‘Flex X Cop’ Episode 13 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Was Choi Heonbae Arrested?

The 13th episode of Flex x Cop delves into Isoo’s family being blamed for a man’s death in his father’s house. The way he manages to deal with his past, maintaining a balance between his personal and professional lives, is commendable. Ganghyun has, however, been a pillar of support for him and helped him come out of his traumas. Ganghyun and Isoo do their best to search for the real culprit and the reason behind Daehoon’s death. Will Isoo be able to leave his familial tensions behind and prioritize his work? Will the real culprits eventually be brought to the forefront? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened After Daehoon’s Body Was Discovered?

Under mysterious circumstances, a man named Daehoon was seen dropping the gate at Myeongcheol’s house and dying on the spot. After the detectives had been informed of the incident, they came to the spot and realized that the man had already been stabbed. He had then driven to Myeongcheol’s house and eventually died there. 


When Heeja and the staff were asked about the incident, they denied knowing anything about the man. Later, when Isoo asked Sengju about the case, he too denied knowing anything about him. Eventually, when the footage was discovered, the victim was identified as Daehoon, a 59-year-old man with no criminal record who had been reported missing recently. When the detectives approached his wife, she told them that Daehoon had disappeared six months ago and that she had to report him missing for the divorce case to proceed. She further said that they had gotten married 10 years ago, but after that, he kept switching businesses, and in the end, he shut down everything and started gambling. 

Was Oh Gwangsik The Real Culprit?

The dashcam on Daehoon’s car recorded another man with him, who was identified as Oh Gwangsik. Isoo and Ganghyun eventually managed to track him down and arrest him at a motel. Upon being questioned, Gwangsik denied having known anything about Daehoon’s death. He said that he got a private loan for gambling and that Daehoon had also done the same for a group of gangsters. The goons had told Gwangsik that if he could manage to collect Daehoon’s debt of 1.2 billion, then they would let go of his own debts. This led to Gwangsik capturing Daehoon and taking him up the mountain to assault him and collect the debt. However, he said that he was not the one to have killed him, as he secretly watched some strangers attack him. 


Later, when the autopsy reports came, it was revealed that Daehoon was strangled with something like a clothesline and was then stabbed in the abdomen with a jackknife. After all the events, finally a clothesline was found in the woods, and it was revealed that the DNA on the clothesline was not that of Gwangsik’s, proving that he was not guilty of the murder. 

Why Did Daehoon Meet Sengju?

The last call from Daehoon before his death was to Sengju, and when Isoo asked Sengju about it, showing him Daehoon’s picture, he said that the man looked familiar. He then said that he had met the man last week at his father’s autobiography publishing party. The man had come up to Sengju and given him a card. But, as we are taken back into Sengju’s flashbacks, we realize that Daehoon had wanted to privately talk to Sengju, showing him pictures of his childhood. Meanwhile, Isoo went to the building where the publication party had been held and asked for footage of the party from the guards. He got the USB, containing all the footage for further analysis of Daehoon’s moves.


Why Was Isoo’s Personal Life At Stake?

A reporter had published a story about Isoo being an illegitimate child of Myeongcheol, which raised several fingers at him. There were many reporters who had gathered outside Isoo’s house after the news had gone viral. They bombarded him with questions about his personal life and his mother’s suicide. They also poked at him, asking if he was really an illegitimate child and was born out of Myeongcheol’s affair with his mistress. 

When Isoo was unable to handle the situation, Ganghyun came to his rescue. She tried consoling him, saying that he had nothing to be sad about because he was good at what he was doing. Later, when Myeongcheol called Isoo to meet him, he went there and blamed him for all his misfortunes. Isoo accused Myeongcheol of being a selfish man who never looked out for him. By the next day, Isoo realized that the entire world had been blaming him for acting as a part of the Hansu group when he was just an illegitimate son. 


Why Was Choi Heonbae Arrested?

A suspect had been found, as his car had been spotted following Daehoon’s car on the day of the incident (through CCTV footage). The suspect was identified as Choi Heonbae, with seven previous assault convictions against him. The detectives followed him into an under-construction building, where he was seen talking to another man. As the detectives chased them, Choi was caught almost instantly, and the other man tried to escape the scene. Isoo ran behind the mysterious man, and upon arresting him and removing his hood, he realized that he was none other than Sengju. Later, the detectives also found a woman in the trunk of Heonbae’s car and rescued her. 

What Will Happen Next?

The 14th episode of Flex x Cop is likely to unveil Sengju’s motive. From a sneak peek into the recap of the next episode, it is revealed that Heeja was blackmailed for cheating on Myeongcheol, and Sengju had just been trying to cover that up. It is yet to be revealed if he was involved in murdering Daehoon. There is also a possibility that Isoo will be torn between his duty as a cop and his love for his brother. It is for us to find out if Isoo will be able to arrest his brother if he is found guilty in the case. More significant details about the murder and the kidnapping of the woman found in Heonbae’s car will be shed light upon in the next episode of Flex x Cop


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