‘Fubar’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Boro Dead? Did Emma Survive?

Previously in episode 6 of Fubar, Tina and Barry had attended a card game in order to get data from Cain’s phone but they met complications when Boro arrived. Instead of Boro, Tina accidentally drugged another player, yet she still managed to collect the information and finish the assignment. However, in episode 7, the Brunners’ relationship issues took a turbulent turn. While urging his daughter not to combine work and family responsibilities, Luke found himself in a similar scenario. While Boro was on the loose, his retirement was still a long way off. So, what would Luke Brunner do to save his relationship? Let’s find that out. 


Spoilers Ahead

Where Was Boro Hiding? Was Dr. Novak Dead Or Alive?

Carter was aware that Aldon and Emma had kissed, which led him to abruptly end his relationship with Emma, leaving her heartbroken. On the other hand, Barry and Tina were content in their relationship, and Barry was optimistic about their future together. However, Tina informed Luke that after completing the mission, she would be required to return to the NSA as per their orders. This news left Barry devastated, as he didn’t want to lose Tina. Determined to find a solution, Barry frantically made phone calls and reached out to his contacts. Through his efforts, he managed to successfully intervene and get Tina’s transfer canceled. This meant that Tina could continue working for the CIA and stay by Barry’s side.


Luke found himself in a dilemma. While advising his daughter that being with Carter while pursuing her career was not a wise choice, he realized that he was doing the same thing with Tally. Fearing that he would hurt her and shatter her dreams again, Luke decided to break up with Tally, allowing her to be with Donnie, who could provide her with everything she desired. Tally, unable to bear another heartbreak, turned to heavy drinking and resolved to forget about Luke, choosing instead to marry Donnie.

Meanwhile, the CIA obtained intelligence about Boro’s whereabouts and issued an order to eliminate him. Luke had reservations about the decision to kill Boro. He had raised him and even supported his education, hoping that he would not follow in his father’s footsteps. However, it seemed that Boro was destined to follow a similar path, which was difficult for Luke to accept. In his therapy sessions with Dr. Pfeffer, Luke discussed his conflicting feelings and gained a clearer understanding of his objectives. Pfeffer drew a parallel between Boro’s situation and Luke’s strained relationship with his daughter. Luke realized that Boro was now an adult who made his own decisions, and trying to persuade him would likely be futile, posing a greater risk to humanity. Therefore, Luke concluded that he would just have to carry out his mission, which was to kill Boro.


Finally, the CIA obtained information that Boro was hiding in an abandoned nuclear power plant in Sardovia. There, Boro coerced Dr. Novak into explaining the process of creating nuclear weapons from nuclear waste materials. However, once Novak’s job was completed, Boro killed him to ensure that no one else in the world could replicate the process of making a suitcase nuke from nuclear waste.

What Happened To Aldon? Did Emma And Boro Survive?

The CIA operatives, including Luke, Emma, Aldon, and Roo, arrived in Sardovia disguised as cadavers in coffins. However, Roo had taken sleeping pills earlier, which made her extremely dizzy upon awakening. They arranged for a car to transport their weapons to the nuclear reactor, where they planned to confront Boro. However, they were ambushed by Boro’s men along the way. With their firepower, they managed to eliminate Boro’s men by destroying their vehicles. Unfortunately, Aldon was injured as he was shot in the shoulder, and Roo accidentally destroyed their own vehicle with a powerful weapon. Now without a vehicle and with limited weapons, the four of them had to continue on foot toward the power plant to complete their mission. However, Aldon’s condition worsened due to his gunshot wound. Luke instructed Emma to accompany him into the factory while Roo stayed behind to take care of Aldon in a tunnel. As Luke and Emma entered Boro’s base, they confronted his men, including Cain and his minions. A fierce fight ensued, and Cain had the upper hand, but he made a crucial mistake. Luke caught a bomb thrown by Cain and hurled it back at him, trapping Cain in a room. The explosion resulted in the deaths of Cain and the other men, but it also created a barrier of fallen debris between Emma and Luke, cutting off their communication.


Meanwhile, as Aldon’s health deteriorated, Barry and Emma sought the help of Dr. Pfeffer. Pfeffer established contact with Roo and instructed her to gather a pipe and a sterile knife, along with water. Roo managed to collect everything except water. Pfeffer then suggested using urine to clean Aldon’s wound, much to Roo’s reluctance. However, Roo managed to collect her urine, but a massive explosion caused a landslide. Roo shielded Aldon’s body from the debris, saving him from further harm. The team began to lose hope about Emma’s survival, but Luke remained determined not to leave until he found her. Meanwhile, Emma regained consciousness and shouted for help. However, she discovered that Boro was still alive. But it seemed like he had dropped the briefcase nuke somewhere inside during the explosion. If the rising heat from the explosion triggered the nuke to detonate, it would kill Luke, Emma, Aldon, Roo, and Boro. Therefore, Emma had to find a way to escape before the nuke exploded. The final episode of Fubar will reveal whether Emma manages to escape the explosion and fulfill her mission by killing Boro as ordered.

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