‘Flex X Cop’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: How Was The Killer Captured?

The seventh episode of Flex x Cop is focused on yet another bizarre case of murder. While investigating the murder case of Choi Senou, the CEO of SW Soft, another crime pops up, where the leader of the customer management team, Cho Sunguu, is found killed. Yet again, Isoo risks his life to catch the culprit, who was trying to get away with the murders. There are a lot of secrets that are associated with the YK Hospital, which are to be unveiled later. Will Ganghyun be able to solve the dual murder case with Isoo’s help? What is the mystery of Isoo’s mother’s death? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Choi Senou Die?

A man was found dead inside a building, and upon investigation, it was found that he was Choi Senou, the CEO of SW Soft. It was revealed that he had started his office in this building itself, with a workforce of only three people. When Choi’s wife was informed about his death, she said that things had gotten bad at his company, and before his death, he had told his wife that someone was trying to kill him. He also asked her to flee, as he believed that her life was also under threat. When the autopsy reports came in, it was revealed that he had died of dehydration and had not eaten in the past 4 days. 


What Was Seo Yukyung’s Take On The Murder?

It was found out that Choi had last talked to Seo Yukyung (his psychiatrist) before his death. When Seo was questioned, she refused to reveal the disease that Choi had, as it was against the protocol. She told Isoo and Ganghyun that she was assuming that he might have had a fit before his death and that it had happened to him before. She told them that when Choi had last called her, he was panicking, saying that someone wanted to kill him. 

Later, Isoo asked Seo why he had been seeing the same dream every night and what it meant. She told him that maybe his subconscious had something to tell him. It was also revealed that Seo was in touch with Isoo’s father, as she called him and informed him that his son had been dreaming of the past. She said that maybe his memories would come back to him soon. There is a possibility that Isoo’s mother’s death had something to do with the dreams that he was having. 


Why Was Cho Sunggu Killed?

A video was unearthed where Choi was seen having an altercation with Cho Sunggu, the leader of the customer management team. When the other employees were questioned, they said that Cho had not been coming to the office for the past few days. Isoo and Ganghyun also found out that the company was in a bad state and that Choi used the company funds to invest in bitcoins, but the prices had plunged all of a sudden. When Cho found out about it, he blackmailed Choi, threatening to accuse him of embezzlement. Later, when the police went to Cho’s house, they found him dead and also found 2 billion won at his place. It was revealed that someone had attacked him from behind, and his throat was slashed. 

How Was Hong Euna Connected To The Case?

The second daughter of MK Group, Hong Euna’s fingerprint was found on the bag of cash. Ganghyun sent Isoo to talk to her, as she was his ex-girlfriend. When he went to see her and asked her about the money, she said that Cho had been blackmailing her for money, saying that he would reveal to everyone right before her marriage that she was getting psychiatric treatment. It was hence revealed that Cho Sunguu used to extract information about the wealthy patients at YK Hospital and blackmail them.


Did Ganghyun’s Family Make Isoo Feel At Home?

As Myeong-cheol was running for the position of mayor in the upcoming elections, a press conference was held at his house. Heeja told Isoo not to show up at the conference, but he went there anyway to steal the limelight. The reporters started giving him all the attention, asking him about his cases. Later, when Heeja insulted him and asked him to leave the house, he did so. He was dejected, and when he came across Ganghyun, her mother saw them talking and invited him in for dinner. Isoo dined with Ganghyun and her family, making him feel at home. Even though the food did not taste as good, he felt the warmth of a family in their household. 

How Was The Killer Captured?

Kyungjin said that Choi and Cho were accomplices, which was revealed from the texts between them. Choi was being blackmailed by Cho, but he had no money, so he decided to blackmail other patients using their information from the hospital. It is possible that one of the patients got mad at them both, eventually resulting in both Cho and Choi getting killed. After Cho was killed, Choi was scared and hid, where he had died of dehydration and a panic attack. 

The police were intent on finding the USB that Cho and Choi had talked about in their texts. They searched Cho’s office thoroughly but did not find it anywhere. When Isoo went back to Cho’s murder scene, he was attacked by the killer. Maybe he had come back to the scene to get rid of some evidence. When Isoo attacked him, he managed to chain him and flee the scene. However, Isoo was not someone who could be subdued so easily! He managed to break free and jump from the building to catch the culprit. Finally, the culprit was caught, but instead of praising Isoo, Ganghyun reprimanded him for being too careless about himself. She told him that he should be more careful while making any decisions. This brought out the fact that Ganghyun had started developing a soft spot for Isoo. 

Why Did Ganghyun Try To Dig Up Isoo’s Past?

Lee Giseok, a reporter, came to Isoo’s house, but when he did not find anyone there, he went to Ganghyun’s. The reporter asked Hyeong-jun about the case that he was in charge of 25 years ago. Lee questioned Hyeong-jun as to how a young woman had died, leaving behind a young child all by himself in that house. However, Hyeong-jun refused to help the reporter by answering any of his questions. When Misook told Ganghyun that a reporter had come to their house asking about Isoo and his mother, she decided to look into the case. When she saw reports made 25 years ago on the case, she realized that Isoo’s mother had not died in a car accident but by drowning in a bathtub after taking anti-depressants. 


What Will Happen Next?

The eighth episode of Flex x Cop will reveal the real identity of the killer and his intention behind murdering Choi and Cho. The police will search for the USB, and when they get their hands on it, there will be a greater revelation of the motive behind the two murders. The next episode is also likely to shed light on Isoo’s bitter past. Ganghyun will try her best to find out the real reason behind his mother’s death. It is possible that she had not died in an accident but had been murdered by someone. The next episode will reveal many things, adding more layers to the plot of Flex x Cop

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