‘Found’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To Margaret’s Son?

In Found season 1 episode 5, Gabi Moseley and her crisis management team deal with another missing person case of an undocumented immigrant named Satcha. In this episode, much more information emerged, shedding light on Gabi’s past as well as the current happenings in her team members’ lifestyles. While Gabi Moseley deals with the grief and sorrow in her life, Margaret gets a glimmer of hope in the missing case of her son. Meanwhile, Dhan, who was suffering from post-traumatic stress, tried to deal with it on his own.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Gabi Rescue Satcha?

In the opening scene of Found episode 5, Gabi seemed sad and anxious. She could recall the time when she was kidnapped by Sir, who asked her to change her name. Sir told her that they would move to Paris and settle down there to start over. But all Gabi wanted was to return home. In the present timeline, we see Gabi’s uncle come to visit her. He tried to comfort her with kind words and asked her to spread the ashes of her deceased father. We discovered that Gabi, who lost her father quite a while ago, could never bring herself to say a proper goodbye to him. As she kept holding on to his ashes, she became even sadder.


However, she was soon informed by Lacey about another missing person case. As Gabi rushed into the office, she met with an immigrant who’d filed the missing report of her friend, Satcha, who was an undocumented immigrant. Satcha had a brother named Carlos, who felt very threatened after his sister’s disappearance. Gabi soon started collecting information on Satcha and even searched her room. But in her room, Dhan was attacked by a guy from behind. This guy introduced himself as Carlos, but he didn’t look like someone who shared the same ethnicity as Satcha.

Gabi’s team managed to track down Satcha’s location, where she was last seen. It was a hotel where Satcha went in, as seen in the CCTV footage, but she was never seen exiting this hotel. In the meantime, Gabi and her team came to know about a human trafficker named Manny who had previously killed an immigration lawyer, on whose homicide case Trent was working. Connecting the dots, Gabi realized that this was the same guy who was after Satcha as well. As Trent happened to see Carlos’ picture, he recognized him and told Gabi that the guy in this picture was not Carlos but one of the human traffickers they were looking for. Gabi took Sir’s help and came to understand that if that guy was looking for Satcha in her room, he didn’t know if she was alive or not. This indicates that Satcha was hiding somewhere, probably in that hotel. Some hotel footage was checked, and it was found that Satcha hid herself inside a food trolley. Without wasting any time, Gabi and her team barged into the hotel and managed to save Satcha from the human trafficker. Satcha was safely brought back to her brother and her friend.


Did Sir Try To Harm Gabi?

It is very difficult to understand Gabi’s kidnapper’s actual intentions or his character arc. Despite ruining Gabi’s life by traumatizing her for years, he never wanted to harm her physically. Rather, now that he was locked up in Gabi’s basement, he didn’t even try to escape or hurt Gabi in any way. In both the flashbacks and the present scenes, we see him claiming his parental rights to Gabi despite not being her biological father. Maybe he just wanted to have a child, and by kidnapping Gabi, he tried to fulfill that desire by raising her. But he always tried to mold her into his shape without validating her choices or her individuality. Therefore, even though Sir wanted to become a father figure in Gabi’s life, she could remember him as a mere kidnapper. In this episode, when Sir is working out, he accidentally breaks a piece of wood, which could work like a weapon to injure or kill Gabi. But he chose not to take the path and handed this piece of wood to Gabi, who was stunned by his behavior. Moreover, he also said to Gabi that one day she would realize that he was not the monster she thought he was.

What Happened To Margaret’s Son?

In this episode, we saw Margaret, who spent every night at the bus stop hoping to get some kind of clue about her son, suddenly find something strange in the morning. The poster for her missing son had many tabs, one of which was missing. Margaret frantically hoped that she would find something about her son, so she quickly informed Gabi, who volunteered to help her. However, after Zeke ran a dome search and found the CCTV footage of the bus stop, the findings turned out to be disappointing. The footage showed that one guy at the bus stop simply tore the tab out to discard his chewing gum on. Margaret was again heartbroken, but she still wasn’t ready to give up. She said that she wished she could move on, but it was impossible for her.


Dhan, in the meantime, was dealing with PTSD, as he was an ex-military. As his husband was out of town, he couldn’t even sleep alone at his house. So he chose to spend his nights at the office and slowly became cranky. Probably, Found will shed more light on how he copes up with his trauma in upcoming episodes.

Gabi, who knew that it was time to say goodbye to her father, picked up the box of ashes and went to the lake where she used to go fishing with her father. She asked Trent to keep her company. As Trent asked her to listen to her heart, Gabi chose not to spread the ashes into the river, saying that she wasn’t yet ready for this. She spent some time with Trent, talking about their lives, and went back to her home. She could vividly remember those times after she was kidnapped by Sir, who constantly urged her to change her name to fit into a place like Paris. Young Gabi, who was afraid of Sir, raised her voice and said that she decided to keep her name Gabi Moseley, the name that her parents had given her. She also let her kidnapper know that no matter what happened, she would never be able to give up her name, her identity, and most importantly, her roots.


In the upcoming episodes of Found, we hope to see more character development from Sir and to finally realize why he kidnapped Gabi in the first place and why he tried to raise her the way he wanted. The next episodes may delve deeper into the missing case of Margaret’s son, and we hope to get a happy resolution to that part of the story.

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