‘Garcia’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: Is Ortiz Connected To Neffenberg?

At the end of Episode 3, Garcia loses Felicidad in an explosion at her flat. Realizing that the cops are after him, too, he will have to figure out a way to lay low. Meanwhile, Antonia harbors doubts about her father, Ortiz, and his job as the head of a secret agency. But Ortiz reassures her that he is doing nothing wrong. However, unbeknownst to her, Ortiz has deleted the voice message Garcia sent her. This means that there is more to his intentions, and Antonia isn’t wrong to doubt her father. Episode 4 explores Antonia’s doubts, while Garcia’s trust in Section Nine sees a drastic fall.


Spoilers Ahead

Garcia Episode 4 Recap

Madrid 1961

Ortiz is drinking at a bar, struggling to gulp down his anger; his aspirations as a secret agent have been discarded by his commander, Garcia. He is thrown out of the bar after he gets into a fight with a stronger man. It is raining, and a car stops in front of him. The door opens, and Neffenberg steps out. He tells Ortiz that they need to have a conversation.



Antonia is having a great time at dinner with her father, Ortiz, and her boyfriend, Riki. At one point, Riki gets news on his phone about the disappearance of opposition leader Pablo Rodero. The news on television further validates it. Riki excuses himself to Jaime Ortiz and leaves in case there is a meeting at his radical pro-Rodero group. Antonia gives him a lift. After they leave, Ortiz stares at the television for a couple of seconds with stern eyes before turning it off. At the agency, Antonia decides to tell Riki about Garcia, her father, and Section Nine.

Manolo unlocks the door of what seems to be an abandoned warehouse and enters. As he turns on a bulb, the light reveals a slightly battered Catalina Bellido tied to a chair. This is when it is revealed that Catalina was doing business with the Russians under the table. But when the time for elections came, she threw Manolo under the bus. Now, the Russians are looking for him to ensure that their business continues. So no matter how much she apologizes to Manolo for her actions now, he isn’t having any of it. The only way she walks is if she gets the Russians off Manolo’s back. Otherwise, Catalina Bellido will never be found.


Garcia sneaks into a flat. He asks the owner, Rafael, for a phone. He calls Ortiz, who is at the locksmith shop (the Section Nine underground facility), and tells him about the cops’ ambush at Felicidad’s place and about her death. With agents and cops looking for him, Ortiz gives them an alternate location to go to. Rafael gives him a black jacket to replace his dirty white suit. It will also help him avoid attention. Garcia arrives at the location and meets Benito, who is there to give him a quick checkup. Garcia will have a full examination at the headquarters. As he sits down for the checkup, Benito injects him with some kind of serum. Garcia collapses to the ground and realizes that he was compromised by Benito and Ortiz. Moments before losing consciousness, he sees some people arrive and hit Benito, who falls to the ground. However, they are not there for Benito but for Garcia. Garcia passes out.

Riki is having a tough time trying to register what Antonia has just told him. But after much persuasion, he agrees to it all and tells her that they have to inform the police about Ortiz. But Antonia doesn’t want this because, at the end of the day, he is her father. Riki questions her father’s past, which might well be full of killings. This would make him a murderer who is also the mastermind behind Redero’s kidnapping. And keeping in mind that Riki is a supporter of Rodero, he is in no way willing to let Ortiz getaway. Unable to make Riki understand how personal and complex the issue is for her, Antonia leaves.


Secretary of State Rodrigo Lavilla is having a tough time trying to wrap his head around the present political situation. Two political candidates are missing, five cops and a civilian have lost their lives, and on top of that, there are radicals on the streets. Ortiz enters his office and tells him that Rodero is not involved in Catalina’s kidnapping. However, they will go ahead with their plan. Ortiz promises to get the crisis solved for Lavilla and help him win the elections. But Ortiz will need more men and resources to give shape to the plan, and if Lavilla doesn’t supply his wants, Ortiz has enough proof to put Lavilla behind bars, including his approval to kidnap Rodero.

Manolo returns to his house and speaks to his distressed wife, who is very worried about him. After that, he receives a call from an unknown number. He receives the call and is shocked to hear the man on the other end, who apparently knows that it is he who has kidnapped Catalina Bellido. He also tells Manolo that if he listens to him, he can get rid of the Russians. Before Manolo can answer, Ortiz disconnects the call and enters his home.


Antonia has been waiting for her father. After Ortiz returns, she questions him about Rodero. Keeping in mind that he is the head of a secret agency and all that Riki told her, it doesn’t seem that strange to believe that Ortiz might indeed have taken Rodero. It seems that Ortiz doesn’t want to lie to her daughter, but he does put the blame for Rodero’s kidnapping on Garcia. He tells Antonia that Section Nine wanted to find Garcia so that he could assist in locating Catalina, but Garcia acted on his own. Garcia took Rodero because he believed that Rodero was responsible for Catalina’s kidnapping. Ortiz then shows Antonia photographs of Felicidad’s flat and all the dead cops. He even tells her something that she wasn’t expecting at all. Garcia is a murderer, and he has to die.

Garcia is in a cage, with Winters looking right at him. He tells Garcia that he actually rescued him. His team was keeping tabs on Benito, and that’s how they tracked him. Saying this, Winters opens the cage and lets Garcia out. It seems that Garcia was betrayed not recently but 60 years ago. Garcia comes to know that Neffenberg, Winters’ father, made a deal with Ortiz. If Winters failed on the mission, Ortiz would surrender to Neffenberg, and so would Garcia. Though Winters did fail (he was thrown off the train by Garcia), he survived the fall from the bridge. But he never found any trace of Neffenberg, Garcia, or Ortiz until three days ago, when a tracking protocol and Garcia’s capsule code, which only he and Neffenberg had, were activated. It proved that Neffenberg was the one who woke up Garcia from his 60-year sleep. This means that Garcia’s intel, which he got from Ortiz about Neffenberg having died in 1964, is also a lie. Winters wants Garcia to take him to Ortiz so that he can find out where his father is, but Garcia straightaway denies it. What follows is a hand-to-hand fight that ends with Garcia locking Winters inside the cage. Garcia then escapes.


Antonia wakes up to multiple missed calls and notifications on her phone. She finds out that the woman who died in the explosion, which her father showed her photographs of, is Felicidad Martinez. She tries to contact Garcia but fails. Guessing where he might be, she heads there. Antonia arrives at Chencho’s workshop and finds Garcia, who tells her that her father is the one who gave the order to kidnap Rodero. He was just following orders. The truth is that Ortiz betrayed Garcia and sold him to Neffenberg, and he ended up in a capsule for 60 years. Antonia is in utter despair. They are wondering what their next step will be when Chencho alerts them that Section Nine has come for them. Antonia and Garcia manage to escape in a custom car from the 1960s and arrive at the wedding of a friend of Antonia. Apparently, it is the only place that Ortiz won’t even think of searching for them.

Juanfran and Carles are getting married. As weird as it is for Garcia, who has no idea that it is even possible for two men to be in love, he is able to keep his calm after Antonia tells him that Juanfran and Carles are like any other couple who are in love and getting married. Garcia tries to blend in at the celebration. Antonia finds Riki and tells him that Section Nine is looking for them, and they need a place to stay. Riki tells Antonia that she and Garcia can stay at his place. She returns to Garcia to tell him about it, but Garcia tells him that he will have to leave. Antonia is scared that he will kill her father. After all, Ortiz is the reason Felicidad is dead. But Garcia tells her that since Ortiz is his friend, he won’t kill him. They both fought for their country once. But Ortiz will have to answer to Garcia for his actions.


‘Garcia’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – Does Garcia Find Ortiz?

Antonia and Garcia break into the locksmith shop and capture Benito. He is clearly brainwashed into believing that Spain is lost and only Don Jaime, aka Ortiz, can save it. They kidnapped Rodero because they believed he was a communist. After they threaten to chop off his fingers, Benito reveals Rodero’s location. He is at an abandoned children’s playground. Before leaving for the location, Garcia tells Benito to let Ortiz know that he will come for him.

Antonia and Garcia arrive at the location. They enter a locked warehouse and find a person tied to a chair with his face covered with cloth. Antonia takes the cloth off and is aghast at what she sees. The person tied to the chair is Catalina Bellido. She is dead. Garcia realizes that it is a trap. Antonia is panicking, so he knocks her out (probably by pressing some nerve on her neck, from the looks of it) and lays her on the ground slowly. Then he waits. The cops arrive in less than a minute and arrest Garcia.


So the facts are as follows: Garcia is arrested. Ortiz is about to put his plan with Lavilla into effect. Pablo Rodero is still in Ortiz’s grasp, and Catalina Bellido is dead. Moreover, Neffenberg is still alive, it seems. So keeping in mind that the only person other than Winters who had Garcia’s capsule code was Neffenberg and that Ortiz used Garcia for his own immoral purpose from the beginning, there seems to be a possibility that Ortiz and Neffenberg are connected. Be that as it may, the only person capable of freeing Garcia is Winters. Garcia will have to work with Winters if he wants to find the answer behind Ortiz’s actions.

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