‘Fubar’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: How Did Luke And Emma Speed Up The Maglev Train?

Previously in Fubar episode 1, we met Luke Brunner, a seasoned CIA operative on the verge of his retirement, when he was assigned one last mission in Guyana. Tasked with assuming the identity of Finn Hoss, Luke was sent to infiltrate the criminal organization led by Boro Polonia, a weapons dealer. However, to Luke’s astonishment, he discovered that Boro’s prized fighter, Dani, was none other than his own daughter, Emma, who had been operating covertly as the CIA agent known as Panda. Tensions arose as Luke and Emma confronted each other about their hidden lives, but their arguments were abruptly interrupted by Boro. The episode concluded with Luke and Emma trapped and surrounded by Boro’s armed men. Let’s see how Emma and Luke manage to evade Boro’s capture.


Spoilers Ahead

Where Was Boro?

Episode 2 of Fubar resumed with Luke and Emma finding themselves surrounded by Boro’s men. Boro interrogated Luke about his true identity and affiliations. Just as the situation became dire, Barry, and the other CIA operatives, Aldon, and Roo arrived in a helicopter, engaging in a fierce firefight that resulted in the deaths of most of Boro’s men. Boro managed to escape in a jeep. Luke and Emma returned to their base in New York, where the director offered them the opportunity to work together on the operation. Initially reluctant due to their strained relationship, Luke eventually agreed, realizing that his presence could provide guidance and protection for his daughter.


During the ongoing operation to locate Boro, the CIA obtained crucial information about his plan. Boro had intentionally disabled the transponder on his ship to make it appear as though it had sunk while he went into hiding. The CIA deduced that Boro was involved in a covert operation with potentially disastrous consequences. A new team member, Tine Mukerji from the NSA, joined the group and provided vital intelligence. They discovered that Boro’s men were planning to rob a Maglev train transporting nuclear waste, which they intended to use for the creation of a dirty bomb. To prevent the heist of nuclear waste, the CIA devised a plan. The director suggested that Luke and Emma disguise themselves as ordinary passengers and board the train while Aldon and Roo monitored a controller depot from where the train could be operated. Luke and Emma’s mission was to identify any terrorists on the train thus foiling Boro’s destructive plan.

What Happened Between Emma And Carter?

Despite initial resistance from Luke and Emma, the CIA enlisted the help of an operational psychiatrist, Dr. Pfeffer, to address their strained relationship and bring them back together. Recognizing the importance of maintaining focus during their mission, Luke and Emma reluctantly agreed to attend therapy sessions. Dr. Pfeffer introduced them to a magnetic vest that allowed them to establish physical contact, enabling them to forge a closer bond and potentially reconcile their differences. In addition to the challenges in her relationship with her father, Emma also grappled with concerns about her boyfriend, Carter. As a determined CIA operative prioritizing her career, Emma found herself at odds with Carter, who was a kindergarten teacher content with a simple life and aspirations of starting a family. While Emma also desired a family of her own someday, she felt distant from the idea of settling down anytime soon. These differences between them began to weigh heavily on Emma, leaving her uncertain about whether to disclose the truth about her job to Carter or consider ending the relationship altogether.


How Did Luke And Emma Manage To Speed Up The Maglev Train?

Meanwhile, alongside Operation Boro, Luke was also leading Operation Don Juan, targeting Tally’s new boyfriend, Donnie. With Barry’s assistance, Luke conducted surveillance on Donnie, aiming to gather evidence proving his unsuitability as Tally’s partner. While Emma became aware of her father’s intentions, she decided to address the matter after the completion of their mission. Assuming new identities, Luke and Emma embarked on the mission, with the Maglev train en route to Nur-Sultan. They assumed false identities while boarding the train. Luke took on the role of a man traveling to meet his daughter in Nur-Sultan, while Emma pretended to be a university student. During their journey, Emma noticed a Kazakhstani chewing gum in Luke’s belongings, known for its use in making black licorice. This gum had once been popular in Kazakhstan but had become expensive and rare over time. Emma advised Luke to get rid of the gum.

As their journey progressed, Luke and Emma remained vigilant, scanning their surroundings for any suspicious individuals. Emma grew suspicious of a man with knuckle bruises eating a BLT, as pork consumption was quite uncommon in Kazakhstan. She believed he might be one of Boro’s men, but Luke advised her to wait for confirmation. Meanwhile, Aldon and Roo arrived at the control depot, posing as American inspectors and engaging with the operator. Barry and Tina remained at the office, maintaining communication with the team.


Eventually, as the train approached the Kazakh hills, a large chopper arrived to evacuate the nuclear waste. Emma’s suspicion proved correct, as the man she had doubted turned out to be one of Boro’s men, assisting in connecting the train to the waste evacuation system. Luke swiftly eliminated him before he could succeed. However, they discovered that the train’s driver, who had the same black licorice chewing gums, was also a terrorist. Luke managed to subdue him but faced difficulty controlling the train. Aldon and Roo implored the control depot manager to increase the train’s speed, but the operator explained that he could only manipulate the power from the depot. Even the manual override button was broken. Following Tina’s guidance, Luke devised a plan to cool down the train’s magnets to enhance its speed. In an unintended mishap, Luke inadvertently opened four coolant valves, excessively cooling the magnets and making it nearly impossible to stop the train. This posed a grave risk of a catastrophic accident, endangering all passengers on board. The cliffhanger ending left viewers wondering if Luke would be able to prevent the impending disaster. The suspense continues in the upcoming episodes of Fubar.

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