‘Found’ Episode 11 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Annie Die?

In the tenth episode of Found, Gabi Moseley was stressed over the “Annie” situation and desperately wanted to get some proper information about Annie. Stephanie “Annie” Lopez was a senior to Gabi Moseley, and they’d both attended the same school. Both of them were students of Hugh Evans, a genius and charismatic teacher in their school, but none of the students had any idea who Hugh Evans really was. Up until now, all Gabi knew was that Annie was Hugh’s first victim, who escaped from Sir’s grasp and returned to his cabin to help Gabi run away, but on that night, when Annie came to Gabi’s rescue and went to call the police, she never came back. At dinnertime, when Sir found Gabi was worried about Annie, he showed Gabi the red ribbon Annie used to wear. Annie was freaked out thinking that Sir might have killed Annie, which turned out to be a lie at the end of Found season 1 episode 11. It turns out that Hugh didn’t kill Annie, but he lied about Annie’s death to maintain a sense of control over Gabi.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Brandon And Alison?

As Found season 1 almost reached its end, another kidnapping case got Gabi and her team busy and distracted from the troubles in their personal lives. A black ex-military, Brandon, was reported missing by his family. Soon after, a young white girl, Alison’s mother, reported the missing file of her daughter to the DCPD, which helped Gabi and her team realize that both of these cases were connected. Interracial relationships have always been criticized in our society, so Brandon and Alison’s relationship also became the victim of such criticism. When Alison went missing, Alison’s mother wasted no time pinning the entire blame on Brandon, calling him the kidnapper at a public conference, all while she didn’t even bother to question if Brandon was really the perpetrator or a victim himself. Gabi stepped in to make a change in this misconception. Finding out that Brandon was a military nurse who helped save a lot of lives in wartime, Gabi couldn’t even imagine the man could be a kidnapper. Finally, after some digging up, Gabi discovered Alison and Brandon were in a relationship that had previously been affected by Alison’s toxic ex-boyfriend Robert, who had tried to send humiliating texts from Alison’s cell phone to Brandon’s number. Still, Brandon and Alison had a mutual understanding and a perfect bond with each other, and they chose to believe in their union, their love over anything else.

While Gabi tried to clear Brandon’s name as a perpetrator from the records, she had been hugely criticized by the DCPD chief as well as politician Harwell Justice, who tried to defame Gabi, calling her methods unreliable, but Gabi chose not to get her mind into that stuff. Gabi and her team decoded that Alison and Brandon might have gone somewhere for a vacation, and to decipher the location, Gabi decided to bring both Brandon and Alison’s mothers to the headquarters of M&A. Alison’s mother guessed that her daughter and Brandon might have gone to a place near a forest, which held a special meaning in Alison’s heart. Gabi’s team didn’t waste time and went to the place, only to find the couple was in terrible condition. Alison had been severely injured, causing a massive loss of blood from her body, so Brandon had managed to give her a blood supply by creating an intravenous connection between his vein and hers, but it was not working out as both of them were massively injured and on the brink of bleeding out. Gabi’s team quickly rescued Brandon and Alison and admitted them to the hospital, where both of the couple’s parents came to meet them. Alison’s mother finally appreciated Brandon’s help and apologized to Brandon’s family for her previous misconduct.

How Did Annie Die?

After Brandon and Alison were successfully rescued and brought back home, Trent demanded to talk to Gabi about something that Gabi was previously curious about. It was nothing but Annie’s whereabouts that interested Gabi, so she asked Trent to run a search and find out if Annie was still alive. Trent informed Gabi that Annie had died only two years prior, in a car accident by driving under the influence of alcohol, but surprisingly, in Annie’s history, there was no record of her being kidnapped. Instead, Annie had spent most of her life in a mental asylum. The news stunned Gabi, as she believed it was Sir who had killed Annie and buried her dead body underneath his cabin, but the truth was shocking, as it prompted Gabi to believe that Sir was actually telling the truth. When Gabi confronted Sir about Annie, Hugh confessed the truth, saying that he lied to Gabi about killing Annie to gain power and control over Gabi, which might make him a mastermind puppeteer, but not a killer. Gabi initially struggled to believe Sir’s words, but Trent’s investigation proved that Hugh was right. However, while contemplating, Gabi mistakenly said that Sir had told the truth, which concerned Trent, who started suspecting if Gabi had been in contact with Sir in recent times.

Gabi went to the basement and confronted Sir, blaming him for wrecking Annie’s life. Gabi believed that it was Hugh Evans who had pushed Annie into the darkness of terror, isolation, and loneliness causing Annie to lose her mental stability. That’s why, after escaping Hugh’s cabin, Annie couldn’t get her normal life back. However, Hugh had his own misogynistic theories about Annie and why she deserved this pain, which further disgusted Gabi. Gabi couldn’t stand this hide-and-seek game anymore. She was tired of making Sir’s presence a burden in her life, so Gabi decided to get rid of him. In the concluding moments of Found Season 1, episode 11, we saw Gabi call an unknown person over the phone and ask them to come over, while Hugh was terrified to see if Gabi was going to take a drastic step by getting him arrested.

The upcoming episodes of Found season 1 are going to be intense, as a lot of things are going to take place in both Gabi’s personal and professional lives. Let’s wait for the upcoming episodes to learn exactly who Gabi called to come over. Was it Trent, or was it Lacey? These two could be possibilities, but we’re not sure if the next episode of Found might surprise us with something else. Let’s find that out next week.

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