‘Four More Shots Please’ Season 3: Ending, Explained: What Happens To Anjana, Damini, Umang, And Sidhi?

Women audiences hope to see a tad bit of relatability when the writers of a show are women. But in the case of “Four More Shots Please,” why do we women find these stories hard to connect with? “Four More Shots Please” season 3 is an extension of the last two mediocre seasons about four fiercely independent women struggling to find a foothold in a city like Mumbai. They love their life, earn well, and are proud of themselves. Anjana, Damini, Umang, and Sidhi go from mere acquaintances to best friends who would do anything for the other, no matter whatever situation is thrown at them. Directed by Anu Menon, Nupur Asthana, and Joyeeta Patpatia, the show takes us through the lives, trials, and tribulations of these four women. The third season of the show was released on October 21st, 2022.


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What Happens In ‘Four More Shots Please’ Season 3?

This season of “Four More Shots Please” begins with Sidhi losing her father to a heart attack. Sidhi and her father were best friends, and now Sidhi feels clueless without him, which she conveys through her words during a wake in his memory. Sidhi and her mother Sneha now must go forward in life without him acting as a pillar and learn to get used to Viju’s absence, which will be a difficult task ahead. Meanwhile, Jeh and Damini get back together, and Damini goes back to journalism but is asked to work on not-so-important subjects. Damini wants to prove she is still a capable journalist amidst all the brouhaha of her book “Bloody February.” Jeh, meanwhile, is happy running the Truck Bar and is in a happy place with Damini. Jeh is a supportive boyfriend who understands Damini and her quirkiness. Umang, on the other hand, after coming off a relationship in the most dramatic manner, is now looking to do something of her own. Sidhi reminds her to talk to her parents in Ludhiana while they are still alive and healthy. Umang gets emotional and heads to her hometown only to have the same old clash with her father, though her mother, brother, and sister-in-law (Umang’s ex-lover) have accepted her. Umang finds it hard to convince her father, especially to love her for who she is, and her father is finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that she will not be a typical submissive daughter. Anjana’s daughter, Arya, has been obsessed with the idea of a happy family since the day she was introduced to Varun’s new son, Aarav, from his current marriage. Anjana keeps wondering about the bond daughters and fathers share and also wonders if she will be able to have a family for herself. On the other hand, her cold war with Shashank reaches a point where they both won’t talk to one another, even in front of clients. Anjana is too embarrassed and angry, and Shashank is equally angry to let his guard down and be okay with the fact that she is still his colleague.


On the occasion of the Holi festival, the girls inadvertently gather at Varun’s place because Arya wants to spend Holi with her brother Aarav. A few days before that, Umang visited various banks in the hope of receiving a loan to start her fitness studio. After all the rejections, Umang can’t seem to know what to do next. Umang is stressed but is determined to do something on her own, and along comes Sidhi. Sidhi offers to invest in her fitness studio, as her father left her a lot of money, and she offers to be Umang’s business partner as well. Umang is initially hesitant because she doesn’t want to mix work and friendship, but she finally agrees. Even though they clash on their choice of the studio’s dimension and vibe, they eventually find common ground and agree. Umang is fiercely independent and always has been since the day she landed in Mumbai, which is why she was hesitant to accept money from Sidhi. Sidhi, on the other hand, has not come to terms with her father’s sudden demise. Sidhi’s mother, Sneha, is surrounded with pitiful looks from every person in her circle, and men of her deceased husband’s age are randomly approaching her. Sneha is having a hard time dealing with the loss of her husband, and piling on that sadness is these random men hounding her like she is a slice of meat exposed to be devoured. Damini realizes she can’t have sex with Jeh as it triggers the memories of her miscarriage. She is unable to convey this to Jeh, but as a boyfriend, he is understanding and does not force himself on her just for pleasure. Damini is in a predicament where she thinks sharing her trauma with Jeh will lead to him leaving her. On the day of Holi, Arya accidentally reveals that Varun and Anjana had kissed once, which she had seen. Kavya asks Varun and Anjana to leave, and Varun temporarily starts living with Anjana.

‘Four More Shots Please’ Season 3: Ending Explained – Where Did The Story Of Anjana, Damini, Umang, and Sidhi Finally End?

Anjana now has to tend to another person in her home. Varun moves in with her and Arya, and he is finding it all new to be around his ex-wife and daughter 24X7. Anjana’s cold war with Shashank ends when they realize they need to look beyond their issues to make their firm successful. Anjana is glad her friendship with Shashank is restored, and Shashank is happy to see the ruthless Anjana back in action to help their clients win the cases. Damini is approached by Dhananjay Deshpande, the son of a veteran politician, to help him revamp his image, for he intends to foray into politics just like his father. Damini becomes his campaign manager and helps him get into the right kind of crowd to increase his voter base. Damini finds this project far more exciting than she had expected. She finds herself drawn to this field of work, and it gives her life a purpose, especially after her book was pulled out from circulation and the unfortunate miscarriage. Jeh soon starts getting insecure about the amount of time she spends on the job with Dhananjay but doesn’t say anything. On one night out, Damini, in a spur of passion, ends up sleeping with Dhananjay. Umang finally opens her fitness studio with Sidhi and hires Sean; an ex-swimmer turned yoga instructor. She also starts to find Meher, a baker, attractive. They soon start going out, only to realize that with Meher comes her grown-up daughter, which is too much for Umang to handle at that point. Umang feels that the breakup with Samara is very much fresh in her mind, and it doesn’t seem like she has moved on yet. Umang breaks up with Meher, but she deals with it very sensitively. Umang does the right thing by breaking up with Meher; she doesn’t want to use Meher to fill the void left by Samara’s partnership. She wants to be a part of the relationship when she thinks it is the right time to be in one. Sean, on the other hand, is attracted to Umang but is unable to confess his feelings.


Sidhi enrolls her mother in a class on investments. There, Sneha meets Rajan, the instructor of the course, and they become good friends, much to Sidhi’s dismay. Sidhi starts to wonder if her mother has already moved on from her father’s death. She finds her mother spending a lot of time with Rajan, a widower. Sidhi is angry about the fact that her mother is not giving herself any chance to get over her father’s demise and has jumped into a “relationship” with another man. Sneha, on the other hand, does not make her relationship status clear to Sidhi. Sneha, in a bid to make Sidhi cheerful for her upcoming 25th birthday, plans a trip to Italy with all of Sidhi’s friends along with Rajan, who has given them contacts in Italy. Sidhi is furious but agrees to go on the trip. On the trip, lots of beans are spilled, uncomfortable truths are revealed, and a lot of them make a conclusive decision. Damini and Jeh come to realize that their relationship has stagnated. Damini has not just slept with the boss but is still struggling to connect with Jeh physically because of the miscarriage. Damini is in crisis mode. She wonders if she should be in this relationship because she pushed Jeh to move in with her. Soon they realize they aren’t meant for one another anymore, and Damini ends up confessing her infidelity. They break up, but to Damini, it feels like a burden coming off, as she can now live away from the heaviness that this relationship was causing. Damini finally realizes she is meant to be single and not be in a relationship.

Umang ends up sleeping with Sean, but again for Umang, it is meaningless sex, while Sean intends to form a relationship with her. Umang soon feels guilty and talks to Sean, who says Umang is not over Samara. She asks Sean if they can be friends going forward, which he gladly accepts. Samara, one last time, comes back to meet Umang. Umang makes it clear why they can’t be together anymore. They talk and sort it out while realizing this is the closure they both require, especially Umang, who kept wondering the whole time if she was wrong by leaving Samara at the altar. Her conversation with Samara made her realize the decision was indeed right. Umang is soon visited by her father, who tearfully admits that he misses her a lot. This is a huge moment for Umang, for she waited her whole life up until now to be accepted by her father, whom she was close to, until she started rebelling. Her father makes a visit out of the blue, which makes her happy. A realization hits her that she is now accepted by her father.


Anjana thinks she has got her family back, but all of it is disrupted when Kavya finally decides to ask Varun to come back home. Their son said his first words, and it was “Papa.” Varun realizes he needs to be there for Kavya and his son, for he cannot make the same mistake he made with Anjana and Arya years ago. He decides to move back in with Kavya. Anjana doesn’t stop him from leaving, for she realizes that this family needs him, and she can’t expect him to leave his family for her, which is wrong at every level. She can’t be selfish because she has a child too. Anjana becomes the bigger person here and decides to let go of her idea of a perfect family and accept the fact that she and Arya together make the perfect family.

Sidhi, on the other hand, is embarrassed about her behavior towards Rajan and her friends. She tries to make amends by making Rajan and her mother meet. Sidhi re-applies to the comedy writing course in New York, which she gets through. She also realizes she loves Mihir because he has been her fierce critic and a loyal supporter. She conveys her feelings to him on his way to catch a flight to NYC and tells him to wait for her as she will be coming to the city soon to study.



“Four More Shots Please” season 3 is again a lazily written screenplay coupled with bad editing, direction, and bad production design. The show is a case of overtly romanticizing life in a city like Mumbai. Characters who claim they can’t afford rent are wearing expensive athleisure clothes and designer clothes, hanging out regularly at bars, and heading to Italy for a vacation. The writing is so lazy that a lot of scenes are badly enacted. The only actors that stood out were Kirti Kulhari, Sayani Gupta, and Simone Singh. The rest of the main characters don’t stand a chance because the writing is such a letdown. The music and background score are so cheesy, for they depict exactly what is happening in the scene. It looks like no one took much trouble to write the lyrics, for they had to just watch the scene and write whatever they saw. There are only a few things “Four More Shots Please” gets right, and that is the struggle women face regularly. After two seasons, one would expect the show to improve on its writing, but sadly, there wasn’t any improvement. “Four More Shots Please” is not a must-watch, but hey, if you want to see some bling-a-ling fashion on display, this show is your catch.

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