‘Found’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Lacey Leave M&A?

In the previous episode of Found, Gabi was terrified to learn that if she ever let Sir go or informed the police about him, Sir would hunt down Lacey and kill her. In Found episode 9, we saw a terrified Gabi feeling the immense pressure of guilt. She thought of confessing her crime and turning herself in, but would Gabi be so brave as to take this step? Let’s look into that.


Found Episode 9 opened with Gabi having a nightmare, in which she saw herself getting arrested by Trent for the kidnapping of Sir. She even dreamt Lacey was in grave danger as Sir had captured her. Gabi woke up from the nightmare and checked if Sir was still in her basement. Sir seemed to be very sick, but Gabi thought it was just him putting on a show. However, there was no pretense involved, as Sir was actually having a high fever, causing him to hallucinate and recall some troubling moments of his childhood. 

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Was Gabi Able To Save Melissa?

Gabi wrote a confession letter, admitting responsibility for the kidnapping of Sir, and thought that she would hand it to Trent when the right time came. Meanwhile, at the office, Gabi came to know that her picture had been on a magazine cover, which almost made her a public figure. Gabi was least excited about it, as she had many other things to worry about. Meanwhile, a guy named Harris and an elderly woman, Gloria, walked into their office, informing Gabi and her team about the disappearance of Harris’s wife, Melissa, an entrepreneur and social media influencer. Melissa’s kidnappers were demanding a 2 million dollar ransom, which was almost impossible for Harris to pay at that precise moment. Gabi checked Melissa’s profile and found she was very inspiring. Gabi kicked off the investigation, but DCPD wanted to interfere in it as it was a high-profile case. The DCPD wanted to investigate the disappearance of Melissa because they wanted the credit, while Gabi knew that without the help of the police, she would never be able to find Melissa safely.

Trent became a very close friend of Gabi, who felt safe around him. So she told him that she would want to confess something after the case was over. During the investigation, Harris was seen with another woman at his house. Gabi was suspicious of the other woman, so one day when she and her team suddenly made an entrance at their house, they found Harris and that woman packing their bags. Harris admitted that he was dating this woman because they were polyamorous. Harris, Melissa, and that other lady were a throuple, and they were pretty happy together. They were not packing their bags to leave; instead, they were trying to gather money to pay the ransom.


Gabi decided to take the ransom money and meet the kidnappers on her own. She made a deal with the kidnappers, but they didn’t bring Melissa along. Instead, they pointed a gun at Gabi. Trent was so worried about Gabi that he had no other choice but to call the police, which eventually saved Gabi’s life, but she couldn’t bring Melissa back.

Finally, one evening, Gabi received a call from the kidnapper, who asked her to meet them. Gabi was utterly shocked and disappointed to see that the kidnappers were Melissa’s most trusted friend Gloria and their assistant Marco. Gloria didn’t want to kill Melissa; she wanted to rob her of her wealth, and so did Marco. But as Gabi demanded that they take the money and set Melissa free, Marco tried to shoot her. Gabi managed to dodge the bullets and found Melissa in a wheelchair. Melissa was asphyxiated and unconscious. As Gabi tried to resuscitate her, we saw Gloria come to her aid. However, Gabi realized that the resuscitation was in vain because Melissa had already passed away due to asphyxiation.


Gabi was utterly heartbroken by the death of Melissa. DCPD began to warn the public not to trust the vigilantes, as according to them, Gabi was the reason why Melissa couldn’t make it out alive. However, Gabi didn’t pay much attention to it and brought a portrait of Melissa to hang on the wall. She had a separate room where she kept all the portraits of those kidnapping victims who couldn’t make it out alive. Gabi apologized to them and shed her tears. However, good news surfaced when Lacey called Gabi to inform her that Tony, who was shot by a human trafficker, had woken up from his comatose state. 

What Was The Troubling Past Of Sir’s Life?

During this time of fever, Sir could recall his troubling past. It was revealed that his hatred for independent women stemmed from his mother’s negligence towards him. Sir, whose actual name was Hugh, had always experienced his mother bringing random strangers home while paying no attention to her son. Not only that, but his mother had also physically and verbally abused him, which had damaged Hugh’s mental stability. However, he found solace in the company of a black lady from the neighborhood. This lady used to bring food for Hugh and even gave him a journal to write in. Hugh used to connect with that lady, whose background was still unknown, but we can assume that she probably had some connection with Gabi.

Did Lacey Leave M&A?

Meanwhile, Margaret joined therapy, but when her therapist asked her not to spend her nights at the bus stop anymore, Margaret thought of discontinuing the session. However, after Melissa’s case was over and she wasn’t able to save her life, Margaret realized she needed the therapy even more than before. She came back and decided to listen to her therapist.

Meanwhile, Lacey, who was feeling isolated by Gabi’s awkward behavior, thought of taking a leave from M&A. She informed Gabi, who didn’t want Lacey to go. Gabi realized that an unusual distance had been created between them, which was stopping them from being comfortable with each other. But Gabi wanted to fix it. However, Lacey demanded to know the truth. She wanted to know what exactly was in the basement, to which Gabi paused and replied that she had kept her darkness locked in her basement, where she used to lock herself up and think about the cases, trying to solve them. Lacey told her that it was not healthy, and Gabi should get out of this, but Gabi told her that it would take her some time, but one day she’d be able to get out of the darkness. In the upcoming episodes, the troubling past of Hugh will probably be explored further, which will answer a lot of questions regarding Gabi’s kidnapping.


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