‘Florida Man’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happened To Iris? Was She Dead Or Alive?

Previously in episode 5 of “Florida Man,” we saw Moss finally reach Florida to hunt for Mike following Dutch’s death. But, before he could see Mike, he ran into Delly in the motel room. Meanwhile, Iris discovered Delly to be quite alive and bugged her handbag in order to track her down. At the same time, Mike gave Patsy the responsibility of checking on the EMT guy to see if he would make it out alive or not, but Patsy ensured that he would not. Now that Moss has discovered Delly to be alive, it’s possible that he will wish to shoot her in the head, so let’s see what happens to Delly.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Didn’t Moss Kill Delly?

Moss went out to murder Delly as soon as he discovered she was still alive, but Moss lacked the courage to kill anyone. Moss did not murder Gil Franco; rather, he commanded his subordinates to do so, with the exception of Delly’s father, Arthur, whom he had to take out on his father’s command. Delly had found out that the killer of her father was Moss, but she was also unable to kill him. Thus, she tries to flee to get rid of Moss and find the treasure, but after getting caught by him again, she decides to play along with him. She began lying to Moss again, claiming that she had come to Florida to find gold for both of them. She also stated that she had no relationship with Mike and was only using him to get to the gold. She advised that Moss utilize Mike’s assistance to reach the wealth and then kill Mike. Thanks to Iris’s covert recorder, Mike was able to hear everything Delly said. Iris persuaded Mike that the individuals he had been dealing with might turn on him at any time, and that Delly was undoubtedly one of them. Delly’s life was saved, however, when Moss fell into her trap and came to trust her all over again. He forgave Delly despite the fact that she had played a dirty game with him; of course, the incentive for the forgiveness was gold.


What Happened To Iris? Was She Alive?

Moss insisted on meeting with Mike and surprising him after sparing Delly’s life, but due to Iris, Mike was already aware of Moss. He still decided to meet with Moss and Delly in Sonny’s bar, where Deacon, Mike’s brother-in-law, paid a visit to Mike and Sonny and presented himself to Moss as a member of Mike’s family. Mike hadn’t wanted this to happen, as Moss was now aware of his entire family thanks to Deacon. Deacon asked Mike and Sonny to dinner, and Moss insisted on accompanying them. In the evening, when Patsy saw her father and brother bring a criminal into her house, she lost her cool. She started to ask questions as to how many times, for the sake of her brother and father, she would have to become the scapegoat.

She began admitting loudly that she had to go to such lengths to protect the males in her family that she had to kill a guy. She expressed her grief that, as a girl born into this family, her brother and father had always kept her in the dark in an attempt to protect her, but the darkness of falsehoods, such as hiding the truth about how her mother died, had caused her anguish and trauma. She had lived her entire life believing the lie and denying the fact that her family was dysfunctional. But now she was sick of it and wanted to do away with it. She even confessed to her husband that she had cheated on him, which obviously caused Deacon a great deal of pain, but at least Patsy was not hiding things anymore from anyone.


Sonny couldn’t believe his ears after Patsy’s shocking confession that Mike drove her to kill the EMT guy. However, when Mike returned from Patsy’s place, he saw Iris’s car parked outside their house. He even discovered that she had bugged his car in order to monitor him. Mike took the tracker and tossed it into a vehicle, leading Iris astray to a Taco Bell. In the meantime, the dockmaster at the lakeside where Gil’s boat was discovered phoned Iris after observing two guys aboard the boat. These were Ray-Ray and Buzz, who were waiting for Moss to come so they could murder him. Iris immediately hurried to the dock to find them, but Buzz and Ray-Ray began firing at her. Iris counterattacked, and after a shootout, Ray-Ray was killed, while Irish was severely injured by a gunshot.

Who Arrested Mike?

Not only were Moss and Iris pursuing Mike, but Kaitlin Fox was also on the hunt. She reached out to Officer Andy in order to apprehend Mike, but as Andy began his investigation, Kaitlin attempted to exaggerate the facts by claiming that Mike and Sonny were involved in the drug trade. However, while Andy was plotting to have Sonny and Mike arrested, Sonny got Mike arrested by the police. Mike was on his way to the deck when the cops pulled him over and arrested him. Maybe Sonny didn’t want Moss to kill his son; therefore, he wanted Mike to stay in jail rather than outdoors, where Moss might kill him at any time.


The deputy sheriff, Ketcher, who has been wandering about Florida and occasionally spotted stealing people’s shoes or borrowing clothes, has now been linked to Mike. When Mike arrived in Florida, he grabbed a handgun box, which happened to contain Ketcher’s gun. Ketcher obviously loved his pistol more than his family, so he began seeking out the thief who took his gun. Let’s see whether Ketcher can help Mike in his confrontation with Moss in the last episode of “Florida Man.”

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