How Amy Found Closure After Lino’s Death In The Series ‘From Scratch’?

Losing a loved one is one of the most painful experiences to endure. No matter who it is, the feeling of loss never goes away; it is extremely overwhelming to lose their presence, and dealing with these emotions can divert a person from their health and recovery since it triggers grieving situations and problems. “From Scratch” is a Netflix mini-series that revolves around the beautiful love story of Lino and Amy. From the very beginning, both of them had a strong feeling that together they could be something great. Even though they kept their feelings hidden at first, the duo understood each other pretty well. Both of them arrived in Florence to settle in their lives, but life had other plans for them. Instead, they discovered a romantic journey on the way. For Amy, Lino‘s loss took a huge toll on her mental health because, from the very beginning, the duo faced all the challenges together, and now she had to endure everything by herself, and she never imagined living without Lino by her side. Even the easiest task became extremely difficult to follow; Lino wanted her to move on and become the artist that she always wanted to be. But Amy never imagined a life without Lino, and his presence was important for Idalia as well. But Amy had to stand up for herself and her child, so she took the first step by taking his ashes home to Sicily. 

Amy was a kind-hearted woman, and her mind was completely inclined toward her passion for art. Growing up in a stringent household, her family often coerced her into studying prestigious courses, and her father, Hershel, wanted her to become a lawyer. But Amy had different plans; she wanted to become an artist. Her love for artistry grew with each passing year, and to excel in her skills, she decided to stay in Florence for six weeks. The six-week course would provide her with a chance to display her artwork in an exhibition. Moreover, Amy was never interested in any other aspect of her life. Finding a partner was next to impossible as she was already suffering from commitment issues.

Well, her parents’ history of separation was responsible for everything. Even though her father, Hershel, was happily married to Maxine, Amy and her sister Zora couldn’t take their eyes off their mother, Lynn. She suffered the most, and they never wanted to go through the same pain. But Lino’s arrival turned everything upside down as he showed her the true meaning of love and life. With him, things were fun and exciting, as he usually dedicated his complete attention to Amy. Lino always supported her with her artistic abilities, and his support helped her to enhance her skills. Lino was an artist himself, an artist of culinary arts, and the main motive of his life was to cook and feed people. He created new dishes and inventions to increase his reach.

Time passed, and the duo managed to surpass all the challenges until Lino was diagnosed with a rare soft tissue cancer called leiomyosarcoma. After going through eighteen months of extensive chemotherapy, Lino was finally cancer free, and to celebrate this victory; they invited little Idalia Rose into their lives. Her adoption changed everything for them, and Lino spent most of his time with Idalia while Amy worked hard at the Watts Tower Arts Center. Amy previously worked at a prestigious art gallery, but her efforts were often ignored; she was rewarded with a promotion to maintain artistic relations. But Amy wanted to choose the Watts Tower job since it provided her with the opportunity that her previous job didn’t. Teaching young children made her realize that her art could change lives.

Amy’s father, Hershel, convinced her to sort this out with her husband. And guess what? Lino was supportive. Even though the pay was less, Lino wanted her to choose the Watts Tower job since it would bring her closer to the art world. Even after Idalia’s adoption, Amy spent most of her time in the center itself. But gradually, she learned to balance her work to nurture Idalia, and Lino began his cooking class and taught several young individuals. Meanwhile, Amy used her free time to draw since the art gallery job took a huge toll on her, and she couldn’t focus on her artwork, and this was the only time that she used to focus on herself. Amy subjected stories and new ideas through her paintings, and Lino noticed them all.

Amy had the strong ability to narrate a story behind a painting, and this helped her to get hold of several buyers as well. Well, things changed after Lino’s death, Amy completely shut herself in, but her visit to Sicily changed the whole course of her life. At the very beginning of her art course, Amy’s professor advised her to look up before painting. Well, she understood the concept and simply had to think outside the box; she had to choose other-worldly imaginations to subject her thoughts and ideas to. The finale of “From Scratch” depicted how Amy found her closure after going to  Lino’s birthplace. Without any fear, Amy went around his family’s land and finally bid him goodbye by leaving the last bit of his ashes on the land. She held onto Lino, but now his memories will help her to become the artist that she dreamt of being.

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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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