‘Flex X Cop’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Actually Killed Mr. Noh? Why?

The fifth episode of Flex x Cop explores how the famous painter’s murder case is solved. Isoo proves his worth to the police department by solving the case, hand in hand with Ganghyun. A new challenge arises in front of the cops when a new murder case comes up. An elderly man had been murdered, and an antique item had gone missing from his house. It is now to be found out if the cops are able to restore the item and find the culprits. Will Isoo be able to solve the new case? Will Ganghyun be able to accept him as a part of her investigation team? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Dojun Stab Mr. Noh?

Dojun attacked Isoo, hitting him on the back of his head with a heavy object, when it was revealed that he had stabbed Mr. Noh. When Isoo regained his senses and asked him about his motive, he said that for 10 years he had painted for Mr. Noh and hid his own signatures. Mr. Noh sold Dojun’s paintings and became famous. He also came to know that Yeseon had killed herself because her paintings had also been stolen by Mr. Noh. Despite knowing all about Mr. Noh’s atrocities, Dojun kept quiet. When Dojun got admission in a foreign university, Mr. Noh reported against him, saying that his portfolio was plagiarized. Maybe he had done that so that he could hold back Dojun and gain more fame through his paintings. 


Dojun later testified about having stabbed Mr. Noh in the back. However, even after he had stabbed him, he was not dead. When Ganghyun asked him if he had bought a scarf like that of Yeseon’s mother, he denied it. It was therefore clear that he was not the actual killer and that Joo Hwayoung had strong motives to kill him. She must have disguised herself to kill her husband so that she could get her hands on his fortune. 

Who Actually Killed Mr. Noh? Why?

Joo must have disguised herself as Yeseon’s mother to kill her husband and shift all the blame on her. After Dojun had left the gallery, she came in and stabbed Mr. Noh in the chest, killing him. Later, Isoo and Ganghyun found out that Joo had the key to Mr. Noh’s private safe, and when she went to the bank, she was confronted there. Isoo disguised himself as the safekeeper and guided Joo to the locker; when she opened it, she saw that Mr. Noh had collected evidence of his wife’s affair. He had been planning to divorce her, and she must have thought that if he divorced her, then she couldn’t get access to his money. Therefore, she killed him and tried to get access to his money in the safe.


Later, she was taken into custody by Ganghyun, as the key had traces of blood on it and Joo’s fingerprints were found on them. It was proven that she had killed Mr. Noh and took the key to the safe to get her hands on his wealth. She had pretended to be Yeseon’s mother to get away with the murder, pinning the blame for the crime on her. After Joo was caught, the gallery started displaying all of Yeseon’s pictures and selling them in her name, removing Mr. Noh’s tags from them. 

Why Was Ganghyun Despised In The Department?

Ganghyun had been held accountable for the attack that Dojun had made on Isoo. Her senior official rebuked her for becoming too careless and for not providing Isoo with security. When Isoo came to know about it, he asked Gyeong-jin why Ganghyun was despised by all the senior officials. Gyeong-jin said that her father had served the police for 30 years but, right before his retirement, was caught taking a bribe. He was immediately dismissed from his job, and higher officials started badmouthing Ganghyun and doubting her responsibilities as a cop, despite her competence. 


Who Planned Isoo’s Downfall? Why?

Jongtae was an opponent of Myeongchul in the elections, where he was running for the post of mayor. He did not have any personal grudges against Isoo but wanted to prove that he was Myeongchul’s illegitimate son to tarnish his reputation. He had planned to drop the news in the media three days before the election so that he could gain leverage on the political platform. He had conspired with two officers from the other investigation units to get solid information on Isoo’s mother’s death to defame Myeongchul. 

What Was The Mystery Of The Seal Of Korea?

A new murder case came up as an old man was reported dead in the Enbu-dong area. Initially, the case was dismissed after they found that the old man had choked on a rice cake, but when his granddaughter said otherwise, it was further investigated. From a picture that the granddaughter had handed over to Isoo, it was revealed that the seal of Korea was missing from the victim’s home. 

Isoo went to an antique shop and asked the curator about the seal. He found out that the seal was original and of great value. He said that the item could have been the national seal of the Korean Empire, which was adopted by Gojong. Isoo was also told that there were 73 similar pieces of the seal that had gone missing. The curator said that he had heard a rumor about 20 years ago that Choi Sangsoo had the seal and that he used to run a big trading company in Japan earlier. The seal had gone missing, but he had not reported it as he knew that possessing those seals was illegal. 

What Did The Autopsy Bring Out?

The autopsy expert, Jiwon, said that two more people had died the same way (choking on rice cakes) in the same area a few days ago. Jiwon told Ganghyun that no teeth mark was found on the rice cake, and it was as if someone had sliced it up and placed it in the victim’s mouth to make it look like he had accidentally choked on it. She also found a needle mark on the body. When Ganghyun realized that there was something off about the case, she sought the files of similar cases from Byungsik, who was on team 2 of the investigations. He did not give her the files and ignored her when she said that it could be a case of serial killing. 


Who Stole The Valuables Of The Bereaved Families?

When Isoo and Ganghyun went to meet the members of the bereaved families, they found out that all of their valuables had gone missing. Upon further investigation, they found out that all three families went to the same church. The accountant of the church office was summoned, and she informed them that the account book had gone missing two months ago. She had not informed anyone about it and had made a new account book, as people would’ve held her responsible for it. Upon further digging, it was revealed that someone was trying to target the wealthiest people who would come to the church on a regular basis. 

Later, they found out that one of the victims had been charged with robbery in the past. They also found that large traces of Zolpidem were found in the victim’s stomach and that he had died of acute nicotinism. They realized that the murderers had tried to conceal the murder by injecting him with the medication through a mole on his neck. Meanwhile, the CCTV cameras had captured two men going around to the houses of the victims and giving them the funeral pictures for free. When the police zoomed in on the footage, they found out that Park Jaegeun and Go Youngbum were the ones who were handing out the pictures. Ganghyun narrowed down her suspicions and said that these two men were the culprits! 


What Will Happen Next?

The sixth episode of Flex x Cop is likely to reveal the real murderer and the mystery of the Korean seal. The motives of Park Jaegeun and Go Youngbum will also be revealed and we’ll get to know why they have been trying to approach the families of the victims, handing out funeral pictures to them. There will be several adventurous twists in the next episode of Flex x Cop, adding more thrill to the plot and keeping us hooked to find out what happens next!

Debjyoti Dey
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