. Meesha blames Rukmani for causing problems between her parents. Ratan’s affair with Rukmani is the main reason for their arguments. When Meesha’s mother killed herself, she couldn’t cope with the loss of her mother and decided to leave the house. The film does not reveal many details about Meesha’s background, but it is clear that she disappeared from Ratan’s life at this point. Moreover, the pages of Meesha’s drawing book reveal her deepest secrets. These secrets speak about her painful childhood with her parents. Ratan focuses on his wealth, image, and personality, and he has motivated many people in the past. But in the process Ratan forgot to take care of his daughter.

Rukmani had no intention of destroying Meesha’s family, but her interference in their lives has led to many problems. Nevertheless, Meesha doesn’t pay much mind to her apology. On the first night after her arrival, Meesha notices someone calling for her. She sees a man in her father’s coat and immediately goes up to him. But Meesha is a paraplegic and limited in her movements. She tries to follow the mysterious man and falls down the stairs. The next morning, Meesha informs everyone about Ratan’s return, but no one believes her. Soon after, Meesha meets a witch who tells her that Ratan’s soul has come to her. Meesha takes her home and tries to communicate with Ratan, but Rukmani interferes with the ritual. The witch tells Meesha to wait until midnight, and things repeat again. Strange voices echo through the house and lead her to Ratan’s car.

What Is Rukmani’s Secret?

Meesha sees Ratan’s body for the first time and screams for help. When everyone returns, the car is empty. Only Kapil believes Meesha’s claims and tries to help her. He is Rukmani’s servant and helps Meesha with whatever she wants. The next day, Rukmani connects Ratan with Meesha, and they talk on the phone. The call drops due to network problems, but Meesha is sure that the caller was not her father. Meesha is sure of this because she finds Ratan’s button in the same car where his body was dumped. Rukmani encourages Meesha to believe that Ratan is busy at work and will not return for a few days. Meesha cannot stand Rukmani’s cool attitude and decides to keep an eye on her. Meesha files a missing person’s report for her father and forces the police to search for him. Things become easier when Meesha attends her cousin Rana’s party. Kapil and Meesha spot Rukmani and Rana fighting and decide to interrogate Rana. Rana reveals that Ratan made a million-dollar deal with him, and that Ratan’s disappearance has caused him a lot of trouble.

Meesha makes a shocking discovery and learns about Rukmani’s illegitimate pregnancy from Rana. She decides to question her about it, but Meesha receives a message that Rana has been found dead. Rukmani asks Meesha to leave, but she does not take it seriously. As Rukmani leaves for Rana’s funeral, Meesha notices the restlessness of her watchdog, Commander. She shows him the button, and he sniffs it. Commander frantically enters the mansion and takes her to an underground water pit. Meesha tells her driver to search the pit, and she finds Ratan’s dead body inside. Meesha screams for help, but someone grabs her from behind. Meesha loses consciousness, and when she wakes up, she realizes that Kapil is the main culprit. Kapil drowns her in the lake with the driver and disappears from the scene. It turns out that Kapil and Rukmani are lovers, and Ratan came to know about their relationship. Kapil had tried to apologize, but they got into an argument. Kapil then killed him and drowned his body in the pit.

The Truth About Meesha’s Identity: Who Was Fatima?

Rukmani is pregnant with Kapil’s child, and they plan to scare Meesha away. But Meesha doesn’t leave the house, so Kapil decides to kill her. The next morning, the police find her car, and Meesha’s body is gone. Rukmani gets worried and tries to talk to Kapil about Meesha’s disappearance. Suddenly, Rukmani notices that Meesha is back in the mansion. She looks for her, but Meesha is nowhere to be found. Rukmani meets Dr. Shekhawat, an old friend of Ratan. He tells her that Meesha is already dead. Rukmani is shocked to learn that Meesha killed herself a week ago. Rukmani goes back to the mansion and notices that Meesha is waiting for her. However, she reveals that her name is Fatima. She’d been pretending to be Meesha to find out the truth about Ratan’s disappearance.

Fatima used to be the daughter of a servant. She met Ratan at Meesha’s birthday party, and found his ways very inspiring. Ratan is the main reason for Fatima’s success, and she has always respected Ratan for his support. Years later, Fatima becomes a nurse and meets Meesha again. Fatima learns that Meesha suffers from severe anxiety and other mental health problems. Fatima and Meesha become friends, and she helps Meesha get better. Fatima convinces Meesha to forgive her father, and they communicate by phone again. Meesha waits for Ratan, but he doesn’t come. This breaks her heart, and Meesha commits suicide. She didn’t know that Ratan had been killed by Kapil and Rukmani.

Rukmani confesses her crimes, but Kapil doesn’t give in as easily. He attacks Dr. Shekhawat and Fatima and plans to kill them. Rukmani tries to stop him, but Kapil tells her that he wants Ratan’s wealth. Rukmani realizes his greedy intentions and tries to shoot him with a gun. Kapil tries to take the gun away from Rukmani but accidentally shoots her. Rukmani dies, and Kapil freaks out over her death. Kapil hated Ratan, and it’s clear that he always wanted to take everything away from him. In the past, Ratan humiliated Kapil for wearing his suit. He was stripped in public, and Kapil never forgot this humiliation. Since then, Kapil has made plans to take everything he owns and has succeeded. Having dealt with Rukmani, Kapil attacks Meesha with a shotgun, but Meesha had rigged the shotgun. When Kapil uses it, the gun goes off in his face and kills him.

Rukmani And Kapil’s Hatred

‘Gaslight’ does not give a clear picture of the characters and their true nature. But it is clear that things would have been different if Ratan had chosen his family over Rukmani. He cheats on his wife with his mistress, Rukmani, and then neglects his child, Meesha. Meesha has grown up with a lot of negativity around her and decides to run away from her father. The unexpected death of her mother has driven her insane. It is possible that Rukmani caused Meesha’s accident in order to take Ratan away from her. But there are chances that Rukmani stopped loving him or that she married Ratan for his wealth. In the end, there is no doubt that Kapil has his eye on Ratan’s money.

The story is a big mess and mixes everything together, which makes the plot even more complicated. Ratan is a man of high worth and order, but his self-centered nature is overpowering. Ratan’s bad behavior towards Kapil is unacceptable, and this explains his hatred for Ratan. Even though Ratan is a wealthy man, he should not have embarrassed Kapil in this way. Kapil’s character teaches a very important lesson. He explains that education and childhood play a very important role in shaping our future. Ratan always loved Meesha, but his irresponsibility and neglect got her into so much trouble. In the end, Fatima becomes the savior and brings justice to Meesha and Ratan.

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