‘Garcia’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: Is Section 9 Still Operating? Does Garcia Find Felicidad?

At the end of Episode 2, we come to see that Antonia’s father Jaime is, in fact, Ortiz, Garcia’s ward from 60 years ago. Garcia finds reassurance as he will now be able to find out what really happened to him and Section 9. However, Antonia is completely astounded by this as all her life, she found her father to be a quiet person who is highly unlikely to be a spy. With the new revelation, she also needs answers. Episode 3 takes Garcia on his first mission with Ortiz’s assistance to recover intel on the disappearance of presidential candidate Catalina Bellido. Antonia, on the other hand, decides to do some research of her own. The results in both situations turn out unexpected.


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‘Garcia’ Episode 3: Recap

Madrid, 1961

Garcia and his ladylove Felicidad are at a fair. They have been dating for quite some time, but Feli doesn’t know a thing about Garcia. So she questions him about his work. Garcia tells her that other than the fact that he works for the government, he is not allowed to say anything else. But Feli cannot marry a man she doesn’t know anything about. So Garcia promises that after he returns from his mission, he will tell her everything.  Then they join the dance floor at the fair, dancing to the song “Alma Corazon y Vida.”


Garcia returns to Section 9, and the team chalks out a plan to take down Professor Neffenberg, who will be traveling with his guards on a train (beginning of Garcia Episode 1). Later on, Garcia tells Ortiz that after capturing Neffenberg, he will retire, and Ortiz doesn’t have a say in the matter. Ortiz is angry but remains quiet.


Ortiz is overwhelmed to see Garcia after 60 years. But before discussing Section 9 with him, Ortiz sends Antonia back home. Ortiz’s assistant Benito, a retired soldier and the owner of the locksmith shop they are under, tells her that the agents were able to trace her due to a tracking program on her computer. She will have to delete it immediately. Garcia tells Ortiz about the crypt where he had been frozen in time and how Antonia woke her up, followed by the agents who attacked them there and how he escaped. Ortiz fills him up about what happened to Neffenberg and that he died in a plane crash in Rome in 1964. Winters escaped the fall from the train and has been spotted in different places across the world. Section 9 was dismantled, and Ortiz is the last one remaining. Garcia mentions Felicidad. Ortiz gives his word that if she is alive, they will find her.


Antonia tells her friend, Silvia, from Cronica 24, about everything and that her father is the head of a secret agency. But even though her father told her to stay out of the situation, she decided to investigate it and print it. She intends to bring a strong story to her boss Verdu and prove her worth.

Ortiz tells Garcia about the kidnapped presidential candidate Catalina Bellido. Their target is communist Pablo Rodero, another candidate for the presidency. According to Ortiz, Rodero is behind Bellido’s kidnapping, and there is a possibility that Rodero is allied with the Russians. They will have to bring Rodero in and interrogate him if they want to find Bellido. There is an upcoming event at the Prado museum (Madrid) that Rodero is throwing to “harvest supporters.” There will be no police, only his security detail. It is a good opportunity to secure Rodero. Garcia is thus reinstated to Section 9.


Outside, Garcia finds Antonia, who clearly wants to know more about his father and whatever he is involved in. However, Garcia tells her it is for her own safety that she is being kept in the dark about it all. Antonia saves her contact on Garcia’s new smartphone that he got from Ortiz, just in case he needs to reach out to her. He thanks her, tells her to go home, and leaves.

At the Ministry, the Secretary of State Rodrigo Lavilla speaks to Minister of Home Affairs Gabriel Hernando about the present scenario and that they have to figure out a way to know the whereabouts of Catalonia Bellido and her back. Hernando makes it clear that he intends to replace the Captain (Bellido) as the new candidate for the presidency. This is when there is a knock on the door of the office, and Ortiz enters. He takes Lavilla to the side and offers him a chance to be “the hero who solves it and will be all over the press” if he comes with Ortiz. Lavilla agrees. 


Ortiz brings Lavilla to the Section 9 underground facility and shows him Garcia, the guy who will secure Rodero so that they can find out all he knows about Catalina Bellido. Ortiz believes that Rodero is responsible for her kidnapping. But the police can’t question him as they don’t have any evidence against him. So the plan is – Garcia brings in Rodero, they locate Catalina Bellido, Rodero is given to the authorities, Catalina becomes president, and Lavilla is handsomely rewarded. – And if anything goes wrong during the mission, Garcia doesn’t exist. The mission is a go.

Garcia makes his way inside the Prado Museum with Ortiz and Benito keeping an eye on his location from the underground facility. Garcia makes his way inside the museum and, using a small detonation as a distraction, manages to sweep Rodero away by giving him the impression that his life is in danger. 


Antonia and Silvia are waiting outside a bar where Aquilino, from the podcast company, is supposed to visit. However, it is not Aquilino whom they see entering the bar but Barea, Aquilino’s associate. Antonia is good and approaches him. She asks him about Aquilino, and he makes it clear how much he hates Aquilino. Barea also knows Jaime, AKA Ortiz. So Antonia asks him about Ortiz, looking for more info about her father. But Barea tells her that she won’t like the truth about her. Seeing how adamant Antonia is, Barea tells her the truth, i.e. her father, Ortiz, is no patriot of Spain but a traitor. After he took over the reins of Section 9, he did the worst things imaginable. Antonia is enraged and doesn’t believe Barea and leaves the bar right away.

After bringing Rodero to the underground facility, Garcia mentions his doubts to Ortiz regarding a question Rodero asked him, i.e. if they were involved in kidnapping Catalina Bellido. Ortiz brushes it off, saying that Rodero was trying to confuse him. When Garcia stresses that he will be present at the interrogation, Ortiz is infuriated and disagrees with it. Garcia is taken aback by Ortiz’s reaction, which is very much unlike the Ortiz Garcia has known throughout his life. He agrees with Ortiz, and Ortiz apologizes for his behaviour. He then gives Garcia an address. It is of Felicidad. Outside, Garcia gets a voicemail from Antonia, who tells him that she has found out that her father isn’t the person they think he is. Garcia, too sends her a voice message telling her that Ortiz has definitely changed and he won’t be going back to Section 9 again. He then heads to Felicidad’s address.


‘Garcia’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – Does Antonia Get Garcia’s Message? Does Garcia Meet Felicidad?

Antonia returns home and finds her father already there. She wants to know everything about him. Ortiz tells her that Garcia found him when he was young and took him to Section 9. As much as Antonia blames him for working for dictator Franco of Spain, Ortiz defends himself by saying that all that he was doing was serving his country and its people. And so was Garcia. Antonia’s mother didn’t know about Ortiz’s real job. After her mother died, she grew up at their neighbour’s. After listening to it all, Antonia, too, admits to Ortiz that she has a boyfriend, Ricardo. Ortiz is surprised but asks her to bring him over. He also gives her a ring that belonged to her maternal grandmother. Antonia is overjoyed. She goes to get her father’s afternoon pill. This is when Ortiz finds a new voice message on her phone from Ortiz. He listens to it and then deletes it. Sometime later, Ricardo arrives, and all three have a wonderful time eating and drinking. Antonia will never find out what Garcia wanted her to know.

Garcia is at Felicidad’s. She is old now and has a daughter. She is overjoyed to see Garcia and tells him about her life. Garcia looks at a picture of him and Feli that she has kept with her all these years. He asserts his love for Felia, and they start dancing to “Alma Corazon y Vida”. This is when he hears some people coming up the stairs in a hurry. He realizes that there are agents coming for him. He tells Feli and her daughter to hide behind the bed. A Black Ops team breaches Feli’s apartment, and Garcia starts taking them down one by one. But he isn’t able to stop one of the agents from firing a gun that then catches the gas leaking from the cylinder in the kitchen that turned over due to the chaos. The gas cylinder explodes and blows up the whole apartment. All the agents are dead. Garcia pulls himself out of the debris and finds Feli’s daughter frantically calling out for her. He notices Feli’s leg on the floor and removes a piece of debris from over her. Felicidad is dead.


Garcia has nowhere to go now. Meanwhile, Antonia is in the dark about her father’s nefarious intentions. The only way for Antonia to know more is from Barea or Aquilino. But it seems unlikely since Ortiz has manipulated her into believing him and gaining her trust by inviting Ricardo home. Meanwhile, Catalina Bellido is still missing. Episode 4 will probably show Garcia trying to free Ricardo from Ortiz’s Section 9 underground facility.

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