‘Flex X Cop’ Episode 2 Recap And Ending Explained: How Did Isoo And Ganghyun Catch The Murderer?

The second episode of Flex x Cop brings out a cold tussle between Ganghyun and Isoo. Despite having an amicable nature and great fame, Isoo is not able to prove his worth at the police station and gets cornered by his colleagues as a result. When a new case arrives, Isoo takes up the challenge just to prove his worth as a true cop. Will Isoo be able to prove himself as a cop? Will his colleagues consider him to be a part of their department? What will Isoo do to catch Jung Ina’s murderer? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Sengju Send Isoo To Work?

When Sengju came to meet Isoo, he saw that he was still in bed and did not want to go to his new job. Later, Isoo was told that Sengju had gone to make a public announcement about the truth that Isoo was not actually a cop. Isoo was also told that it would lead to his resigning from his post as vice chairman and that his cousins would take Sengju’s place. He was also told that his father would have to give up his electoral campaign. Isoo immediately went to the press meeting and stopped his brother from revealing the truth. The reporters bombarded Isoo with multiple questions, which he couldn’t answer properly. This led to the police department being bashed by the media! Later, Hija (Sengju’s mother) was seen poisoning Myeongchul’s mind against Isoo. She told him that Isoo was not like Sengju and was quite irresponsible. Myeongchul decided to send Isoo overseas after the elections. Sengju was seen taking his brother’s side when he asked Hija not to badmouth Isoo in front of their father.


What Happened At The Police Station?

When Isoo went to the police station to start his new job, he was given a grand welcome. However, Ganghyun told him that he was a prince and should give up on his role as a cop. She also went to the extent of asking the higher authorities to shift him to do desk duty, but they refused. Isoo was seen arranging good meals for his colleagues just to ensure that he was liked by the others. Isoo’s childish attitude irritated Ganghyun, as he would play video games in the station and would often spend a lot on decorating his workplace. Ganghyun was so tired of Isoo’s immaturity that she teamed up with Jungyoung to plot against him. Their plan was to frustrate him out of his job. She gave him loads of files from previous cases to prepare reports. Later, when Ganghyun went to see the progress, she saw that the head, Sunguu, was making reports in Isoo’s place. Sunguu told Ganghyun that he was teaching Isoo how to make reports, as he did not know how to make one. Sunguu also rebuked Ganghyun for not guiding Isoo as a senior!

What Did Isoo Do To Prove His Worth As A Cop?

When a new case of a missing old man came up, Isoo was taken on by the team to find him. Ganghyun told him that the man was suffering from dementia and had to be found before sunset. Isoo set up several bikers and cyclists to find the old man, which led to the man eventually being found within a short time frame. It was later revealed that Isoo had used his celebrity background to reach out to his followers, saying anyone who would help in finding the old man would be rewarded with one of his expensive watches.


What Happened When The New Murder Case Came?

A new case at Gangha Quay came up when Jung Ina’s dead body was discovered. It was later revealed that she was a model, and the police also found a powdery substance at the murder spot. Later, Ganghyun and Isoo went to the modeling agency that Ina worked for to get more information about her. When the CEO of the agency was interrogated, she said that Ina came to the agency last night but left for an important meeting soon. She also told the cops that Ina had a widowed mother who had passed away 10 days ago.

Meanwhile, Ganghyun asked Isoo to stay away from the investigation because she did not have any faith in his work. All of Isoo’s insights on the case were being dismissed by his other colleagues, making him quite depressed. Later, Isoo decided to prove his worth as a real detective by solving Ina’s murder case. He challenged Ganghyun to either catch the real murderer or leave the job. He also asked her to acknowledge him as a good cop if he was successful in his mission!


What Happened To Isoo In The Autopsy Room?

When Isoo went inside the autopsy room, he seemed to have flashbacks of himself in a bathtub, where he was drowning. He was constantly visualizing the face of a woman in a painting that he had seen after he saw Ina’s body. He felt as if he was underwater and was unable to breathe, but when Ganghyun helped him out, he told her that he was just kidding around. It is possible that Isoo had a past trauma that pushed him further to become a cop.

It was later found from the autopsy that Ina was 22 years old. The time of her death was around 1-1:30 AM, and the way in which she died was quite confusing! She had a ligature mark on her neck, which indicated she was strangled, but she also had river water in her stomach, suggesting she could have been drowned. There was also a blow to the head that caused her skull to crack, which could have been the major reason for her death. The body also had bruises on the arms, suggesting assault before her murder! The reason and cause of Ina’s murder have not been made clear in Flex x Cop Episode 2.


How Did Isoo And Ganghyun Catch The Murderer?

The police had managed to get their hands on footage of the deck where Ina was murdered. It was seen that a man was walking out of the deck, and Isoo identified him as Cheon Taesung, the youngest son of DN Media. A fingerprint was found on the glass on the deck, which had also been identified as that of Taesung. Later, Isoo went to a hotel to meet Taesung, whom he arrested on the suspicion of murdering Ina. He was, however, obstructed by Taesung’s bodyguard from doing his work as they were seen throwing him out of the hotel. Meanwhile, Ganghyun was seen struggling to get inside the hotel, as the guards told her that only members of the club could enter the hotel premises. When the bodyguards attacked both Isoo and Ganghyun, they were seen getting into a serious fight!

What Will Happen Next?

The next episode of Flex x Cop is likely to reveal more convoluted turns in the murder case of the model. The real culprit will eventually be found, and it is likely that Isoo will be recognized as a real cop by Ganghyun. We also see in the clippings of the next episode that Isoo tells Mr. Choi that he wants to go back to his own house, away from the Hansu group. Mr. Choi had told him that he would prepare for him to go back to his house. A lot of memories of his childhood are to be revisited by Isoo when he finally goes back to his house. The action-comedy drama is likely to portray a lot of new events, shedding more light on the case and also on Isoo’s past. There is also a possibility that Ganghyun will notice Isoo’s dedication to his work, eventually getting attached to him.


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