‘Fubar’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did The CIA Capture Boro?

Previously in Episode 4 of Fubar, Emma found herself held at gunpoint by Nik Stalinovich but managed to calm him down by reasoning that killing her would only bring more trouble. Meanwhile, Luke rushed to the dormitory to save his daughter and successfully got her into their van before the police arrived. Later, Emma faced a dilemma about her relationship with Carter but was surprised by his marriage proposal, to which she unexpectedly said yes. Tally, Emma’s mother, left her job and joined Luke’s gym equipment sales business. However, in their mission to capture Boro, the CIA enlisted the black market middleman known as the Great Dane, who was imprisoned in Turkey. The team got Dane out of prison, but he overheard a conversation about how the CIA was planning to put him back in prison again. He escaped, leaving Luke and Emma to rescue Barry and salvage their plan against Boro.


Spoilers Ahead

Did The CIA Capture Boro?

Fubar Episode 5 picked up where Episode 4 left off, presenting a difficult situation for the team after Dane’s disappearance. However, Dane eventually returned and explained that he initially wanted to flee but reconsidered due to the potential negative impact on his family of being a fugitive. As a gesture, he bought a teddy bear for his son and gave it to Roo. Dane then decided to assist the team in rescuing Barry. Barry was successfully freed from prison with Dane’s help, while Dane remained behind to serve the remainder of his sentence. Meanwhile, Aldon devised a plan involving a decoy who resembled Dane to capture Boro. Although Boro’s men realized the decoy was not Dane, Aldon managed to subdue them and pursue Boro, ultimately capturing him and delivering him to the CIA regional office in New York.


What Happened To Luke’s Granddaughter, Romi?

Barry and Tina’s relationship developed further, indicating progress between them. However, Emma started to doubt her involvement with Carter, feeling that she was heading in the wrong direction. Luke received a message from the director advising against recruiting his ex-wife, Tally, into their cover business. When Luke went to meet Tally to explain everything to her, he discovered her concern was not related to their work but rather to their granddaughter, Romi, whose health was deteriorating.

Romi was Luke’s son Oscar’s daughter, but not his biological child. Romi’s mother was already eight months pregnant when she married Oscar. To save Romi’s life, a bone marrow transplant was needed, requiring the assistance of her biological father. Luke, Emma, and Barry tracked down the biological father, Kyle, and pressured him to help by performing a DNA test that confirmed his paternity. However, Kyle demanded a significant sum of money before agreeing to participate in the transplantation.


Desperate to save Romi, Luke agreed to Kyle’s terms and gave him a valuable uncut diamond he had taken from Antwerp. However, Kyle betrayed them, taking the diamond but refusing to go to the hospital for the donation. Unbeknownst to Kyle, Luke had planted a tracker in his car. Luke instructed Emma and Aldon to follow Kyle’s trail, despite Emma’s initial reluctance due to the ongoing Boro case. Ultimately, Romi’s well-being became Emma’s top priority, leading them to pursue Kyle and find a resolution.

How Was Romi’s Life Saved?

Meanwhile, Boro, who had been captured, demanded special conditions for his captivity, threatening not to disclose the customer list containing the most dangerous threats to national security. In response, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) intervened and instructed the CIA to transfer Boro to house arrest in an upstate location and monitor his customer list. Luke and Roo took on the task, along with other CIA operatives, and transported Boro to a farmhouse.


Both Luke and Emma were skeptical of making a deal with Boro, as they had no trust in him. However, they were overruled by the director, who felt powerless against OFAC’s orders and had to comply. Boro managed to escape once again with the briefcase nuke when his trusted associate, Cain Khan, arrived and helped him evade CIA capture. A gunfight ensued, resulting in an injured CIA operative, but Luke and Roo emerged unharmed. Luke received a signal indicating that Emma and Aldon had kidnapped Kyle and that they needed someone to ensure Kyle cooperated. The director assisted Luke by providing one of their most skilled operatives, Norm, known for his torturous tactics. Norm arrived to meet with Kyle, who was locked up in Luke’s cover store of gym equipment, and successfully persuaded him to fulfill his obligations to save the little girl’s life. However, a major problem arose when Luke’s rival brand, Twinning Formula, witnessed Emma and Aldon kidnapping Kyle. They filmed the incident and sent the video to Tally’s number.

After a chaotic night, Emma, feeling grateful for Aldon’s support, couldn’t resist her impulses and kissed him, unknowingly observed by Luke. Emma then went to the hospital, where she found Carter. Overwhelmed with guilt, she faced Carter, who sensed that something was amiss between Emma and her coworker, Aldon. Meanwhile, Luke experienced a moment of joy upon seeing his granddaughter’s health improve. However, Tally received the video of Emma and Aldon kidnapping Kyle and was taken aback by it. She remained calm, waiting for the right opportunity to address the situation. As the story progresses, the team’s actions and hidden truths gradually come to light, potentially posing greater challenges for Luke and Emma as they navigate their responsibilities in future episodes.


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