‘Flex X Cop’ Episode 15 Recap & Ending Explained: What Was Sengju’s Motive?

As we stand almost on the verge of the ending of Flex x Cop and we are close to finding out a lot of secrets. The culprit responsible for snatching Isoo’s childhood away from him is to be unveiled pretty soon. We are close to discovering Heeja and Sengju’s hand in causing Kim and Myeongcheol’s deaths. Ganghyun will help Isoo come closer to the truth by re-investigating the murders of both his parents. Will Isoo and Ganghyun be able to find out the main culprits behind the murders? How will Isoo get his memory back? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Isoo Approach Myeongcheol?

When Isoo met Myeongcheol the night before his death, he blamed him for his mother’s death. Myeongcheol told Isoo that he had wanted to divorce Heeja and come and live with Kim before she died. However, he did not believe Myeongcheol and left. Right after he was gone, something mysterious happened to Myeongcheol, resulting in his death. 


Later, Heeja blamed Isoo at Myeongcheol’s funeral, saying that he must have said something to his father, causing him to commit suicide. Sengju, however, managed to get a handle on the situation, asking his mother to walk away. Isoo later apologized to Sengju and asked him to stay with him for a few days. However, Isoo refused to do so and went back to his own home, reliving his past memories with his parents. He remembered when Myeoncheol gave him a compass when he was a kid and said that he should always choose the right path. He saw his mom’s picture and a letter that his father had written to her, saying how he wanted to give her a good life and wanted to be a good partner. 

Did Myeongcheol Change His Will? 

After Myeongcheol’s passing away, when his lawyer came forward to read out his will to both his sons, Isoo said that he was not interested and asked Sengju to handle it all. However, later, the attorney told Mr. Choi that Meyongcheol had changed his will at the last moment. There is a possibility that Myeongcheol had completely excluded Sengju from his will, as he wanted to make sure that his only son, Isoo, would become the next chairman of the Hansu Group. 


Why Was Ganghyun So Suspicious About Myeongcheol’s Death?

Ganghyun realized that the matter was not as transparent as it appeared. When she went to get the autopsy reports, Jiwon told her that there were no pills or any bottles of pills at Myeongcheol’s place, indicating that he had not committed suicide and that someone had given him an overdose of sleeping pills without his knowledge. Ganghyun also looked into Isoo’s mother’s death 25 years ago and realized that both cases looked similar. 

Later, when Isoo and Ganghyun went to eat at a joint, they discussed the matter, and Isoo brought up that his father had offered him a drink that night, and he wouldn’t have done so if he knew there were pills in it. Ganghyun informed him that there were no pills in the bottle and that they should reinvestigate both the cases. Later, when Ganghyun called Mr. Choi and asked him if Myeongcheol took pills on a regular basis, he said that he didn’t but that Heeja would take pills regularly. This statement directly hinted at the point that either Heeja or Sengju was at fault. It is possible that Heeja had killed Kim 25 years ago to make sure that her husband wouldn’t divorce her. The second possibility suggested that Sengju must have killed Myeongcheol to make sure that he would get his hands on the Hansu Group after killing his father. Meanwhile, as the detectives were investigating the case further, they found that a car had arrived at Myeongcheol’s house at 1 a.m. on the night of the murder.


What Did Isoo Find Out About His Mother’s Death?

Meanwhile, Isoo went to the psychiatrist to revive his memory of the night of his mother’s death. Finally, after the psychiatrist helped him to revive his memory, he realized that on that night, Heeja had come to their home and assaulted his mother. He told Mr. Choi that it was possible that his father had found out that Sengju was not his own son and planned for a divorce from Heeja. However, Mr. Choi said that the chairman knew about it but still accepted Heeja, as he believed that his marriage was just a part of his business deal. He already knew she was pregnant right before their marriage, but later, when he came to know that he had his own son with Kim, he wanted to get back to her, divorcing Heeja. It was highly probable that upon learning that Myeongcheol was going to leave her, she killed Kim. 

What Did Mr. Choi Find Out?

Choi followed Sengju to gather more information on him. He intentionally crashed into Sengju’s car so that he could take it to get repaired and find some evidence inside it. When Mr. Choi checked the car, he realized that Sengju had removed the SD card from the dashboard of the car. When he informed Ganghyun about it, she realized that he was the real culprit, but she did not have any evidence against him. Meanwhile, Isoo called Sengju and said that he had gotten back his memory about the night of his mother’s death. He remembered that Heeja had assaulted his mom that night and that if Heeja was the culprit, he wouldn’t hesitate to turn her in to the legal system. 


What Was Sengju’s Motive?

When Sengju went to ask Heeja whether she had gone to Kim on the night of her death, she counter-questioned him, asking if he was the one to have murdered his father. He accepted his crime, stating that all he wanted was to protect his mother and win over the Hansu Group. That night, when he had gone to meet Myeongcheol, he had asked him to turn himself and Heeja in for being involved in a murder. He realized that Myeongcheol could be a threat to his mother and his success and, hence, ended up putting sleeping pills in his drink, which eventually killed him. 

What Will Happen Next?

The 16th episode of Flex x Cop will showcase Isoo’s journey to seek answers to his parents’ deaths. He will confront Sengju about killing his father and whether he was involved in murdering his mother 25 years ago. Sengju will try to manipulate Isoo into believing that he is innocent, but the final episode of Flex x Cop will unveil Sengju’s real face to the world, eventually pulling him down from the post of Chairman of the Hansu Group. 


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