‘Flex X Cop’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: What Was Choi Hyeonngju’s Motive?

The third episode of Flex x Cop focuses on the murder case of Ina. The entire family of the DN Media group is summoned by the police for an investigation into the case. We have a hunch that one of the three brothers is the culprit, but the process of finding the real murderer is strenuous for the cops. Being an influential family, they obviously try to restrict the investigations against them, but Isoo tries his best to ensure that he is able to unveil the truth. Will Isoo be able to catch the real murderer? Will Ganghyun give Isoo recognition as a cop? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Taeyoung Arrested?

Isoo and Ganghyun arrested Taesung on the suspicion of killing Ina. Upon being interrogated, he told the police that Ina had tried to seduce him first while they were drinking on his yacht. Later, when he tried to kiss her, she refused, which angered him, and he held her by the neck. Later, Taesung’s younger brother Taeyoung came in, and it was revealed that he was into drugs. Taesung told the police that since Taeyoung was into drugs, it could have been possible that he was the murderer.


When Taeyoung was questioned, he told the police that he had gone on the yacht that night to do drugs alone. Later, the vice chairman of DN Media and the eldest son, Taejun, came in, followed by the chairman’s second wife, Lee Sumin (CEO of DN Agent), and then the chairman’s first wife, Choi Hyeonngju (Taejun’s mother and CEO of DN Broadcast). There was a family drama at the police station, in which the brothers were fighting and the two women were at each other’s throats. However, Taesung and Taeyoung were arrested by the police as they were both present on the yacht on the night of the murder. 

What Did Taeyoung Do?

When Taeyoung was questioned, he told the police that he had gone to the yacht to do drugs all alone. When he saw a woman on the yacht, he thought that she was evil and pushed her into the water. The police said that a month ago he had assaulted a young man, Yang Jinseik, near his home and then reported to police that a man was lying unconscious near his house. It was therefore brought out that Taeyoung did not remember anything after abusing drugs. Therefore, it could have been possible that he remembered nothing after murdering Ina.


When the detectives were trying to figure out where she had been killed on the yacht, they found no splatter marks. It was hence evident that she had been killed elsewhere, and then her body was dragged onto the yacht. Isoo said that he had seen a scratch mark on the outer surface of the yacht, which usually occurs when another yacht is parked next to it in a hurry. He was sure that Ina had been killed on another yacht!

What Did The Police Find Out?

There was a lot of evidence that the police had found in favor of one of the brothers being the killer. They found out that Ina had gone to meet Taejun before the incident to have a meal. When he was asked about it, he said that she had approached him to go out and share a meal with him, but he had to leave the spot early as he had some urgent work. The police also found out that Taejun also owned a yacht, which he hardly ever used, and that Ina had also gone to meet Choi Hyeonngju before her murder. They also unearthed the fact that Ina’s mother, who had died just 10 days prior to her daughter’s death, was once an employee of DN Media. This clarified that there was a strong connection between Ina’s mother, her death, and the DN Media.


Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Cheon Bangho, the chairman of the DN Group, was dying of cancer. The family had been hiding it from the media as it could affect the stock prices of their company. After Cheon had been diagnosed with cancer, his sons had started fighting among themselves for the inheritance. They constantly tried to find each other’s weaknesses to pull the other down. The greatest twist was revealed when it was found out that Ina was Cheon’s illegitimate child. She had come to know about it from her dying mother and, hence, had been trying to approach her brothers to gather their DNA. She wanted to prove her relation to Cheon just to ensure that she also inherited her share of the property in the long run.

What Was Choi Hyeonngju’s Motive?

Isoo and Ganghyun secretly investigate Taejun’s yacht, as they had been restricted from doing so by the higher authority. Isoo sprayed luminol on his yacht to find traces of wiped-out blood or fingerprints. He was finally able to retrieve traces of blood stains and a prominent fingerprint. When he sent it to the investigating team, they found out that the fingerprint belonged to Park Jongwook, a 52-year-old man who was working as Choi Hyeonngju’s secretary.


It is possible that Choi had planned on killing Ina to ensure that she did not ask for her part of the inheritance. Later, when the police went to arrest Choi, she was seen fleeing the scene. Finally, Isoo and Ganghyun managed to capture her. She told the police that she had killed Ina because she was extremely greedy. However, the fact that Choi gave in so easily and got arrested poked at Isoo’s sixth sense. He thought that if she had been the real murderer, then she would have arranged for a lawyer to protect herself. Her surrendering to the crime so easily proved that she was trying to protect someone!

Who Was The Real Murderer?

Isoo later went to meet Sumin and told her that he knew that she would often bug Taejun to find out personal information about him. She did that to make sure that her own sons would be safe from his plotting. He asked her to hand over the audio files of Taejun’s office to him; otherwise, he would tell the cops how she had spied on Taejun, making her a criminal offender! He managed to get hold of the evidence against Taejun, which was an audio file in which he was instructing Park to kill Ina and place her body on Taesung’s yacht. He had also asked his mother to sacrifice herself for him so that he could inherit the entirety of DN Media and kick out both his step brothers. This evidence against him was enough for the police to arrest him on murder charges.  


Why Did Isoo Feel Desolate?

After resolving the case, the entire team of detectives was seen celebrating in a restaurant. When Isoo told them that he had booked a fine diner for them, they all refused to go there. He was so dejected for not being recognized by his colleagues that he called his secretary and asked him to prepare his house away from the city, as he wanted to stay away for a while. Later, his elder brother Sengju was seen calling him and congratulating him on his success in solving a murder case. Sengju was proud of how his brother had managed to make the headlines!

When Isoo asked him why he was so kind to him, Sengju said that when Isoo was young, he had seen his mother lash out at him for being a stepson. He couldn’t help himself from feeling a sense of pity for Isoo during their childhood, causing him to protect Isoo like his own elder brother. Later, when he came to know that the chairman of DN Media, Cheon, had refused to see his own daughter for the last time, he felt a sense of empathy for Ina. He arranged for her funeral, as it is possible that he could relate to her pain as an illegitimate child. He empathized with Ina for the treatment that she received at the hands of her own family. He also told Ganghyun that the property that she wanted to inherit was not worth the price of her life!


What Will Happen Next?

The fourth episode is likely to throw another murder case at Isoo! He was planning to leave the town and go visit his hometown, but that plan is most likely to be postponed. Isoo will be finding an art professor murdered in an art gallery during an exhibition. The case will lead to further investigations, bringing out the familial feuds surrounding the victim. Despite dealing with grim topics of murder and gore, the series is replete with elements of comic relief, making it a well-balanced show.

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