‘Frasier’ (2023) Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Does Frasier Not Want To Be Associated With His Past?

The second episode of this rebooted season ended with Dr. Frasier slowly accepting Freddy for who he is. Dr. Frasier had a tough time being around Freddy’s things in their new home, which is filled with his memorabilia. The father allows himself to open up and he begins by placing things on display that are important to Freddy. The father-son relationship has finally seen a breakthrough, and we wonder what is in store for the audience in the upcoming episodes.


Spoilers Ahead

Is Frasier Excited About His First Day at Harvard?

Dr. Frasier is extremely excited about his first day back at Harvard, but this time he is joining as a professor. The man has been a celebrity for so long that coming back to the basics allows him to stay grounded as a person. He is elated to meet the young minds and probably learn a lot from them as well. Dr. Frasier happens to choose the perfect jacket for his first class because he wants to leave a good first impression on the kids. Dr. Frasier is a popular figure, and Harvard is expecting an influx of students after hiring him on. 


Olivia is equally excited because she will finally have something to look forward to. She has implied at many junctures that Dr. Frasier’s success at Harvard would be a make-or-break situation for her. Olivia is probably under a lot of pressure from her peers to make the psychology department a success, as their other professor, Alan, does nothing significant.

Alan is also Frasier’s old friend, and he is happy being the way he is as he received tenure from the university. Olivia gifts Dr. Frasier memorabilia from his days as a television and radio host. It was given as a token of gratitude for taking up the job offer. Unknown to her, the gift triggers some unpleasant memories. Frasier might have been a great entertainer, but his reaction to the gift states that he does not want to be remembered for his long career in broadcasting. He joined Harvard for a reason, and he probably wants to chart a different path for himself from this day on.


What Is Freddy Helping Eve With?

Eve is a struggling actress, and the only person who could help with her lines is Freddy. Freddy is happy to do so, but she is unable to find meaning in the role that is assigned to her. Eve feels this role could be her big break, but she has a long way to go. Her current job does not support her financially, which pushes her to attend several auditions in the hope of being cast. Freddy is a great friend who allows Eve to be herself. Eve’s been clueless so far about where her life is heading, and since she is a single mother to John, she wonders if she will be able to provide him well.

Does Dr. Frasier’s First Day As A Professor Go As Planned?

Dr. Frasier’s first day at Harvard does not go as planned because most of the people in the class are not students but his fans. These kids joined the class to speak to him about their dilemmas than to learn. This disturbs Dr. Frasier, and he wonders if he will always be seen as a showman. He believes the students will never take him seriously because of his larger-than-life image, which makes him consider quitting the job on the very first day. Freddy questions his father the way he had been confronted about his decision to leave Harvard years ago. Freddy does it in jest, but Frasier begins to come to terms with it and understand the predicament Freddy faced years ago. Dr. Frasier feels awful for putting him through scrutiny, but he never asked Freddy if he was happy with the decision.


The second day of class did not go as planned, and the memories from the television days resurfaced, which triggered him to leave the class immediately. He had joined the college in the hope of shedding the celebrity persona, and he expects the kids to learn from him instead of treating him like a personality to place on a podium. The celebrity culture in America makes it difficult for people like Dr. Frasier to mix with a crowd of normal people. Dr. Frasier is used to being showered with praise, but he took up the job thinking it would bring a difference in his life. He will have to come up with a foolproof plan that makes him look like a serious professor in class and not a performer on the stage.

How Does He Plan To Teach The Class?

Frasier comes up with the plan to place Eve in the classroom as a student and make her engage with him over a subject and turn it into a heated discussion. The reason behind this exercise is to make the students look up to him as a professor who knows his job well. As their plan is put into motion, David, Frasier’s nephew, feels dejected for not being asked to be a part of this elaborate ruse. He almost blows their act when Dr. Frasier switches on his other persona and becomes the television version of himself. This was done to distract the students. Along with that, Dr. Frasier concluded that his life as a celebrity will always catch up to him, and he cannot escape his past.


Why Does Frasier Not Want To Be Associated With His Past?

Frasier was not happy with the way the class ended because he had to go back to being the showman. He is upset because the students will never treat him as a professor who is trying to mold young minds. He is under the impression that the students are fixated on his fame. Alan advises him to put his celebrity status and showmanship to good use because it might help the kids stay focused on the subject and stay in school until they graduate. This seems like the right solution to Dr. Frasier’s dilemma. Instead of scowling over the students’ not accepting his real self, he should use the fame to make sure they return to his class. It will be a while before Dr. Frasier can say goodbye to his larger-than-life image. For the time being, he will have to embrace it for his and the department’s benefit.

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