Did Lino Reconcile With His Parents In The Netflix Series ‘From Scratch’?

Relationships between a parent and a child can sometimes worsen if the child embarks on their self-journey, and then their words might hurt the parents deeply. But sometimes it becomes difficult to understand their preferences; maybe some parents want their children to be close to them. “From Scratch” on Netflix is a romantic drama mini-series that revolves around the lives of Lino and Amy and their ways of managing their relationship as well as their parents. Growing up in Sicily, his father wanted him to carry on the legacy of their family’s farming business. But Lino had other plans. He wanted to become a chef since he dreamt of spreading love through his culinary skills. But Lino’s father, Giacomo, disapproved of his interests. So, he had no other choice but to leave home and flee to Florence, Italy. Here he started a new chapter of his life and worked in fancy restaurants as a chef. But still, he had a long way to go! Lino dreamt of opening his own restaurant one day, and till then, he had to work hard to achieve his dream. But all of this felt incomplete since Lino felt the lack of presence and support of his family. For months, he tried his best to contact them, but he couldn’t get in touch with them.


Giacomo strictly opposed him and often disregarded his feelings. He wanted Lino to stay away from their house, and Giacomo forbade his mother and sister from having any conversations with him. But things worsened after Amy’s arrival. The duo met each other in Florence, Italy, and Lino fell in love with her instantly. The couple were pretty similar in terms of their preferences and often enjoyed each other’s company to the fullest. Lino wanted his family to know about Amy, but they were reluctant to accept her since she was an American. Despite all the struggles, the couple got married to each other and moved in together in Los Angeles. On the day he proposed to her, Amy wanted Lino’s family to be the first to know. Well, Lino couldn’t control his happiness and dialed home immediately.

But Giacomo refused to accept his feelings and disowned him for marrying Amy. Even though his family didn’t attend his wedding, Lino decided to move on with the ceremony with a heavy heart. So, to cheer him up, Amy decided to cancel their honeymoon trip and instead take him back to Sicily. He contacted his mother to meet him, but she knew that Giacomo would be mad. So she refused to meet him as well. But she wanted to meet him anyhow, so his mother sneaked out with his sister and niece to meet Lino at his hotel. Finally, the family had a mellow reunion after ages. Lino’s mother didn’t approve of his relationship with Amy since they belonged to the Sicilian community, and their lifestyle didn’t support the concept of marrying an American or someone of another descent. Moreover, she even believed that Amy was responsible for her son’s departure from Sicily. 


But Lino confronted his mother and cleared things up. With a heavy heart, he shared that his father was the one responsible for keeping him away from his family and his niece Rosalina. From that day, Lino managed to maintain his conversation with his mother and sister without letting Giacomo know. Well, things were getting back on track until Lino was diagnosed with a rare soft tissue cancer called leiomyosarcoma. The duo sorted out their lives and regained their financial stability, but cancer cost them all the precious memories and moments they had spent together. However, cancer enabled Lino to get a step closer to his family as it cleared out major differences. Giacomo finally left his stubbornness and met Lino while he passed on all the love that he had missed out on all these years. At first, Giacomo and Lino’s mother didn’t accept Amy as their daughter-in-law, but with time, they were impressed with the way she cared about their son.

Giacomo even revealed that Amy was like his mother as she took care of him like his mother used to. Moreover, before leaving, Lino and his father got into a huge argument where he expressed his discontentment regarding his love for culinary. But Lino confronted him and asked him to be supportive; he just wanted Giacomo to understand him for once. The father and son agreed to avoid arguments as Lino requested him to support him through his painful phase. He was still recovering from his cancer. Both of them agreed, and his parents left for Sicily. Eighteen months later, Lino was cancer free, and his relationship had gotten better with his father. But things took a different turn after he passed away from a heart attack. Even though he died, Lino was happy to have them back, Lino always wanted his family to be proud of him, and he finally got ahold of this wish!


As time passed, the couple adopted a baby girl and named her Idalia Rose. They spent the first few years of their life experiencing all the little details, but Lino’s life turned upside down after he was diagnosed with cancer again, and this time his cancer had moved to his lungs, causing him to lose control over his liver and other organs. The couple mutually decided to move him back to the house since he wanted to live his final moments happily. With his last few breaths, he made an oath to love Amy in every life and took a promise from her to move on and look after herself. At first, Amy decided to take his ashes to Sicily, but she was skeptical about her mother-in-law’s intentions.

Lino’s mother wanted her to stay back, but in reality, she had much more in store for her. His mother wanted to provide Idalia and Amy with their house and land to secure their future. With this, it was confirmed that Lino finally reconciled with his parents, and his mother knew that they were like two forks eating from the same plate! Everyone knew that they were meant to be together, and both families supported Amy and Idalia as everything fell back into the right place.


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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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