‘Flex X Cop’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happens To Ganghyun’s Father?

The sixth episode of Flex x Cop reveals the mysteries of the deaths of elderly people. Isoo again shows his presence of mind in catching the criminals, once again proving his worth as a resourceful cop. Ganghyun helped Isoo in his endeavors by asking her father to assist in their mission. Ganghyun wants to restore her father’s lost respect as a cop and prove him innocent, bringing him back to his job. How will Isoo track the miscreants? Will Isoo’s plan to catch the miscreants work well? Will Ganghyun’s father help with the mission? There are several similar questions that come to our minds while watching the series. Let’s find the answers to them! 


Spoilers Ahead

How Did The Miscreants Steal The Seal?

The two miscreants, Park Jaegeun and Go Youngbum, entered the victim’s house and told him that they had come to take his funeral pictures in advance for free. Before clicking the picture, they said that they had prepared a special meal for him, offering him rice cakes and sikhye. When he said that he did not eat rice cakes due to his indigestion issues, they offered him the sikhye, which he drank and fell unconscious. Right after the victim had lost his senses, they injected nicotine through a mole on his body so as not to leave any trace of the needle. They then cut a rice cake into two and placed it in his mouth, making it look as if he had choked on the food. After executing their plan diligently, they stole the seal and fled the scene! 


How Does Isoo Try To Trap The Criminals?

Being one of the most resourceful people in the city, Isoo had contact with a person (Yoon) who could help him find the seal. Later, he found out that the seal was to be sold at a secret auction at a rate of 1 billion won. Isoo immediately withdrew the money from his bank and went to the auction to acquire the seal. He set up GPS trackers in the cash bags to locate the miscreants. Later, when Isoo reached the auction, he gave the bags of money in exchange for the seal and bought it. He told the manager that he wanted the seal for his father, as he was running the election for the post of mayor, and that having the seal would give him the confidence to win. Later, when Park Jaegeun and Go Youngbum came to take the money, they realized that there was a GPS tracker in the bag. They dropped the devices and took the money along with them. When Isoo and his team approached the manager, she said that she did not know the sellers personally as the auction was held anonymously. She further said that the communication about the transactions took place on a dark website, where they would upload all the information on a particular good and supply it to their customers on demand. 

What Did Isoo Do When Their First Plan Failed?

Upon further investigations, Ganghyun and her team found out that the miscreants had used a stolen truck to reach the location. Ganghyun realized that it was not the first time that they were committing such a crime. Isoo came up with another plan to trap them through the dark website, with the aid of an elderly man who would act as bait for them. 


Ganghyun asked her father to help them on the mission, but he refused her pleas. She said that she could help him get back to his job if he helped them with their mission, but that was not enough to convince him. However, after Isoo and Ganghyun requested that he help a noble cause, he agreed. Isoo then approached the manager and asked her to access the dark website. He contacted Park Jaegeun and Go Youngbum there and tried to trap them, saying that an elderly man had a Goryeo Celadon incense burner, and he wanted it. He also tried luring them with double the amount that they were expecting. The fraudsters finally replied, agreeing to get him the object. 

How Did The Miscreants Attack Ganghyun’s Father? 

Ganghyun, along with her team, set up a trap for the frauds at her house. She set up cameras in the house and put makeup on her father to make him look older so that he would look more vulnerable to the criminals. They waited two long days for the frauds to arrive, and they finally showed up! They approached Ganghyun’s father to click funeral photos for him and said that it was a free service. They offered him food, and just when they thought that he had passed out from having the food that they had offered, they tried injecting him with nicotine. Ganghyun’s father immediately sprung up and beat the miscreants. Meanwhile, Ganghyun came in along with her team, rescued her father, and arrested the tricksters. 


After Ganghyun’s father had successfully helped with the mission, he was extremely happy to have helped as a part of an investigation team. A hopeful melody orchestrates the scene where Ganghyun’s father reminisces about his glory days as a cop. He was hopeful that he could finally get his job back as a cop and that the false allegations against him would be wiped out. 

Did Isoo’s Victories Make His Father Proud?

Myeongchul came to visit Isoo at his house and was disappointed by the way his son had been living. He asked him to move out of that house and said that he wanted to find him a better home. Isoo, however, declined his offer, saying that the house held memories of his mother and he preferred staying there. He also accused Myeonchul of having kicked his mother out of his life. He agreed to the fact that he was Myeongchul’s illegitimate son and would prefer it if his father did not meddle in his matters. Isoo further said that he would use the name of the Dojun group to lead an extraordinary life, as his father had been using his good reputation as a cop to gain fame and glory to win the elections. 

What Will Happen Next?

The seventh episode of Flex x Cop holds another murder mystery in store. The next case will be that of a high-profile businessman who will be found murdered in a building. A direct connection is to be found between someone blackmailing the President and the murderer. A high-profile case will definitely require a high-profile cop like Isoo: someone with a lot of connections! It is likely that the next episode will portray Isoo as an indispensable part of Ganghyun’s investigation team, as he has been helping in resolving almost all the cases. He has almost become the go-to problem solver in the department by this time!

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