‘Found’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Was Annie?

In the ninth episode of Found, when Gabi was mourning Melissa’s death, she received a call from Lacey, who told her that Tony had woken up from a coma. In episode 4, Tony, a teenage boy who was involved with a human trafficking gang and got shot by a trafficker, finally recovered from a coma. But Tony’s father didn’t want Gabi to meet Tony, as he believed Gabi was responsible for Tony getting injured. Gabi wasted no time and rushed to the hospital to meet Tony, but Tony’s father called security to kick her out of the hospital. However, instead of security showing up, the officers from DCPD came to arrest Tony.

Found season 1 has almost come to an end, and various details about this enigmatic character, Sir, are gradually coming to light. In this latest episode of Found, the mystery behind Annie is explained, and we also come to know exactly what Sir’s relationship with Gabi is. Let’s discuss what happened in episode 10.

Spoilers Ahead

Who Was The Human Trafficker?

Episode 10 began with the DCPD officers arresting Tony and bringing him into custody. Meanwhile, Gabi was trying hard to protect the teen from any harm, but after Melissa’s death, DCPD revoked M&A’s license, stopping them from performing their independent investigation. Gabi desperately wanted to help Tony out, but without his father’s consent, it was impossible for her to run the investigation. However, Tony’s father had a realization that only Gabi Moseley had treated his son in a nonjudgmental way and tried to stand by his side, so instead of trusting DCPD, he came to M&A’s headquarters to hire Gabi.

Gabi had a conversation with Tony and realized that he felt extremely guilty for his past actions and was now fighting with his inner demons. Tony also couldn’t trust Gabi, so he chose not to tell her anything and took off. Tony went to those people whom he once hurt and tried to apologize to them. Gabi came to know that Tony’s parents had divorced, which was another reason Tony was emotionally damaged. So Gabi tried to contact Tony’s mother, who had two more little children. Tony’s mother was afraid if her son was still affiliated with the traffickers, but Gabi assured her that Tony was on the path to redemption. Even Matthew, whom Tony had kidnapped earlier, came to M&A to inform Gabi that Tony had shown up at their house and apologized for his mistake. Matthew’s mother, realizing that Tony’s mother was too afraid to talk to his son, approached her and told her that Tony was trying to rectify his mistakes and that, as a mother, she should give him a chance. Tony’s mother spoke to her son and came to know where he was.

Gabi’s team discovered that Tony had gone to his school, so without wasting any time, they headed to his school, where they met Principal Chloe. The principal let the team talk to the students, and Gabi found out about Finn Anderson, whom Tony had tried to groom for the trafficking ring. Gabi interrogated Finn and came to know about a teacher who had been very close to Tony and all the other students. Gabi began to doubt the teacher’s involvement in it, so she told her team to dig deeper into the background of the teachers in school. Gabi’s team didn’t find anything on the teacher Finn had mentioned, but they dug up some interesting information on Principal Chloe, who used to teach at a school in a neighborhood infamous for a human trafficker gang. Wasting no time, Gabi’s team headed to the school and captured Chloe, who confessed her crime under the pressure and revealed that she had selected those bad kids whom no one would miss. She also revealed where she had kept the other children she had kidnapped from the school, and Gabi’s team reached there in no time. Upon arriving there, Gabi’s team found out Tony was pointing his gun at Finn, who was the one to shoot Tony when Matthew was rescued in episode 4. It was Finn who had tried to groom Tony to make him join the ring, not the other way around. Gabi’s team rescued all the children from Chloe and Finn’s grasp, along with Tony. The team celebrated their success, and meanwhile, we saw Zeke’s father, who had strong ties with DCPD, helping Gabi’s team by reinstating their license.

Who Was Annie?

During Tony’s case, Gabi once again recalled Annie, the previous victim of Hugh (Sir), who had probably killed her later. While checking her yearbooks, we came to know that Hugh was actually Gabi Moseley’s teacher, who had kidnapped her from the class. This revelation struck her mind, prompting her to dig deeper into the previous yearbooks of her old school. After looking into an old yearbook, she found Hugh was actually Annie’s teacher too, and before he kidnapped Gabi, he had actually kidnapped Annie, who managed to escape from his captivity. However, years later, when Hugh committed another crime by kidnapping Gabi, Annie came back to save her. Gabi’s flashbacks showed us that Annie had been able to spot her inside the cabin and tried to establish communication with her to ultimately get her out. But unfortunately, Annie couldn’t do it, as Hugh had caught her talking to Gabi and probably killed her.

Even though Gabi strongly believed that Hugh had killed Annie, Hugh denied the claim. Furious, Gabi came downstairs to confront Hugh and asked him where he had buried Annie’s body, but Hugh replied that he hadn’t killed her. Gabi didn’t believe him, so she made it clear that now, in her life, her only mission would be to find the remains of Annie, which would serve as evidence to put Hugh in prison forever. However, it remains to be seen if Gabi will ever find Annie’s dead body. Next week, in the upcoming season finale, we expect the mystery of Annie’s death and the reason behind Hugh kidnapping the kids from his school to be revealed. We also hope to see if Gabi can save herself from infamy if her kidnapping of Sir is caught by the authorities.

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