‘Gangs Of Galicia’ Recap & Ending Explained: Was Daniel Padin Arrested By The Police?

Crime mafia thrillers are always interesting to watch. They take the audience through a town, their connection with the mafia, and the illegal activities they involve themselves in. They also expose the corruption in the local system. By the end of it, there is always a person who genuinely wants to get rid of the mafia syndicate and plants a mole in the enemy team to demolish their stronghold. There is always a revenge angle as well, and it always ends tragically for many involved in the life of crime. Gangs of Galicia is a Spanish Netflix original that is about a young woman seeking revenge after her father was killed. Her journey to find answers leads her to a coastal town, and her saga to find the perpetrator begins.


Spoilers Ahead

Why were Ana and her mother shocked?

Ana, a lawyer by profession, was close to her father, Jose Silva. One fine day, her father was killed on his yacht. Jose Silva’s will stated he would be leaving the boat and their house to his wife and daughter Ana. The shocking news was, a part of his earnings was shared with a certain Berta Figaredo and Laura Silva. Ana and her mother were not familiar with these women. They were soon informed that Jose Silva was in town as a part of a witness protection program. Ana and her mother learned that Jose had left his real family and betrayed the people he worked for by ratting them out to the police. This revelation left the mother and the daughter feeling betrayed, but Ana was keen to find the people who killed him and seek revenge. 


Why did Ana move to Cambados?

Ana quit her job and moved to the coastal town of Cambados without informing her mother. Her plan was to seek out the mafia family and be a part of that circle. She was aware of Jose Padin being in prison and that he was working as a parking lot attendant. 

How did Ana get in touch with Daniel?

Daniel Padin was the only son of Jose Padin and the heir to his father’s syndicate, which dealt with drug peddling and distribution. They owned the dock, and many of the local police were on their payroll, offering intel about their movements. Ana was slowly setting up her small firm in the town, and she soon became a popular face known as the woman who moved from the city to try to find a foothold in this town. Daniel had a minor case to deal with, and he found Ana at the court premises and requested that she be his counselor for the day and get him acquitted. Ana was excited to have made contact with Daniel Padin without having to put in any effort, and she helped him win the case. He was impressed and asked her to help him make purchases that would aid him evade taxes legally. 


Ana learned of her stepsister Laura, who was struggling because of Daniel’s family harassment and Jose Silva’s actions. Daniel and his brothers Nilo and Tono were after Laura’s bar. Ana agreed to work with Daniel if he gave up on Laura’s bar. Daniel agreed to the deal, and Ana soon became his unofficial legal adviser. Daniel’s official legal counselor was Nazario, who worked for his father, and he was not trusting of Ana. 

Why were the DEA and the local police after Daniel?

The Drug Enforcement Authority (DEA), along with the local police headed by Naranjo and his team, were after Daniel and his partners, Nilo and Tono, who were planning to get hold of a major shipment of narcotics reaching the coastal town. Daniel had taken over his father’s business at a young age, and he’d turned it into another massive mafia gang. Naranjo wanted access to the gang in the hope of getting the son arrested as well. Daniel, however, had their man with GRECO (Group of States Against Corruption), who was providing all the intel about police movements in the hope of avoiding any major arrests. Naranjo was the first person to notice Ana hanging out with Daniel, and he convinced her staff, Rose, to plant a bug to capture their conversations in the hope of acquiring evidence against Daniel. 


What was the conflict in Nilo’s family?

Nilo and his brother Tono’s father died suddenly, but it was open knowledge in the family that his father had buried a secret stash of money but left no details about its location. Nilo and Tono’s brother-in-law were constantly in a clash about the property settlement, along with wanting a portion of the hidden stash. Nilo’s nephew Marco was fascinated by the work his uncles and Daniel were into and begged them to be a part of it, but he was kept away for obvious reasons. There was never any proper settlement in matters of property or hidden cash. Marco was good friends with Maria, the daughter of Laura, who was his family’s arch enemy ever since her grandfather snitched on Daniel’s father. Daniel was also Marco’s godfather, who was trying his best to impart helpful knowledge about life to the boy. 

Why was Maria upset at Marco?

Maria was a witness to a police informant named Samuel being taken away by Nilo and Tono. Samuel was being treated as a traitor, and his identity was blown by the mole in the police department working for Daniel. She wanted to rescue him and hoped Marco would be of help. Maria was upset at Marco’s uncles and the kind of cruelty Samuel was put through. Even though Maria’s mother Laura and grandmother Berta wanted to stay away from Daniel’s family, it was her need to save Samuel by approaching the police that made matters worse. Marco tried to help Samuel escape, but he could not do that thanks to his uncle. 

The young, school-going teenagers were in love and wanted to elope, but they had no money to begin their lives. Marco claimed to know the spot where his grandfather buried the secret money, which they could use to rebuild their lives in another town. They were ratted out by the mole in the police, and Nilo quickly reached the spot to get hold of the money he and his brother were looking for. Maria and Marco’s plan to elope was busted. 

Was Samuel mentally disturbed?

Samuel was almost killed, but somehow he survived the ordeal Nilo and Tono put him through for betraying them. He barely recovered from the torture and has been mentally unstable ever since he was discharged. He felt betrayed and wanted to take revenge on Daniel and all his friends. To that end, Samuel reached a small restaurant, looking for Tono and his subordinates, and opened fire on all of them. Tono was shot, but Samuel did not stop at that. He headed towards Nilo’s home all in a rage. Nilo was confronting Marco and Maria, along with Daniel. Since Samuel was not mentally sound he shot at Daniel and Maria. Daniel was severely injured, while Maria died on the spot. 


Did Daniel and Ana fall in love?

Ana was affected by Daniel’s injury, and slowly she began to develop feelings for him. Daniel, however, was not shy about sharing his feelings for her. Daniel had asked her to meet a group of Colombian drug dealers in Dakar, Africa, to finalize the shipment. This was his way of indicating that he trusted her enough to carry out this sensitive mission. After the completion of the Dakar mission, he confessed his love for her, while Ana was not sure if he was serious about it or needed only one night of gratification. Daniel expressed his feelings, and they spent the night together. However, Ana also informed him of the police trying to get to him by bugging her office, as confessed by her colleague Rose. They would have to keep their distance when in public as a result, and Daniel agreed to it. 

How was Laura getting her revenge?

Laura was angry after Maria’s death. Just like her father, Laura was on the warpath against Daniel and his mafia syndicate. Her father had had to leave them and escape, and years later she lost her own daughter because of the same mafia gang. It only made sense for her to become a person of interest to the police and offer intelligence to exact revenge on the people who destroyed her family. Even though her mother had stopped seeking vindication and retribution, Laura’s anger was reignited because of her daughter’s killing. She chose to manipulate Marco to turn him into a mole and acquire information for Naranjo. Marco was also deeply affected by Maria’s death and decided to go against his uncle. Marco had been deeply in love with Maria, and both had decided to make a future out of the money they had unearthed. Destiny had other plans, and he decided his retribution would be to expose his uncles. As a result, he was willing to be the mole. 


How did Nazario find out about Ana?

Nazario, the legal counsel of Daniel Padin, and his father, Jose Padin, was not trusting of Ana right from the start. He had shared his concerns about her sudden arrival. To prove his doubts right, he began his investigation into her past by questioning her old employers, who gave him her mother’s address. Nazario did not delay meeting Ana’s mother. Nazario, however, caught the photo frames of Silva with Ana, and this confirmed his doubts about her. Nazario was quick to inform Jose Padin about Ana’s parentage, and about her being in Cambados seeking revenge for her father’s killing. 

Who was desperate to locate Ana’s father?

Ana was with Daniel and Nilo, who were preparing for the arrival of the shipment. Ana chose not to join them for the mission and asked Daniel to give her his phone to avoid being traced by the police. Ana was contacted by Laura, who claimed to have killed the GRECO officer who was Daniel’s informant. At this point, Laura revealed her role as a mole and she manipulated Marco to work against his uncles and extracted information. Ana was with the Colombian drug suppliers, who informed her that Daniel was the one who was adamant about locating Silva. All this while, she assumed it was his father who did the deed. She was not ready for the shock that befell her, knowing it was Daniel who was seeking revenge for the breakup of his family. Just like she wanted to get back at Jose Padin for breaking up her family, her boyfriend must have felt the same years ago, and he never stopped his search for Jose Silva.


Was Daniel Padin arrested by the police?

Daniel Padin and Marco were together when they were keeping track of the shipment. Nilo and Tono were on the boat that would bring back their narcotics shipments. While Daniel was keeping track of the boat, Naranjo, his team, and the DEA were surrounding the factory, thanks to Marco’s intel. Daniel decided to quit his father’s business after the completion of this mission and planned to live the life of a law-abiding citizen with Ana. He shared these details with her, and that could be the reason she developed feelings for him. She was also supportive of him until she learned Daniel could be the person who killed her father. Her feelings were conflicted after that point.

Marco shared the details of the location while sitting next to his godfather. The young boy wanted retribution for Maria’s death, and he felt no guilt in betraying his uncles in that process. It was his first major loss after his grandfather’s death, and his emotions made him make some bad decisions. He had a lot of rage, and Laura took advantage of it for her benefit. As they learned of the force arriving to arrest them, Daniel and Marco tried to escape, but their plan did not work. Daniel was not aware of anything brewing against him. This was possibly the first time one could feel bad for him, as he had almost closed the deal and walked away from the life of crime. Ana could not get through to him to help him escape. Daniel, Nilo, and Tono’s arrest was the end of the syndicate. Jose Padin, being a strong and influential man, also could not evade it, as the mole was someone close to them. 


Gangs of Galicia ended with Naranjo moving out of Cambados and moving to Madrid, as promised to his wife. He had had a difficult married life thanks to his overwhelming job taking down the drug mafia. The arrest of the Padin family means he concludes his career on a high note. He could finally prove to his wife that his loyalty was always to his family and not work. Ana visited Daniel in prison, and she chose to color her hair to avoid being recognized by the people from his syndicate and the Colombians. It was assumed at this point that Daniel was aware of her parentage, yet he was civil to her throughout the conversation. Daniel revealed his only intention was to meet Jose Silva and ask for the reasons behind his betrayal. This indicates he never wanted to kill him. It also confirms Ana’s theory that Jose Padin killed her father, not Daniel. His confession was enough for her to continue being in love with him. Daniel turned out to be a lot nicer than she had expected. He was not ruthless, yet he joined his father’s business out of obligation. His love for Ana made him follow his plan to move away from his father. He only wanted to know if she was in love with him or if everything was a façade. Moved by his sincerity, Ana declared her love was genuine and she was pregnant as well. His confession probably made her want to keep the child. However, there was never any conclusion given to Nilo, Tono, or Marco. The makers either ignored or forgot to address the conclusion of their arc. There could be season two that could further discuss the lives of Daniel, Ana, Nilo, Tono, and Marco. 

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