‘Florida Man’ Episode 2: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Mike Find The Gold Coins?

Previously in “Florida Man,” we see Mike, an ex-cop who turned to gambling after losing his job and ended up owing a lot of money to a mafia figure named Moss Yankov. To repay him, Mike began working under Moss’ orders, namely as one of his minions. Moss’s girlfriend, Delly, in the meantime, ran away to Florida, taking his BMW, and hadn’t contacted him since. Moss dispatched his faithful henchman, Mike, to get Delly, but upon landing in Florida, Mike had to meet his family. While searching for Delly, he discovered Delly’s dead body in a bungalow, but the murder scene was cleaned up after he left. Finally, when Mike began to suspect Moss was behind Delly’s murder, he discovered in his cabin that Delly had come to pay him a visit. It wasn’t Delly’s ghost; rather, she was very much alive and appeared to have faked her death to avoid Moss’s attention. Maybe she had a plan and needed Mike’s assistance on her quest.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Delly Plan Her Fake Murder? Why Did She Come To Florida?

“Florida Man” Episode 2 opens with Delly faking the entire scenario of her murder. She swiftly fled to Florida after taking the BMW from Moss, but when she got there, she found Mike had already arrived. She knew Mike had come to Florida exclusively to seek her out on his boss’s orders, so she decided to fake her death to evade Moss’s attention. She asked Jason, an EMT she had met at a bar, to help her with the charade. That evening, Mike followed them both as they went inside the bungalow. Delly covered herself in a lot of red paint and asked Jason to give her an injection of a drug to slow her heart rate. After Jason acted as instructed and left, Mike went into the Bungalow and thought Delly was already dead. After Mike left, Jason tried to flee with Delly by using an ambulance, but they were struck by a thief’s car in the middle of the road. Delly, on the other hand, made it out alive, but the thug knocked Jason out and grabbed all of his possessions.


Delly, though, was able to hold onto the gold coin for herself. She went on to say that the main reason she was in Florida was because of this gold coin. When Moss was beating Gil up on Delly’s birthday night, Gil told him that he had recently gotten his hands on a load of gold coins in Orlando in a Penske truck near Lake and Colonial in Central Florida. Delly overheard the entire conversation from her room, which compelled her to search for those coins, if they existed. She even wanted to go around Gil’s yacht, which had lately been discovered on the Florida decks, but she didn’t have access to the boat. Delly warned Mike that if he brought her back to Philadelphia, Moss would eventually kill her. To protect Delly, Mike continued to lie to Moss, claiming that Delly was dead, but his expectations were dashed when Moss urged him to return and rejoin his group. Mike had already struck a bargain that after tracking down Delly he wouldn’t be returning to Moss, but Moss did not even bother to consider that. Mike came to the conclusion that there was no getting away from Moss.

At the same time, we see a deputy sheriff, Ketcher, who is traveling to Florida with his family and is anxious about their safety and wants to keep a pistol. Finally, he obtained an illegal firearm from a waste picker and continued to travel with his family without telling them about the gun. However, while driving his car, some troopers made him pull over in the middle of the road. While the troopers questioned him, Ketcher’s wife unintentionally discovered the pistol in front of him, prompting the trooper to arrest Ketcher.


How Did Mike Extend His Stay In Florida?

Andy came to see Mike the next morning and began questioning him about the murder scene in the bungalow, but as soon as he saw the deceased girl, Delly, alive and talking to Mike, Andy had no more questions for Mike. Mike and Delly went to Gil’s yacht, but there was no gold coin or even a clue of where the other ones might be. Mike began to assume that Gil had merely muttered nonsense to protect himself that night, but Delly was certain that the gold coins might be somewhere in Florida. Mike asked her to leave Florida, but Delly refused to leave without him. Therefore, to extend his stay in Florida, Mike called Moss and promised to identify Delly’s murderer and deliver him to Moss. Moss gave him permission to do so. While Moss was grieving over Delly and planning her burial, he unlocked his safe to get the money, only to discover that his hard drive had been stolen. Delly did steal the hard drive, but on the night the ambulance was stolen by the bandit, she lost it somewhere near the bushes. She eventually got it back, but she needed a laptop to figure out exactly what was inside. Moss struggled with the fact that the hard drive had been taken since it undoubtedly contained some crucial data.

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, the police department was made aware of Mike’s presence in Florida and his engagement with Moss, so Iris’s employer removed her from the investigation because she had previously been married to Mike and still maintained contact with him. This link between Iris and Mike, I believe, may have been exploited as leverage, but never mind.


Did Mike Find Those Gold Coins? 

Sonny began to nudge his son to return to Philadelphia, knowing that if Mike was still in Florida, it meant he was still looking for something. Mike attended the lunch with his family, and while there, a discussion about the lake and Colonial popped into his head, and he remembered Delly talking about it as well. Mike concluded that this location was real, implying that Gil wasn’t making up the entire narrative. Sonny attempted to stop Mike from whatever he was up to. Even though Sonny didn’t want his kid to stay in Florida for long, he still cherished the family memories that Sonny and his family had made there. But seeing Mike try to erase everything pained Sonny so much. Mike’s lack of interest in his family has raised doubts in our minds, but we can presume that he wasn’t very fond of his father, as he was likewise a police officer who eventually went into smuggling and crime.

Mike’s gambling addiction may have been acquired from his father’s proclivity for crime, leading Mike to blame his father for everything. Maybe if he had believed that if his father had been a moral person, he would have been in a higher position in society. But Mike couldn’t just blame his father for the shambles he’d made of his life. So, in order to avoid further mishaps, Mike set out to find those gold coins. He proceeded to the lake and Colonial, where he knew he’d be able to find the Penske truck, meaning that he wouldn’t be far away from having those gold coins. When he arrived at the lake, he contacted Delly and told her he would find the truck, but we see Delly may have already figured it out because she was now meeting with Sonny at his bar. Sonny seemed to be assisting his son and Delly in their quest to discover the treasure.

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