‘Float’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did Blake And Waverly End Up Together?

Float is a sweet story of a bond formed between a couple who have several familial issues of their own. Blake fuels Waverly’s free spirit while she is on a summer break at Holden. The summer fling is turned into a serious love affair between the two when they accept the fact that they are quite different but complement each other perfectly. Blake helps Waverly learn how to swim, acting as a source of motivation for Waverly to keep tackling the chaotic waves in her life and remain afloat even amidst adversity. Will Waverly and Blake be able to fulfill their familial duties? Will they eventually end up together? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Waverly Decide To Visit Holden?

Waverly had been lonely ever since her childhood, as she had busy parents who had no time to spare for her. She had always tried to live up to her parents’ dreams and eventually decided to take up medicine as her career just to impress them. In the process, she had forgotten how to live and had been led against her own wishes. However, reality hit her one summer, when she decided to go and meet her long-estranged aunt Rachel in Holden. She wanted to decide the course of her own actions and how she would spend her summer, at least once in her life.


Rachel was surprised to see her niece one fine day, suddenly knocking on her door. She was more than happy to host Waverly and gave her the keys to her guest room. Maybe Waverly had decided to come and stay for a few days in a small town, away from the bustling city, just to lead a quiet and peaceful life for a few days. She was also quite upset that her mother and Rachel were no longer in touch, and she did not want that to affect her relationship with her aunt.

How Did Waverly Gel With Blake?

While on her trip to Holden, Waverly came across a charming neighbor, Blake, who was working as a lifeguard in a private pool in the town. Waverly was just starting to get to know her neighbors when she saw Blake getting into a fight with a guy. When she went to intervene, she accidentally got pushed into a water body. When Blake realized that she couldn’t swim, he jumped into the water, saving her life.


After that incident, Waverly and Blake started getting to know each other well. When Waverly asked him about the guy that he got into a fight with, he said that he was his sister Isabel’s boyfriend. She realized that Blake wasn’t on very good terms with his sister and couldn’t open up to her about his affection for her. Waverly also opened up to Blake, sharing how she had been a lonely child. She said that they had immigrated to Chicago when she was 3, and then her parents moved back to Taipei after getting her into boarding school. She said that she would hardly talk to her parents, as a distance had been created between them since she was a child.

As time went by, she was seen gelling well with Blake. She would often visit his farm, where they would spend time together. He was also trying to teach her how to swim, as he believed it was a life skill that everyone should have. Initially, Waverly was scared of getting down to the deeper end of the pool, but Blake eventually helped her master the skill of floating.


How Did Waverly Spend Her Time In Holden?

Waverly was having the time of her life in Holden! She was experiencing new things that she had never experienced before. She became friends with Isabel, and she took her to a secret spot to hang out. She asked Waverly not to tell her brother about it, making her realize that she couldn’t open up to him, and she took it upon herself to mend their relationship. She later advised Blake to open up to his sister and become friends with her to understand her emotions, making him realize that Waverly was an empathetic person who could easily understand human emotions. While on her vacation, she also started working as a bartender at Jesse’s bar, which was something that she had never tried her hands at. She was experiencing new things that she had never had the opportunity to explore. She also went out shopping with Rachel and asked her why she had lost touch with her mother. Rachel told her that her mother did not approve of her staying in a small town like Holden and eventually cut all ties with her. This brought to light the fact that Waverly’s mom was extremely into the superficiality of the bigger cities, causing her to put pressure on her daughter.

Did Blake Reciprocate Waverly’s Feelings?

When Waverly poured her heart out to Blake, he told her that he was not ready for a relationship and that they could be friends. He told her that Isabel was his first priority, and he wouldn’t want to neglect her for the sake of his own relationship. Waverly was dejected and made up her mind about going back to Toronto. Later, when she told Rachel about how she felt about Blake, she advised her to have an open conversation with him, which could make him realize her worth. Waverly then told her aunt that she had to go back to Toronto as she had not informed her parents about going to Holden.

Blake had already told Waverly off, but their swimming sessions were still on. The steam between them was evident from the glances that they gave each other, and quite obviously, they were unable to resist each other and got intimate. She told him that she had been delaying going back to Toronto because she liked spending her time with him. Later, when her parents got to know that she was in Holden, they asked her to come back to Toronto, as they had come down to visit her. She, however, refused to go back and insisted on staying back in Holden for a few more days because she was enjoying herself there. Waverly realized that she had lost herself in trying to please everyone else around her. Later, when Blake told her that he was just a summer fling for her, she got really upset and gave up trying to get his attention.

How Did Blake Understand Waverly’s Worth?

When Blake told Waverly that Isabel had been missing, Waverly knew exactly where to find her and took Blake to the secret spot that Isabel had shown her. It is possible that Waverly knew how to tackle difficult teenagers, as even she was difficult to tackle when she was younger. She had not known parental affection, making her more sensitive to the emotions of others. After Blake had talked his heart out with Isabel, he realized that he just had to let her go and not be excessively controlling as an elder brother. Later, when Blake and Waverly went to see the sunset together, he thanked her for her support and for guiding him to understand Isabel better. As a male parent figure in Isabel’s life, Blake realized that he could not tackle her difficult teen years all alone. He perceived that no one other than Waverly could help him handle the situation better, as she understood Isabel so well.


Did Waverly Gel With Her Parents After She Went To Meet Them?

Waverly left for Toronto to meet her parents, but she did not seem to have the gleam on her face when she met them after almost 4 years. She told her mother that she was upset that she had cut off all contact with Rachel. She also told her parents how she had lived her life to the fullest and managed to know herself better by spending just a few days in Holden. She also told her father that he should be calling her more often, as she craved his attention. She had a hearty conversation with her parents, helping her get the burden off her chest. Before leaving, Waverly’s mother apologized to her for having made her feel lonely all her life. She also promised that the next summer they would all go and visit Rachel on the island.

Did Blake And Waverly End Up Together?

While Waverly was in Toronto, she got a surprise visit from Blake. She was extremely happy that he had come to meet her, and the two were seen spending some quality time together. She told Blake that she did not want the summer to end and how happy she was to finally get some time with him. Waverly requested Blake teach her how to surf the next summer, and he promised her that he would!


Final Words

The summer proved to be extremely refreshing for Waverly! She learned how to swim, mended her family relations, helped others resolve their familial disagreements, and made a boyfriend. The summer breeze brought in a wave of change in Waverly’s life. She had never known freedom until she decided to break out of her mundane schedule and visit Holden without informing her parents. More than just being a love story, Float is a story of adventure and garnering new experiences in life.

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