‘Furies’ Series Ending Explained & Season 1 Recap: Are The Godfathers Dead?

Cedric Nicolas-Troyan has left no stone unturned to make sure that Furies stands out in the genre of French action thrillers. The eight-part Netflix original series is action-packed, bringing out the journey of Lyna as she tries to find her real identity in the world of crime. Born in the lap of crime, violence has eventually managed to creep its way to Lyna, poking her about her past. Will Lyna be able to find her way back to a normal life? Will she get to know her real identity? Will she become the next Fury? Let’s find the answers to these questions!


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened On Lyna’s Birthday?

In 1999, Paris was considered the city of crime. The underworld was handled by six mafia families during those times. With increasing crime, there was a strict need for someone to maintain a balance in the underworld, and that balance was established by ‘The Fury’. She would intervene whenever there was a crime committed amongst criminals that could ruin their unity. 


The Parisian underworld’s accountant Darius’ daughter faced whiplash from the underworld when, on her birthday, her father got killed. Later, when the police arrived, they asked Lyna about the illegal work of her dad (including money laundering and redistribution). She was also questioned about a description of the Fury, as she was suspected to have killed Darius. Lyna, however, did not have any idea about her father being associated with the underworld. Suspected of having some information on the underworld, she was kept locked up inside the prison for 5 months. Lyna’s curiosity to find out about her father’s murderer prompted her to reach out to people that she never thought she would ever have to associate with. She came to know that ‘The Shark’, a member of the underground, had been arrested and tried to approach her to find out some information on ‘The Fury’. 

What Happened After Lyna Got Out Of Jail?

After Lyna managed to get out of jail, she went to meet her mother, who was in a state of medically induced coma, to treat her injuries. She told her that she would find out the killers of her father no matter what she had to do. Meanwhile, the Fury (Selma) got the information that Lyna had started looking for her. 


Lyna slipped into a secret casino, where she gathered information about the illegal flow of money in the casino. Her motive was to rob a truck full of money so that she could reach Fury (as she knew Fury was somehow associated with the cash flow). After a lot of effort, Lyna finally managed to steal the truck, abandoning it in the middle of the city. She, however, did not remove the tracker that she had put inside the car, as she wanted Fury to somehow get to her. 

Finally, when Selma caught hold of her, Lyna somehow managed to get free from her clutches and follow her home. Selma caught her searching for evidence in the backyard of her house and revealed to her that if she had not let Lyna reach her, then she would have failed miserably in her endeavors. She was the one to have instructed Shark to provide Lyna with the details of her whereabouts. Just as Selma was about to kill Lyna, she said that she had a coded message that read 33739 (the last number of Darius’ bank transfer). Selma immediately realized that it was a code for the name of the ganglord, Jelly. It was quite possible that he had forced Darius to steal money from the godfathers, later killing him. 


How Was Lyna Introduced To The Godfathers?

In order to find out the truth about her father’s death, Lyna started working for Selma. She was told that Jardin des Plantes included 5 greenhouses, but only 4 of them were for the public, and the other one was for the mafia families to meet (known as The Olympus). Fury had been the protector of these ganglords and their families and was in charge of any anarchy within ‘The Olympus’. Selma further introduced the ganglords to Lyna: The Duke (drug lord), the Trans family (running casinos), The Californian (tech hacker), Fehim (pickpockets and stealing), Mama (prostitution racket), and the K brothers (robberies). 

Meanwhile, when Selma went in to meet the ganglords, she unveiled a parcel, exposing some of the severed parts of Jelly’s body. Someone had sent in the message to the ganglords that, after killing one of them, he would come after each one of them. This incident made Selma call Lyna to find out about the mystery about her father, as she knew it was related to Jelly’s death. Meanwhile, she also found out that Darius had embezzled some money from the ganglords, which could have possibly resulted in both his and Jelly’s deaths. 


What Happened In Mamaland?

The footage revealed that Jelly hijacked one of Mama’s containers and took only one girl out of it. Selma sent Lyna to secretly get the file on the girl who had been taken away. When Lyna went into Mamaland, she saw that it was a luxurious store, selling women to customers. Lyna also went inside as a prostitute, trying to get her hands on the information on the missing girl. She somehow managed to sneak to the top of the headquarters, frantically searching for a register. 

On her way out, Mama and Paques saw her and tried to capture her, but she somehow managed to turn on the fire alarm, causing confusion there. When the customers heard gunshots, they also tried to escape the place, creating a commotion that paved the way for her to run out of Mamaland. Later, with the help of the information, Selma managed to find the missing girl, Asma. It was revealed that Jelly had actually kidnapped Asma to blackmail her father (one of the best locksmiths) to get him to make a six-piece key, which would open the lock to the godfather’s safe. They realized that there was the involvement of a third man who worked with Jelly and Darius to get his hands on the key. 


After Selma went to find the whereabouts of the third man, she came across him in a casino. He managed to steal the locker from there, but Selma had managed to keep the key to the safe with herself after fighting him. When Lyna asked her what was so special about the locker, Selma said that it contained the Bible of the six ganglords in there. It had lists of the names of all their clients, and if the list got exposed, then they would be finished. The unknown man (wearing a mask) was someone who was intent on destroying the six ganglords. 

What Was Lyna’s Real Identity?

When Fixer asked Lyna her real identity (after seeing her grave), she started doubting her own identity and went to learn about it from her mother. She asked her why she had been missing from her family album before the age of five and was finally told that her real daughter Lyna had died and another woman had handed her over to them. She realized that the woman who had handed her over to her foster parents was no one other than Selma. 


In 1928 (before the six godfathers rose to power), there were seven crime families. The Aragos were Selma’s family and were respected by all. As an aftermath of their association with the crime world, they had been brutally murdered. Only the bride, Daria Arago (Selma’s great-grandma), had managed to survive the attack. After the incident, she made it her mission to bring balance to the underworld, hence calling herself the first Fury. Later, when Lyna openly confronted Selma about her real identity, she was told that she was her niece and the daughter of Driss and Kahina, who had died in an accident. 

What Happened To Herve?

When Selma approached Montclair, the head of security for the Trans family, she asked him why he had not ensured any security near the locker. Initially, he was reluctant to reveal the name but later said that it was Trans’ son Herve, who had asked him to remove all the guards. He was working for the masked man, as his parents had never given him any power. 


When Lyna went to find more information on Herve, she got trapped in one of his sick games of survival, where only one participant would survive and the others would be killed. Lyna somehow managed to win the game before kidnapping Herve. When he was asked about the safe, he gave them the information on it. When Lyna asked him about her father, he told her that Darius had stolen money from the ganglords to send her somewhere with the money that he would get. He wanted to make sure that his daughter was kept away from the world of crime. Later, when the locker was opened, they found nothing but the severed head of Jelly. Meanwhile, when Herve was about to kill Selma at the scripture ceremony for having kidnapped him previously, Lyna killed him. 

Why Did Parques Want To Kill Lyna?

Parques wanted to take Selma’s place in the Fury. After the locker had gone missing and Jelly was found dead, the ganglords had lost all their faith in Selma, wanting to appoint Parques as the new Fury. When a vote was going on, Lyna and Selma tried to convince Fehim to vote in favor of them. He told them that he would help them only if they would let him eat off others’ plates in the long run. 


Meanwhile, Parques asked Orso to kill Lyna, as she was the new heir in line to the Furies. Orso, however, couldn’t kill Lyna, as he had a soft spot for her. After spending an intimate moment with her, Orso told Lyna that Selma was the one to have killed her parents, as they were not loyal to the godfathers. After getting to know this truth, Lyna thought that she could no longer trust Selma. Orso also gave her a watch (which had information stored), saying that as long as her heart was beating, the information on the list of clients was safe. As soon as it stopped beating, the information would be leaked. 

She had been texting Orso, only to be sent a picture of his dead body by Parques. After his murder, she knew that she was next in line. Just as she had thought, Parques’ men attacked her while she was spending some time with her boyfriend, Later, Selma arrived at the location to save her, gunning down all of Parques’ men. Selma also told her that she wanted her to go out of the reach of the crime world, handing her a ticket to another country. 


Why Was Fehim Killed?

After Jelly’s autopsy, a secret code was found in his mouth (communication code). Fehim wanted to create a network of his own using the secrets of all the other ganglords. He used to keep copies of all the messages for himself. After finding out about his connections, Selma and Lyna wanted to go to Fehim’s warehouse to find out more about the coded message found in Jelly’s mouth. 

As Lyna was searching for the coded message, Selma tried to stop Fehim from coming inside the warehouse. Selma had informed all the other godfathers about Fehim’s disloyalty to them beforehand, and they had already gathered at the warehouse. When Selma told them how he had been leaking all their information, they all voted to kill Fehim instantly. 


Meanwhile, Lyna was trying to search for the coded message when she found out that Fehim was providing a secret message to Jelly about the location of the Duke’s arms-dealing spot. Later, the masked man arrived and asked Lyna to hand him over the message, but when she refused to give it to him, he caused a fire at the warehouse and fled the spot. 

What Was Driss’ Plan?

After learning from Selma that Driss was in jail, Lyna went to meet him. She told her father about all her ventures and how she had managed to save her cop boyfriend, Elie. She said that another cop, Nadia, had captured Elie and was blackmailing her to find out information on the Fury. She narrated how she had managed to befriend Nadia’s brother, reaching her home and threatening to kill him if she wouldn’t let go of Elie. She also told him how she had managed to know from her aunt that he was alive and managed to get his name out of the list of inmates in Elie’s databases of criminals. 


After a closer observation, Lyna realized that the jail setup was all fake and was a part of Driss’ plan. The prisoners were all goons, set up by her father. Later, it was revealed that the masked man was none other than Driss and that he had his hand in killing Darius. Lyna immediately tried to inform Selma that her life was in danger as Driss was coming after her to ensure she could no longer guard the ganglords. 

Later, it was revealed that Driss had killed Selma. After Selma’s death, he went after all the ganglords, targeting them one by one. After massacring the K brother’s camp, he attacked Mamaland and then the Trans Casino. He had been trying to get back all the businesses that he had lost to the ganglords 20 years ago. It was revealed that his next target would be Duke. There was someone on the inside who had been giving all the information to Driss. Even before Lyna could get hold of Driss’ men, Parques managed to catch them, hence proving Lyna’s incapacity as a Fury after her aunt. The godfathers, upon realizing that Selma had let her brother live 20 years ago, caused resentment in them toward Lyna and her family, making them choose Parques as the new Fury for themselves. 


What Happened After Lyna Was Kidnapped By Driss?

After Lyna was kidnapped by Driss, he showed her a clip that showed Darius and Jelly discussing the perils that they had brought upon themselves after stealing godfather’s money. They wanted to reveal to Selma that they had made a mistake in stealing money from the ganglords and wanted to reveal to her that they had done so after being instructed by Driss. Darius’ wife told him that doing so could risk Lyna’s life, as she would be taken away by Selma, exposing her to the underworld. Darius, however, said that risking their lives was not worth more than letting Lyna live in the shadow of the underworld. After seeing this clip, Driss tried to manipulate Lyna, saying that her foster father wanted to sacrifice her and that only he was left for her in the entire world, someone she could call her own. Even after a lot of persuasion from Driss, Lyna decided to break out of captivity. 

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Selma was alive (under Driss’ captivity), which was clear when Lyna made Fixer and Mudman open her coffin. Driss had put in a fake body to misguide them and extort information from Selma. Later, Lyna managed to unfold the fact that Parques had been working for Driss. When she confronted Parques about it, he asked Orso to kill her (he had not died and managed to dig his way out of the grave), but he ended up killing him instead. Orso gave Lyna a key and told her about a 77-meter armored steel train (containing all the wealth of the godfathers), which could only be accessed by the Fury and godfathers. After getting her hands on the key, Lyna told Driss that she would trade Selma for the key. When Driss agreed to it, she met him, but little did Driss know that she had informed the police about their meeting beforehand. She told Driss that she did not want any further bloodshed and that it was better for them to surrender. When the police arrived, they got hold of Driss, Lyna, and Selma all together. 


Why Was Damocles Summoned By The Godfathers?

When the godfathers realized that matters were going out of their hands, they summoned the Damocles (international mercenaries). As Driss and the others were being taken by the police, Orso and his team attacked the police van to take him out, as he was their new boss after Parques’ death. 

Unable to handle the attack when Elie and Nadia took the captives to a nearby local house, Parques’ team started following them. As if the hit from them was not enough, along came the Damocles. They managed to kill all of Parques’ men and started tracking Driss and others as they were taking refuge in the local home. 


As they are all preparing to face the mercenaries, Driss tries to take advantage of the situation, telling Lyna that Selma had killed her mother. Meanwhile, the Damocles sent in a man strapped with a suicide bombing jacket. However, the blast miraculously couldn’t kill anyone but left everyone injured. Before they could gain back their senses, the mercenaries started shooting at them. Nadia got shot in the ruckus, and in an act of revenge against Lyna for having ruined her life, she gave the train key to Driss, helping him flee the place. Later, when she tried to shoot at Lyna, Elie came to her rescue, shooting Nadia. 

Later, when Lyna confronted Selma about killing her mom, she said that she had not killed her, but she wished she had done so. She further said that Kahina (who had arrived 25 years ago) was an undercover cop who was focused on uncovering the underworld. She had married Driss as a part of her tactic to get to the ganglords. When Driss learned about her disloyalty, he became mad with rage and killed her entire family. However, he had not managed to find Kahina, and the moment he came across her, he would immediately kill her. 

Was Driss Able To Loot The Train Of The Olympians?

Driss was intent on looting the train of the Olympians. The train had valuables like gold, cash, paintings, and a list of their clients. More than being after all these, Driss was more focused on hacking the software that was associated with all the police services, CCTVs, and smartphones, and could trace anyone’s location. As per Selma’s version, he was intent on getting control of that software to find Kahina and murder her. 

Meanwhile, Lyna and Selma had managed to sneak inside the last train compartment and then attack Driss’ men. Selma advised Lyna to get help from Elie and Orso in redirecting the train; she would defuse the bomb planted there. Elie and Orso somehow managed to redirect the train after manipulating and threatening the authorities in charge. Selma also somehow managed to defuse the bomb, while Lyna fought Driss’ men. After accomplishing her mission of stopping the loot, Lyna went to the data center and cut out the oxygen supply (killing the men there), while somehow managing to save herself (breathing through a pipe in the oxygen line). 

As Driss was fleeing the station after getting down from the train, Lyna followed him. She managed to shoot him while he was trying to escape. When he was resting on a bench (as he was unable to run anymore because of his wound), Selma found him. On the other end, as Driss’ men were fleeing with the looted money, Mudman and Chris stopped them, taking away all the precious items to return them to the Ganglords. 

Why Did Chris Want Selma To Kill Him?

In a discussion before his death with Selma, Chris blames her for having killed Kahina’s entire family. Hence, bringing to the forefront that it was actually Selma who was after Kahina for betraying the Ganglords. When Driss saw Lyna approaching, he told Selma to shoot him dead so that Lyna wouldn’t have to live with the guilt of killing her own father. After Selma had killed him, Lyna asked Selma what her father had been telling her before his death. However, Selma completely denied having a conversation with him, which highlights the fact that she had been trying to conceal her real intention of finding Kahina (and killing her) from Lyna.

What Happened To The Godfathers?

In the end, before finally entering the underworld with her aunt Selma, Lyna went to bid Elie and her foster mother farewell. Later, it was seen that Selma had been narrating to the Ganglords how she had managed to save them from the brink of destruction and how they would cease to exist without the Furies. However, upon approaching them, she saw that all of them had been killed. It was revealed that Damocles had killed them when Selma and Lyna were surrounded by them. They asked Selma and Lyna who they worked for (which was an indication for them to join Damocles). 

What Will Happen Next?

Despite the fact that it seems unlikely that the second season of Furies is to be released anytime soon, Netflix is sure to release it at some point. Many stories have been left incomplete in the series, which we are yet to find answers to. We are still left confused as to whether Kahina will return. When Lyna gets to know that Selma is after Kahina, whom will she support? It is likely that with Kahina’s on-screen arrival, our confusion will be cleared! We will also get to know whether Selma and Lyna will start working for Damocles in the second season of Furies

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