Garrett In ‘Code 8: Part II,’ Explained: Is Garrett Dead Or Alive?

Garrett undergoes a significant character transformation from Code 8 Parts I to Part II. In the previous film, he was working under Marcus in a drug racket, risking his life to follow orders and often being exploited for his supernatural powers. However, in Code 8: Part II, Garrett comes off as an aspirational figure, taking control of the Psyke drug operation himself and creating a community of powered individuals whom he trains to better themselves as a family. He aims to protect them from being labeled as criminals with evil powers by society. Garrett forms alliances, notably with Police Sergeant Kingston, to manage the drug trade safely and protect his people’s community from legal repercussions. Yet his journey is fraught with challenges. From establishing trust and demonstrating the power of friendship to Connor, an ex-con, to blurring the lines between right and wrong through his actions, Garrett’s choices are often unexpected. Stephen Amell’s portrayal of Garrett delves into how he manages this complex web of responsibilities and moral dilemmas. Through his character exploration, we witness Garrett navigating the intricate balance between loyalty, ambition, and the greater good, all while grappling with the consequences of his actions.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Garrett Think Of Getting A Hold Of Pavani? 

Garrett has struck a deal with Police Sergeant Kingston and his associates, agreeing to share a portion of his earnings from the Psyke drug racket to ensure that the police allow them to operate without any legal trouble. However, this arrangement encounters a setback when Garrett instructs his subordinates to deliver the police’s share of the money. In a crucial misstep, the money is placed in a bin, only to be taken by Tarak, Pavani’s brother, for his sister’s education, who seizes the opportunity and runs. When the police arrived to collect the money, they could not find the bag and thought that Garrett had to pay this price anyhow. But after getting hold of Tarak, the police inject the Psyke drug through their K9 robotic dogs into his body, resulting in Tarak’s death from the drug overdose. Pavani was also attacked by the robot dog, but her own superpower allowed her to escape unharmed.


With the situation escalating, the police recognize the need to kill Pavani to shut her mouth, as she has seen too much about the corrupt dealings of the police with Garrett. So, they decide to frame Garrett for the drug overdose incident in the news. Thus, after being threatened by Kingston, to safeguard his people and the drug racket, Garrett resolves to get hold of Pavani, not only for the police but also for his own protection. Garrett acknowledges Pavani’s extraordinary power as a transducer, demonstrated by her ability to malfunction a K9 robot dog. Recognizing her unique abilities, Garrett realizes that gaining control over Pavani means acquiring dominion over her power, which is one in a million. With this control, he believes he can have authority, gain power, and ensure justice for those with supernatural abilities who are unjustly labeled as criminals.

How Did Garrett Show His Loyalty As A Friend?

As Pavani escapes from the police with the help of ex-convict Connor, he realizes that Garrett is their best hope for safety. They had some past conflicts when Connor surrendered himself to the police to protect Garrett and his gang, earning Garrett’s gratitude. Garrett felt that he owed a debt to his old friend which was why he agreed to help Pavani and take her under his wings so as to protect her from Kingston. Deciding to bring Pavani into his community, Garrett plans to take her into his group of powered individuals whom he trains. Knowing Pavani’s abilities as a transducer and her involvement in disabling the K9 robot dog, Garrett intends to erase the memory of her brother’s death so she can work for him without the emotional baggage. However, Connor feels uneasy about fully trusting Garrett, especially regarding the memory deletion.


Arriving at the location for Pavani’s memory deletion, Garrett assures Connor that only the memory of her brother’s death will be erased. However, they soon discover that the memory deletion process is more extensive, potentially erasing all memories of her brother. Feeling betrayed, Connor electrocutes everyone and disrupts Pavani’s memory deletion process. As they try to escape, Garrett’s men stop their car. Connor told Garrett that he had become a pawn of the police. He wanted to make him aware that the police would exploit Garrett’s vulnerability to shut down his operation at any time. When police guardians tried to kill Pavani, Connor urged Garrett to kill him first. But Garrett fails to bring himself to harm Connor, as they have too much history together and he sees him as his peer. As the police started firing guns, Garrett’s subordinates were killed. Garrett escaped the place with Pavani and Connor and took them to his old family home to provide them security.

What Prompts Garrett’s Shift In Attitude And Actions?

After accompanying Connor and Pavani to retrieve the K9 robot dog from Sergeant Kingston’s house, Garrett realized that the dog’s memory could expose his drug racket operation. To protect his business and the people with power, Garrett removed the dog’s head, intending to use it as leverage against the police in order to get a better deal. He convinced Pavani that their actions were not just about seeking justice for her brother but also about securing a better future for everyone involved, including Pavani, as she was also a girl with supernatural power. When Sergeant Kingston arrived and demanded a larger share of the earnings from the drug racket, Garrett understood that Kingston was never truly on his side. Kingston’s betrayal prompted Garrett to reveal Kingston’s corruption to the community. As Connor and Pavani fought off the police and the K9 robot dogs with their powers, Kingston attempted to silence them to prevent the exposure of the police’s wrongdoing in front of the whole community. However, Garrett intervened, using his powers to stop Kingston from shooting them, exposing Kingston’s corruption through the media to the entire community. This ultimately led to Kingston’s arrest, as well as Garrett’s, as he was the leader of the psyke drug operation. Despite knowing he would be caught by the police, Garrett believed it was better to be caught than to remain silent and continue to be mistreated by Kingston.


As the movie comes to a close, it is shown how the K9 robot program’s corrupt activities extend into illegal territory and are now under investigation. The focus is on uncovering Sergeant Kingston’s involvement in the drug racket and his connections to powerful criminals like Garrett. Despite their arrests, the cycle of corruption persists. Garrett continues his Psyke racket from behind bars, indicating that he may continue his illegal activities even in prison. There’s a possibility that he might build a community of powerful individuals within the prison, gaining influence over them and possibly extending his control beyond prison walls.

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