‘Florida Man’ Episode 3: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Iris Get Back Into The Case Of Moss Yankov?

Previously in “Florida Man” episode 2, we saw Mike identify the lake and the Colonial, and soon after, he would locate the Penske truck, which may be beneath the lake’s water. But he needed some help with it. Meanwhile, Delly was spotted conversing with Sonny, implying that she may have informed Sonny of their gold theft scheme. Let’s see how Mike and Delly would manage to get the truck out of the water and locate the treasures within. “Florida Man” Episode 3 begins with the deputy sheriff, Ketcher, being imprisoned, but due to a thug who got into the jail and blew a huge hole in the prison walls, Ketcher was able to escape. We don’t yet know what Ketcher has to do with the story of Mike, but we’ll find out as the story develops.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Mike Retrieve The Penske Truck Out Of The Lake?

Delly ran up to Sonny at his pub and informed him about the gold coins and asked where to get them. She sought Sonny’s assistance after she and Mike had repeatedly failed to locate the coins. But soon after, she received a call from Mike, who informed her that he had found the lake. Mike had expressly forbidden Delly from looking for his father or telling him about the gold, but Delly had already done so. She, on the other hand, withheld it from Mike. Meanwhile, Mike sought assistance from his sister’s husband, Deacon, who was working for a surveyor in a sinkhole. Mike got to the location with his help and was able to hire a crane driver to hoist the vehicle out of the water. Mike promised him thousands of bucks only for driving the crane, which made the driver find Mike dubious.


After all of the arrangements, Mike and Delly arrived at the lake zone only to discover Sonny and his two friends waiting to volunteer for the search and rescue operation for the truck. Mike was first quite upset with Delly after learning that she had contacted Sonny without informing him, but he eventually sought to use them to help retrieve the truck. Sonny and his friends reached a bargain, but Delly made it obvious that she and Mike would take most of the revenue from the gold, and Sonny and his friends would have to settle for whatever Delky would offer them. They all agreed to the bargain and proceeded to plan the retrieval effort.

The next night, Delly, Mike, Sonny, and his friends arrived incognito at the location. Delly was supposed to distract the security guard with a false suicide attempt, which prompted the guard to escort her to the chapel. Meanwhile, Sonny and Mike decided to jump into the lake while their other pal, Buzz, who was a little dazed, was ready to grasp the chains and pull out the vehicle. As Mike and Sonny dove into the water, the crane driver was notified and arrived on the scene. However, Buzz got distracted by the jets in the sky, and the term “gold” slipped out of his mouth as he continued to speak gibberish. The crane driver stepped back and stood over the chains to create a roadblock. He insisted that Mike and Sonny exit the water so that he could participate in their gold theft and strike a deal with them. Before the driver could do anything else, Buzz shot him and flung his body into the lake. With him, the entire chain was hurled into the sea, ruining Mike and Sonny’s entire plan to retrieve the truck.


While all of this was going on, Delly was chatting with the guard, Eric, who straight away gave off the vibe of a serial killer. As Eric went to bring some cookies for Delly, she heard a groaning sound coming from inside the church.

How Did Iris Get Back Into The Case Of Moss Yankov? Was Delly Really Trustable?

Meanwhile, Iris read Delly West’s obituary, which Moss had put in the newspaper. Despite the fact that she was not on the case, Iris opted to attend Delly’s funeral in order to learn more about her passing and how it linked with Mike’s presence in Florida. She ran into Moss’s henchman, who told her that Mike had gone to Florida to get her, but he’d found her dead instead. Iris returned to the precinct, but her employer was unimpressed with her performance. Her connection to Mike might have been utilized as leverage in the case, but her boss didn’t want Iris to go through the distress of arresting her ex. Her employer had been there and done that, and she didn’t want the same thing to happen to Iris. Nevertheless, Iris assured her with confidence that she would love to arrest her ex because, after all, who doesn’t want that?


Delly appeared particularly sneaky in episode 3 of “Florida Man,” as though she was up to something that she didn’t even tell Mike about. We witness her calling someone on the phone and saying, “I love you.” Therefore, we can assume that her aim in including Mike in her scheme was not entirely motivated by her love for him; rather, it appeared that she would be stealing all of the gold with Mike’s assistance and then ditching him. Let’s take a peek at the next episodes to have a better understanding of Delly’s motive.

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